What did you think of the Twilight Series?

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by YouAreMyLifeNow »

I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with these books!!!!! It is deffently an obsession. I love them so much. I like the way they are written, i like the story line, i love the characters, I just plain love the whole series! :D

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Pink Spiders »

I honestly didn't like Twilight that much. But I ended up getting addicted. Completely unwillingly. My Lit. Arts teacher practically had to make it an assignment before I would read it... And I ended up buying the book. There is just something about it that I like, something I cannot place.
It drives me up the wall to know that a vampire romance novel riddled with basic mistakes managed to ensnare me so completely. -_-"
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by bellaobsessed »

Ahh, I've been looking for this thread.....

Let's see:

I only found out about Twilight recently. I kept hearing about it and I thought it was a tv show or something and then I saw the trailer on tv and I was like "OMG, vampire love". I love some vampire love stories. When I found out it was young adult, I was a little dissappointed because I am an adult and sex and language is part of life at this age so I tried to step back and look at it from a teenage view.

After I started reading it, by the 20th page, I knew I was going to love it. The style of writing was great and I loved it. Twilight was soft and romantic and it was straight forward and thats what I liked about it, it wasn't too much beating around the bush to me. Every chapter in Twilight was pivotal to the series and it shaped how you thought of the characters. By the end of it, I couldn't be more happier with where it was going.

New Moon, *sigh*, I keep telling myself that it was a necessary evil for the series to go on but it was depressing and hard to read. Where I sped through Twilight, New Moon, I had to push myself to continue and read. I mean Jacob is a vital part of the series but I don't really like him and Bella's relationship outside of friends. I was already wearing my "Team Bella Cullen" t-shirt and Jacob was pissing me off. I hated how Bella acted and I couldn't wait till it was over. Of course it redeemed itself in the end with the return and the marriage proposal but other than that, I could have lived without it.

Eclipse was a great book, I loved it, I was pissed at Bella through half of it with her "selfless" self trying to save Jacob at every turn but I could deal and it made me want her and Edward even more. If there is another book I would read again first besides Twilight, it would be this one. I think she and Edward started shaping there relationship in this book where they were making bets and compromises and all of those things. I think this was the second best in the series but after I read them all again(because the first time I read all 4 in 6 days) I will have a better understanding of everything maybe.

Breaking Dawn was a love hate relationship for me from the beginning. I didn't like Jacob having a book, it made me mad but at the same time I understood him more and his feelings for Bells. I thought the book had some unnecessary chapters in it and then towards the end, I felt like it was rushing. I love the "..and they all lived happily ever after" ending, that didn't bother me. The pregnancy and the kid made me *sigh*, I can see how it went there but at the same time I was think "oh come on Steph", I think there could have been something else to it but I was ok with that. I was so happy with Bella becoming a vampire atlast but I would have liked her to have more chapters with that part of her life. I loved that by Breaking Dawn, it was pushing the series and taking a bigger adult stand. I loved that Stephanie was sliding the sexual aspect of the relationships into the book in a very respectable way.

I think the way it ended leaves it at the end but also with the option of the story continuing because there is more to think of. Jacob/Nessie, the retribution from Vulturi, and Leah. I think those all make the series want to go on but if the main characters aren't Bella and Edward and coming from their POV, I don't really see me reading any more of the series books.

Midnight Sun is weird for me because while I was reading what was on her site, I wanted to read Twilight again and go chapter by chapter with Bella POV and then Edwards POV, and I will probably do that when the official book comes out.

All and all, the first 4 books will make it to my hardback book collection because I can see myself reading this series more than once. Twilight was obviously the best and I think Eclipse was the second. The story is pouring over in romance and I love that, the characters are deep and not overly strange and I love that.

I love how she took vampirism and swung it to another angle. The only part of it I didn't really like was the venom in there mouth, and the no fangs was interestingly strange...lol. I loved the walking in daytime and rainbow reflections in the sun. I loved the "vegetarian" choices and the granite, ice cold skin, that part of her change in the "traditional" vampire is what made her original and unique in the series. Her vampire can't really be compared to any other vampires really. I haven't read many vampire books but I've seen lots of shows and movies and hers are different and I love that.

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by JaliceAlsper »

What did I think of the Twilight series? What kind of a question is that...?! I absolutely loved it!

At first Twilight wasn't a book I'd prefer to read. I only just read it because my dad thought I needed to read more, and I was running out of time to choose a book so I just grabbed Twilight. It took me a while to complete the book since I thought that the first couple of chapters were quite a bore. Then came chapter 13, it was actually a turning point for me. The best chapter. From then on I couldn't stop reading Twilight, it was becoming... addicting. All of the characters came all so real... Pretty much from then on I devoured the rest of the series.

I knew I had a problem when I couldn't think of anything else besides Twilight, but, I guess it's a good thing? I've come to know Twilight as more than just an obsession, I love this series.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by gokrazy323 »

hahaha i love this question because for probally everyone the answer is exactly the same! how could anyone on the twilight lexicon fansite NOT like the saga! it was handsdown the best series i have read. for a while i was told "oh my gosh! you gotta read the twilight series!! they are amazing!"and i would always say "no thanks, im not into the whole vampire thing" but then my friends bugged the crud out of me and i decided to just give it a shot and read it. well from the first page i was hooked! they way stephenie writes her books is amazing. honestly, i could get so lost in the book that i didnt even really care how extremly odd it was for me to read about vampires!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by RebeccaCullen »

I had wanted to read the series, but only picked up the first book the start of the month. Finished it, got the second one, and I'm now waiting for the last two books to come.

I never really liked romance novels, but I really like mythological characters, and this proved to be interesting. I really didn't know what it was until I picked up book one, and was hooked.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Sullie06 »

I must admit that I'm prob one of the last people on the planet to hear about Twilight. I heard about it a lot in passing but never really paid to much attention. I knew that they were geared towards teens. Finally my husband told me that some of the nurses that he works with have been talking about how great this series of books is and maybe I should read it.
Well I'm the type of person who will pretty much read anything. Worse case senario, I don't like it and I stop. So about a month later we were in Target and we were trying to find some stuff to buy because we had a gift card and we don't shop at Target a lot and we came across the book. My hubs was like, why don't you try it. So I bought it and started reading it the next day. I finished it a week, this is while working two jobs and going to college as well.
As someone who is not a teenager (I'm 25) I can say I love this series. I read Twilight and New Moon in about a week each. I've been reading Eclipse for a little over a week but that's because I'm trying to keep myself from reading it to fast (I like to enjoy a good book). I can't wait until I read Breaking Dawn but I've already been told that I'm getting it for Christmas from a Co-Worker so I have to wait until then to finish the series.

I think Twilight is so great because it's a timeless idea. Everyone wants that true love, that person that you feel so comfortable and at piece with that they complete you. I think the characters are great because you can see bits of yourself in everyone of them. I've been a 17 year old girl so I know what the world is like from Bella's point of view, I know what it's like to want something so badly but be afraid of "ruiening" it like Edward, I know what it's like to be afraid or or even angered by change like Jacob. It's basically an idea that spans all ages and languages, a coming of age story but one that's truely relatable.

It's definatly addicting. I acutally have two people lined up to borrow my books, and they are both adults (44 and 24).
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by LMO »

I found them just recently via Myspace. I was logging onto Myspace one day and you know how they can change the Homepage to a huge layout of a movie? Well the trailer for the new movie started to play and it caught my attention. I replayed it and I thought, "Wow that going to be a good movie", then I saw that it was based on these books by Stephanie Meyers. I went to Amazon and ordered the first 2. I was hooked!!! As soon as I started to read the second book, I was back on Amazon ordering the other 2. I read the second in a day. I got my last 2 a few days later and it only took me 2 1/2 days to read the last 2. After all of it I was like..."it's over"...LOL MY husband was thrilled. I pretty much locked myself in a room for almost 3 days. LOL He was feeling a little neglected. LMAO. Anyways that's my story. Now I have everyone at work reading it. Were going to blow off a 2 hour lunch and go see the movie next Friday afternoon.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by AliceLove »

I remember the first time I read Twilight. My friend recommended it. I read the back and was pretty much like "What the heck?" And now I am in love with the series.

My favorite of the series is Eclipse. Every time I read the series, I start liking Jacob a little more. :D Sorry, Edward-lovers... ;)

Thanks ilovetwilight!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by esmecullen740 »

I love it. My friends recommended it to me. The funny thing is that when i started reading it, everybody did too. First i was like, Ok I really don't like vampire that much but then i fell in love with it after the 1st chapter. I kind of hate my friend because she ruined the suspension of who edward was. It doesn't mater really but she kind of ruined it for me.
When people ask me what Twilight about? I just said read it and find out because if you told them that it was a girl who's in love with a vampire, it seems pretty borring even though its not.
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