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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Chapters of the Series

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:28 pm
by Jestak
Okay, my favorite and non-favorite chapters:


Favorites: "Blood Type," because it's where the Bella/Edward connection really starts to click, "Theory," because it's where the big secret comes out, and "Impatience," because I love the Jasper/Alice/Bella interaction and because it's where Bella and Alice start to really connect.

Least Favorite: A bit hard to say--maybe "The Game." The baseball sequence doesn't really crackle like it did in the movie (the one time where the movie is definitely better than the book).

New Moon

Favorites: I really like the whole sequence from "Visitor," where Alice shows up at Bella's home, to the end of the book. Special favorites include "Visitor" itself, just because Alice returning gives me almost as much of an emotional boost as it gives Bella, and "Vote," because I like the dynamics of the group interaction (something Stephenie does quite well).

Least Favorite: "The End" is really hard to reread, not because it's poorly written or anything, but because Bella's pain in this chapter is almost impossible to bear, and because it shows Edward at his very worst. Also, "Waking Up," because any scene that can make me start to sympathize with Jessica has a serious weirdness problem.


Favorites: I like virtually the whole book. Special favorites include "Unhappy Ending," with Rosalie's story and a sort-of peace between her and Bella, "Newborn," with Jasper's story, "Fire and Ice," because of the best look inside Edward's head this side of Midnight Sun, and "Compromise," because Bella says "yes."

Least Favorite: I'm not especially fond of "Monster."

Breaking Dawn

Favorites: I have definite mixed feelings about the book as a whole, but some chapters are very nice. "Engaged" through "Big Day" is a lovely sequence. I also actually like quite a lot of Jacob's chapters (11-16, to be precise--most of the titles are too long to bother with), even though I'm not a big fan of his, because I am a fan of Seth and Leah and we get to spend with them. Especially Seth :) And the final confrontation with the Volturi is pretty good; I can enjoy a face off that is more intellectual than physical if it's written well.

Least Favorites: "Unexpected," and Chapter 18 (Jacob imprints), because that whole story-line was such a deux ex machina resolution to the love triangle. Chapter 17 (Jacob goes cruising in the Vanquish), for general weirdness. The sequence of chapters where the vampire witnesses assemble and plan (30-35) kind of drags; that segment could have been written more tightly.

Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Chapters of the Series

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:22 pm
by TheLionsLamb
My Favourite Character:
Ok, my favourite character is Edward! Why wouldn't it be?? Like come on, he is beautiful, caring and he sparkles!!!
He really cares for Bella and would do anything for her. He would die for her.

My Least Favourite Character
Jacob. These are my reasons:
He is annoying.
He thinks he is better for Bella than Edward. But Jacob is just as dangerous.
If he loves Bella sooo much, why didn't he imprint on her?? Hu??
He is a pup. (lol)

He was an ok character until he changed into a werewolf.

Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Chapters of the Series

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:43 pm
by AyaDiefair
Here goes:

Favourite Chapter(s):
I haven't read the series in a year, so the names of the chapters are a blurr but I liked the chapter(s, not sure if it was one or two) where Bella was rescued by Edward from the thugs and the drive home from Port Angeles because that was when Bella knew what Edward was and also knew how she felt about him despite of what he was.

Favourite Movie Scene: The fight with James was really intense to me and seeing him being ripped apart in the blurry background.

Least Favourite Chapter(s): I am probably going to be tagged for this but I didn't like the chapter where Edward shows himself in the sun. I found the sparkly thing really lame. I DO understand why it was put in there for unique sake and to make them appear differently in a crowd of humans, but there are so many other clever ways of describing a day walking Vampire in the sunlight to make them appear differently. I also thought the baseball chapter was cheesy.

Least Favourite Movie Scene: The baseball scene was again, cheesy.

New Moon
Favourite Chapter(s):
I liked the part where Bella started to hang out with Jacob a lot more after Edward left. I have a male best friend almost just like Jacob that I love to spend time with because he makes me feel so lively and happy, so when Bella took time to spend with Jacob, a childhood acquaintance, and realized she felt better while around him, I could relate to that 100%.

Favourite Movie Scene(s): The wolves chasing Victoria and Bella cliff diving. I thought it was well put together. Also the little brawl between Edward and what's his face...Felix was it? Gotta love Vampire fights.

Least Favourite Chapter(s): to word this without sounding heartless...the part where Bella leaves Jacob in the dust to save Edward. I found the way Bella did it was rude and inconsiderate. She could've left abruptly and still be more polite toward Jacob despite the situation at hand.

Least Favourite Movie Scene: Again, although props for being dead on with the book, still didn't like the sudden cold shoulder of Jacob Bella gave him, could've been kinder.

Favourite Chapter(s):
Um, um...Uuuum....I guess the famous tent scene cause it was entertaining and also the Volturi playing 20 questions with Bree.

Least Favourite Chapter(s): Oh geez my gears are turning...It isn't really a chapter I don't think but the parts where Edward refuses to let Bella be around Jacob. How selfish in so many ways.

Breaking Dawn
Favourite Chapter(s):
I thought having Jacob's perspective in it made this book more interesting, something different, etc. I also liked how descriptive and well thought out idea of the birth and transformation of Bella was.

Least Favourite Chapter(s): The dragging of gathering the other coverns.

Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Chapters of the Series

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:23 pm
by Beau Studley
My first post! Favorite Chapter is the last Chapter in Breaking Dawn! I liked how Bella and everyone else who I had grown to like got their happy ending. :D

Least Favorite Chapter # 3 "The End" in NM. What a load of hooey! Here Edward said that Bella was his like in Twilight and yet he tells her those lies about him being bored with her and then he leaves her all alone with Victoria on the lose too! Now in his defense he thought Victoria was in Rio but he still could of played it safe and sent Emmett or Alice to check out how things were in Forks. Well,, anyways I got over it like everyone else! :evil: Edward :evil:

Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Chapters of the Series

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:09 pm
by Janie
Favorite: Confessions
Least Favorite: Scary Stories

New Moon
Favorite: The Truth
Least Favorite: The End

Favorite: Compromise
Least Favorite: Monster

Breaking Dawn
Favorite: New
Least Favorite: Unexpected

Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Chapters of the Series

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:52 am
by TheLionsLamb
My least favourite scene in the whole series was The End from New Moon. It was so sad and because I am a major Edward fan.
My favourite chapter from the series would have to be Fire and Ice from Eclipse because you get to really know what Edward and Jacob really think about each other. And I think it was interpreted perfectly into the movie.

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