Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Post by Spartan »

WOW Some of you really HATE Breaking Dawn!

TO be honest I liked it but I get where you're all coming from - But that isn't why I'm posting this.

I'm posting this just to put this link down - I thought it was really funny and It will totally correspond with your feelings on the book.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Post by Pel »

I'm currently locking all the review threads. We will shortly be starting chapter by chapter discussion of Breaking Dawn. Please feel free to put discussion in there.

In case anyone was wondering, we have done this with every book from New Moon onward. If you would like to use some of your thoughts in chapter discussion, please copy them and save them. The three review threads will be deleted on November 30th.

Any questions, feel free to PM me.