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Re: Imprinting

Post by Nightvision »

I always thought imprinting was very cool. It sort of to me felt like you had a built in radar and when it went off it lead you to the love of your life.
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Re: Imprinting

Post by BreathelessVampire »

Nightvision wrote:I always thought imprinting was very cool. It sort of to me felt like you had a built in radar and when it went off it lead you to the love of your life.

I wish we could have our own radar! So agree!
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Re: Imprinting

Post by soozabooza54 »

I found myself really freakin jealous of the whole imprinting thing. It would just be so easy to meet someone and BOOM done. Of course, this comes along at a time in my life when all my friends are getting married and having babies (ahhh your mid twenties are just fantastic), so I'm starting to feel a little lonely. Ha. But it's so nice that maybe love can be like that. You might not meet that person at the right time and you might have to wait it out a little, but eventually, someone is going to be perfect for you. Yay love. :)
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Re: Imprinting

Post by Doodle »

I think there are pros and cons to imprinting. The ways it has worked out for Jacob/Nessie, Sam/Emily . . . etc, is great. And it would be nice to know who you are meant to be with, no questioning and everything.

The cons I would say is it does take away choice. You don't choose, you don't learn from mistakes. Failed relationships teach you as much about yourself as falling in love does.
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Re: Imprinting

Post by Venecettia »

I think it is cool. But it does disturb me a bit that the werewolves, or shape shifters, can imprint on younger children. It seems a little wrong to me.

But then, if they have a really bad social or love life, imrinting can help them along the way.
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Re: Imprinting

Post by Ms.BelleFlanders »

shape-shifter wrote: Nessie was destined to be born
Well, Nessie was destined to be born because SM wanted it to happen. But imagine if Bella never have jumped that cliff and Edward never went to the Volturi to be killed. I don't think he would agree with the marrige and with Bella's change, so Nessie would never be born.
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Re: Imprinting

Post by WhenTheSunGoesDown »

Well.... I do think Imprinting is very kewl!

I don't think they can imprint on the same sex... it would just be weird lol. but you never know! so I guess it could happen!
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Re: Imprinting

Post by genuinesmile »

personally I see imprinting as true fact almost like love at first sight (though I do believe Jacob fell in love with Nessie long before seeing theory is that it was that part of Bella that pulled him toward her ;P) Anyways, I don't want to sound too cheesy but I've experience it, and not the typical "oh my god he's hot I gotta datehim" type of love at first sight but I truly found myself attracted to this guy, there was something about him that was beyond charming. We've been together for 3yrs and it has been amazing. Personally I see what people mean about how imprinting takes away the persons choice but I do believe that not everybody is meant to go through the whole "dating process" I mean I just don't find it necessary. I don't know if I'm explaining myself well...I just don't think that imprinting takes away anything, it's something that's "fated" and in that case there was never really a choice to begin with?!! :?
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Re: Imprinting

Post by Rose »

I don't really like this imprint-thing because it seems as it leave you no options. I mean...Sam. He loved Leah and I don't think he would have left her without the imprint. But he imprinted on Emily...poor Leah!
So, I'm not a fan of imprinting...but I hope that ,in a later book, Seth imprints on Angela!

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Re: Imprinting

Post by gatsbygirl »

I think imprinting is kind of creepy. Surely they should choose to be together? And Jacob and Nessie together is a bit weird.
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