Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by Kate »

dancrkittycat wrote:You guys are forgetting that Bella doesn't like presents- only the homemade kind and hand-me-downs, so i wouldn't be surprised if maybe, just maybe they had a charity on their registry. Something like an ecological organization protecting endangered penguins or something.
Thank you, you totally make my day! :)
"Penguins. Lovely."

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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by clpviolet »

inlovewithmyJasper54 wrote:I bet the human friends would get the new married couple all the normal things like dishes, glasses, candles, etc. but I bet the vampires would get them an island, boat, plane etc. and the werewolves would get them perfume! lol :lol: I crack myself up.... hahaha jk
Perfume from the werewolves...thats hilarious to me :lol: lmao!!

Anyways I was trying to think of different things from the different people in their lives and the "role" the are supposed to be playing at the time of the wedding....From the humans I think it could have been stuff for their house like coffee maker, toaster or blender, etc. Also they could have gotten them stuff for school cause Bella and Edward were supposed to be going to Dartmouth after the honeymoon. Rosalie....not sure about what she would give them....But I guess she would share a gift with Emmett and it could be a dirty board game, with a note saying "Here's all you need to know!".. :lol: that would be funny!! Alice and Jasper could have gotten them a Ouija board...and a mood ring.the note would say "for when we're not around" haha!! :lol: Carlisle and Esme would get them a place to live over there and Esme would decorate it. Anyways thats all I could think of for a vampire couple who probably already have everything
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by Twihard_61 »

i think bella should get a charm to go onto her charm bracelet (the charm blacelet that has a crystal for edward and a wolf for jacob) that is the cullen crest. everybody else has a peice of jewellery except for bella. so now that she is a cullen i think she should get her own cullen crest :D xxx
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