Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by n0vaice »

True Kim so true. *more sighs*
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by clpviolet »

Ok, so I all the swoon worthy moments have already been mentioned and my faves are:

*when Edward says "I'm tired of trying to stay away from you" or something...wow!

*the meadow...nuff said

*first kiss, then the second kiss at her house, then the third kiss before the game....lol so funny

*watching Romeo and Juliet and Edward is reciting Romeo's lines in her ear!....sheesh!!lol

*after Italy so romantic and loving, the things he says to convince her she is not dreaming or dead

*"the leg hitch" scene was pretty HOT!

*I also loved the whole proposal scene, from her trying to convince him to have sex with her; to her saying yes to his proposal it was so sweet and then funny, and really silly that she felt like she was tricked into it. I mean "HELLO?!?!?"

* when they were discussing their top best nights of each of their lives...essentially top ten best nights together...I just wish they could have continued that conversation, sucks that Jake interuppted them

*The Wedding

*dancing on his feet at the prom...so sweet!!

*Isle esme...ahem...The pillow, the feathers...so funny!!

*Second Honeymoon...nuff said...lol

*the end of the last chapter...*sigh*
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by IloveAliceCullen<3 »

Okay, I will tell you what's on my mind right now.

When Edward is playing piano for her when she's at the Cullen's house.
Hér song.

*sigh* Wish there was a boy doing that for me.

New moon;
When she's in his arms waiting for dawn to get out of Volterra and this conversation is going on:
"You look so tired," he said.
"And you look thirsty," I responded.
"I could sit with Alice," I added, not willingly; I rather he'd killed me now then move an inch from where I was.

When Edward tells her "Sleep my only love, you're the only one who ever touched it, it's yours."

Breaking dawn;
When they standing in the moonlight at isle Esme and Edward says:
"I wouldn't not use the word beautiful, with you standing here in comparison."
And then she lays their hands on his skin and she sees that they match.

Oh my god, I have to fight against my tears right now, it's so beautiful!
That's my FAVORITE by far.
Yeah, that's so... it makes me crying because of how happy the moment is.

And the Midnight sun;
When he's in her bedroom the first time and is talking about his heart:
Could a dead, frozen heart beat again?
It felt like mine was about too.

That's when Bella says; 'Edward, stay, don't go.. please stay' in her dream.

But I prefer the one on Isle Esme :roll:
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by Chrys »

Many of mine have been mentioned several times, particularly...

* When Edward tampers with Bella's memory before the baseball game in Twilight
* The leg hitch in Eclipse

I haven't read all of the posts yet, but here are a couple others that stand out for me that I haven't seen yet.

* During the movie in Biology (Edward: "That was interesting.")
* Bella doesn't know about this, of course, but from MS, Edward placing the lemonade cap on the piano while composing Bella's lullaby

While re-reading Eclipse, another one occurred to me...Bella's phone call to Edward after she breaks her hand, and Edward's subsequent discussion with Jacob, while Bella fumed in the car.

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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by dazzel21 »

The confrontation between Jacob and Edward after Jacob kissed Bella.

Something along the lines of "If you ever try to kiss her again I will break your jaw".

And the letter Edward left for Bella when he has to go hunting. "Look after my heart, I've left it with you". It's a bit cheesy but admit it we girls just melts when a guy goes cheesy. (I know I do)
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by mary »

I totally agree. It's the cheesy things in the end that we girls just completely swoon for. That's my favorite part in Breaking Dawn when Edward leaves her that note while they're at Isle Esme....it's just so precious. A Guy says that and you know he's wonderful. Everytime I read BD, when I'd get to that part, I'd pause and read it again, and again, and again, and then I'd feel like sobbing up a bit cuz it's just so sweet. I don't care what kind of girl you are, in the end we all just want a guy that's just so cheesy and romantic like Edward is.

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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by Hyvanna »

I'll take the insanaty of the temp.. brake up..absessed teenage wolfboy.. murderous preg.. syco vamps on attack.. that's small tators to the complet passion in every touch, kiss, look, words ect....

Too meny Awww how sweet moments *grrr so wish real life was like what Bella has*

I liked the whole thing around the heart charm and Edward tryin to play it down. Who wouldn't think his real heart if still in his chest wouldnt be hard as dimonds and sparkle in the sun ;)

OK everytime he said "Humor Me" ;)
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by flutterbymonkeys` »

- meadow scene
- when edward is playing her song
- when they are eating after the port angeles incident.
- prom

- Her time with jacob pre-werewolf
- When jacob comes and apologizes in her bedroom
- her time with jacob after she knows about the werewolves
- volterra

- When bella is getting her charms for her bracelet.
- the proposal
- right before the fight with jacob and edward
- kisses with jacob

- the Wedding
- Isle Esme before the "news"

some of these aren't exactly "sweet"
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

Side note(If I ever meet the person who leaked MS, I'm gonna walk up to him/her and introduce him/her to my fist...3,4 maybe 5 times )
Sorry, *straightens clothes and hair*
i totally agree!!

the hospital scence
meeting the cullens!!!
first kiss....so sweet!

new moon:
jacob and the garage...all those scenes are so sweet!!
when alice comes back!!! yaaaa!!!
the "vote" chapter....one of my faves!!!

the recieving of the braclet....both charms!!
rose and jasper's stories. i'd like to see all their experressions. oh, and alice's expression when Jasper says "i literally worshipped the ground she (maria) walked on." that could be funny!

breaking dawn:
alice and rose doing her hair....how awesomeo would that be??
the happy ending!!! yaaa!!

midnight sun:
all. of. it. (see above...seriously)
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Re: Sweetest Moments aka I so wish I was Bella right now moments

Post by Tar_Ancalyme »

There´s this moment in Eclipse (Chapter 7, p.168) I can´t help reading over and over every time I get there... it´s when Rosalie comes to Edward´s room at night to talk to Bella, and at one point she says: He loves you more than you know. It terrifies him to be away from you. I don´t know why, but I just love those two lines! they´re SO expressive,and really really sweet. and the fact that it´s Rosalie who says them...
and one more eclipse moment (Chapter 2, p.around 43): I drummed my fingers as I waited for my decrepit computer to wheeze awake; they snapped against the desk, staccato and anxious. And then his fingers were on mine, holding them still. "Are we a little impatient today?" For some reason, I love it even more than the kissing that comes after...
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