What did you think of the Twilight Series?

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by bite_me »

BlueStarlight wrote: My least favorite part of the series.... the words "the end."[/color]
I was reading Breaking Dawn for about the 9th time today and I only noticed those two words now!! Omg I am so blind.

I got the whole series (that was out in '07) for christmas from my mum. I was with her when the girl recommended them and chose them myself, but it was still a present!

I finished twilight in two days and the only thing i didnt like was that they TOLD us he was a vampire in the blurb, so there was no suprise. but i suppose that was sort of neccessary.

we went away for three days the day after i finished twilight. i only took new moon, thinking it would last me three days so i wouldnt need eclipse . . .
and finished it in a day and a half. the rest of the holiday was seriosuly painful.

it didn't mean anything to me that it was a YA book. thats basically all i read. (i know, SO well-read. I've read two classics in total.)
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by ana; »

Loved it all until I got to read breaking dawn.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by EdwardNJessi »

I always tell people that it was fate that I stumbled upon the Twilight books. :) I was heading to Las Vegas on vacation and I was really only looking for some travel reading...who knew that I would find an obession??!? ;)

I had read about the Twilight Saga on Amazon (I peruse Amazon a lot for new book suggestions) and, when I saw it at Target the day before my departure, I decided to pick it up! I knew that it was a YA book, but that didn't bother me one bit! I have always had a fascination with vampires, so I just thought this would be a fun story to make the time pass. :lol:

Boy was I wrong!! I'm sure my boyfriend just HATED me on those flights!! I devoured Twilight on the trip! He kept looking over at me and saying, "what in the WORLD are you reading?" haha. At that point, this whole thing was so new to me that I wasn't able to really get my thoughts together to explain. It was all so fresh!!! When I got back to town, I went to the store and bought the rest of the books (i'm a newcomer, so all four had already been out). I finished in a week...now I am HOOKED. :D

This series has really changed my perspective on vampire mythology. It has really added a dimension that I didn't think could exist!! I wish that I could go to Stephenie and thank her for such a wonderful story...such an interesting WORLD to be involved it! Maybe one day I will get the change to do so...

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by ellybean »

Has anyone noticed how similar Twilight is to Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris? I just finished the book and there is so many things alike! Like in Dead Until Dark the vampire glammered the girl, instead of dazzled....I think it's a little strange. And Charlaine Harris's book came out in 2001, so before Stephenie Meyer even started to work on Twilight. You guys will have to read it and tell me what you think.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Gitta »

I was given twilight by my best friend as a birtdaygift, we had talked about it earlier sort of made fun of it because vampires were involved. So i was reaaly suprised when i found out that I actually loved the story and the more I read the more addicted I beacame... you get the deal?

I quikly read new moon and then i had to wait for eclipse, personally I don't think that SM has a great language and it's not nobel prize material but it's the story who got me and thousands of people. The story with the godlike Edward and the normal Bella made the difference and the whole vampire world of course. And since the day I got twilight vampires are always in the back of my head, like yesterday when i went to the doctor to take a bloodtype. I'm always nervous before :oops: but when i looked around in the room when i read "Eclipse blood typ collector on a box" guess what struck me in that second?
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Carrisa »

At first when I read the first chapter on my library's site, I thought, "Oh great, one of those books." I was basically thinking it was another cliche vampire novel with the gothy girl and the mysterious vampire guy.

Lol, was I wrong! Yes, Edward did turn out mysterious but the rest was completely different! It was the second book series that I really enjoyed. (The first being Warriors by Erin Hunter.) I read New Moon, bought Eclipse when it was released, bought the other books and of course went on to Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Party. Along the way I got a friend and my mom to read it. I think I did pretty good! Now all I have left to do is get Midnight Sun and go see the movie!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by twilight1909 »

I am disappointed in myself because I waited so long to finally read these! I was always drawn to the covers of the Twilight series whenever I saw them in book stores, but I thought "vampire stories are definitely not my thing." Once it hit the public that Twilight would be made into a movie, I saw the books everywhere and decided they must be worth reading. Needless to say, they far exceeded my expectations.

The story is so captivating and beautiful. The books are purely addicting, like MY exact brand of heroin. Every other friend or family member of mine that has read the Twilight saga feels the same as I do.

I was sad for SM to hear the draft for Midnight Sun was leaked on the internet... but I have to thank her for having the courage to post it on her website, as it gave me a fix for Edward withdrawal. I truly hope she publishes this book; it is really revealing to hear his POV, and I simply HAVE to read the rest of his story. I never want it to end. :cry:
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by EvrThinEvrMinEvrRs »

I used to work at a book store, in the children's section, so I saw Twilight when it first arrived at the store. I was intrigued from the get go, regardless of the fact that it was a YA book (I've read all the Harry Potters and was well into my twenties when I started them, so no book snobbery here). Whenever I worked my section, I made a point of putting the book in prominent places (tables, endcaps, windowseats, EVERYWHERE), but for whatever reason, I didn't get around to reading any of them until this past September (I got the series for my birthday).

Anyone who knows me would tell you they have literally taken over my life, and I'm not at all ashamed to admit it (and I'm pushing thirty, ahem). I know there are those out there who think they send bad messages to young girls, but you know what, they are getting people to read, people who might not pick up a book on their own, and I have a hard time discouraging that. Plus I would be the biggest hippocrite in the world if I tried to tell someone they were reading something inappropriate (I read Flowers in the Attic when I was ten, behind my mother's back, oops!).

But I digress. I loved the Twilight series, and reccommend it to anyone I can get to listen to me. To those who are concerned about what messages they convey, just remember, they are fiction, and meant for fun and entertainment. I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to take messages from fiction books, I just don't think you should go looking for them. Enjoy the Twilight series for what it is, a fairy tale of sorts for older girls. Most of us loved Cinderella and Snow White growing up; I look at the story of Bella and Edward as the next stage in fairy tales.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by *TwilightIsMyDrug* »

Loved it. Can't get enough of it. Went to visit Forks twice because of it and am sad that it's over :-(
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by -veiled- »

I first read "Twilight" after my friend (20, I'm 21 btw) who knew my love for good vampire novels bought it as a gift for me. I read it and I absolutely loved it! I just had to get the other ones, so as they came out I bought them & continued loving each one. The only one I haven't purchased yet is "Breaking Dawn", but I have read it. I think that being a YA novel, it is great for anyone to read. Doesn't matter how old you are & I am very picky on what I read, but when I read this series - I fell in love. :p
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