What did you think of the Twilight Series?

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Alicia_Cullen »

Before I started reading it, I really honestly thought it was gay.I had seen a million flairs on Facebook about it, and my 2 friends at school would NOT shut-up about it!!!I thought it was crazy.I mean, I've always loved werewolves and vampires, but vampires that don't drink human blood, or sparkle in the sun?What's gayer then that?And plus, love storys ussually SUCK(in my opinion) anyways.But when I read it...I was addicted.Still am.And now I love it all!!!I thank my friends Ellyssa and Sam(love u guys!!!), and now I have convinced 3 other people to read it lol :D
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My thoughts, in detail.

Post by Riddalyn »

Well, I read the book by chance... Twilight hadn't even become popular yet. I was wondering around my school library one day and the spine caught my eye. So, I checked it out without knowing anything about it. When I got home that night, I read the back and was only mildly interested.

After twelve hours (one sleepless night), I decided that I have never been so grateful to a library in my whole life.

Once I cracked the book open, I could not put it down, and I mean that quite literally. It was like it was glued open in my hands.
I related to Bella right away, as she and I are actually a lot alike. Meaning, I'm so clumsy I'm almost disabled, I blush when someone asks me the time, and more.
I liked Edward from the very start, and this is why: I have always been a sucker for a guy who uses big words, and uses them correctly.
At some parts in the book, I was literally shaking with anticipation... at first my family thought there might be something wrong with me, until I let out a very loud and slightly shaky (because I was shaking, of course) laugh, and then they rolled their eyes.
I loved Twilight. It was the most amazing, mesmerizing book I'd ever read (I've read a lot of books)... I'd never had anything hold my attention like that, seeing as how my attention span is similar to that of a squirrel who is on crack.
But, once I turned it in, it made me a little sad. That book had made me want things I'd rarely given thought to, and made me realize just how strange it was that I'd never been in a relationship. And it made me realize that a guy like Edward is hard to find, impossible, really, but he is what every girl wants. I was mad at me for allowing myself to fall in love with a fictional character. But eventually, once the Twilight craze started, I realized I wasn't too far out there... all the other thousands of girls fell in love with him, too.
Anyway, I loved it, and I'm pretty sure it will always be my favorite book.

When New Moon came out, I was so excited and I had no idea what was coming, and just the thought of getting the book in my hands made me shake.
While reading it, like everyone else, I actually felt Bella's pain when Edward left her, and I was sad for many days after finishing the book. When he left, I really convinced myself that he didn't love her anymore, and that she'd somehow wind up with Jacob, with whom I was infatuated. Then, he did come back. He came back with a vengeance, asking Bella to marry him and all that. So, when I closed that book, I was in love with two fictional characters. I was kicking myself in the head for that one (not an easy thing to do, that).
I love New Moon because the pictures are so vivid. When I read about Volterra, it was so real in my mind, it's like I was one of those people. One of the lowly humans celebrating St. Marcus' day and waving crimson scarves and banners in the air, watching a crazy girl run through the square, sloshing everyone with cold water.
And when Bella was in pain, it was so easy to let myself slip into her mental state, to see her bent over her steering wheel, almost unable to pull her two halves back together. It was easy to see Jacob, to hear his voice in my head joking with Bella, and realizing when he'd gone too far.
I know I JUST said Twilight will probably always be my favorite book, but in reality, I think New Moon is my favorite of the four.

Eclipse came out and of course, I was all a flutter.
I was immediately drawn to Charlie's reactions to Edward in this book. I could understand them easily.
The fact that Jacob and Bella had a hard time remaining friends at the beginning, but also had an impossible time staying away from each other hurt my brain and confused me.
I did not like the way Edward tried to keep Bella from seeing Jacob all the time. He kept saying it wasn't safe. But had she not been safe during those six months when he was gone. Yes, she had. He was the only thing keeping her safe... from Victoria, from Laurent, and most importantly... from herself. I couldn't believe how cold he was just because Jacob was a young wolf. I wondered where his compassion was. But then he cooled off and it was okay.
I still loved Jacob through this book, although his more pushy moments did have me grinding my teeth and calling him an idiot.
Now, when Bella realized that she was also in love with Jacob, there were a lot of mixed reactions... here was mine: Joy. I was so glad she had finally realized this, because she needed to. She needed to understand that, while she was obviously going nowhere without Edward and her plans were set in stone, she could live and love without him if she absolutely needed to.
The fight with the Newborn Army had me on the edge of my seat. It felt like my lungs were filled with helium the whole time, like I was floating and if I stopped holding my breath I would fall out of the sky and get hurt or something. It was amazing, and I was so glad they won. But I felt horrible for Bree, but also kind of glad they didn't keep her.
I liked Eclipse, but it is probably my least favorite of the four books.

Ah, Breaking Dawn. So many reactions, so many mixed feelings for this, the finally installment of the saga we all love.
I had to read this book twice to fully understand it. And I had to read it directly after reading the other three, because otherwise my opinions were not well enough formed.
This second time around... my heart exploded. I just loved it... I couldn't keep my enthusiasm contained at some parts, willing my family to give me crusty looks when I giggled loudly with unabashed glee.
The first time I read it, I hated everything. I hated that Bella got pregnant, because I didn't understand it. I hated the fight at the end, because I didn't understand it. The only thing I actually liked about the book, the first time, was that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee... and that was because when I read how he felt, a huge sense of relief washed over me. Now he could finally be with Bella without wanting to BE with her in that way, without getting hurt... he could love her, but not be in love with her. Everyone could truly stop being torn in two.
But the second time I read it, it was so much easier for me to see Bella and Edward as parents... for me to see why she loved Renesmee so unconditionally. It was impossible to deny the love in the family, how tightly bound they were. Nessie had me tied around her little fingers, just like everyone in the books.
I really liked all the vampires who came to help them, especially Vladimir and Stefan! They had me laughing, and I'm planning on getting two snakes and naming them after the two Romanians.
I loved to read about all the different gifts out there, some I couldn't even begin to imagine were possible...
The outcome of the book was amazing, a perfect ending to the perfect story.

The Twilight series has been a blessing. I know that sounds incredibly hokey, but it's true. All the time I spent reading these books has been time well spent in my eyes. Of course, I have my questions, and a few discrepancies, but it is that way with every series I have ever read.
The whole time I read every book, I was positively green with envy for Bella, too.
We've all said it, and now I say it again: Because I've read Twilight, I have unrealistic expectations of men.

Well, I feel like a bit of a fool having gone on a huge rant and expressing my ridiculous feelings for print on pages.
Oh, well.
I don't think I'm alone.


Sorry it's so long.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by pennybug84 »

I LOVE the Twilight Series. :D

I first heard about the series back in December of 2007. My sister-in-law,who knows I love to read, recommended that I read this series. At first I wasn't too sure about it. The way she described it was as a love story with a vampire. But that it's not your normal ideas of vampires. She told me that she loved the series & that I just had to read them. I knew they must be good b/c she really is not into reading at all. (She couldn't even read Harry Potter when she tried!)(I didn't know it was considered a YA book) So I bought Twilight & read it in a few days. So I decided I wanted to read the others as well. (At this time just the first 3 were out.) I bought them & that next week I happened to get sick w/the flu & was stuck at home for a week! What perfect timing I was able to read the NM & Eclipse. I only read them the one time. Then when Breaking Dawn came out I bought it that Saturday & had it finished by Sunday night. Since I had only read othe other 3 once I decided I needed to go back & read them again, there was much I didn't remember from reading them 8 months before! I read the whole series again in a week! I realized as I read them, I love these books! It is such a fun story! And so now I am obsessed w/them! (My poor friends had to hear my talk about & obsess of them :) ) I have reread the whole series 4 times! (And now I'm upset w/my sister-in-law for introducing me to the series & starting this obsession!) I haven't let myelf read any of the books for the past 2 months, even though I wanted to. Sometimes when I am having a bad day or feeling blue I like to pick one of the books up & read a favorite part & it makes me happy! I love romance books & this is definitely one of my favorites. I love the world that Stephenie Meyer created. I really hope one day she will finish Midnight Sun. I would love to be able to read if from Edward's point of view & understand him a little bit better. (Plus we would I assume get more of the other Cullens, especially Alice!)
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by Putty009 »

She stated in an interview that she stopped her story b/c Bella, as a young headstrong girl looses some of her relatiablity when she becomes a vampire. I just wish that we had gotten 3 or 4 chapters at the end of Breaking Dawn that gave us a sypnosis of their lives moving forward from all the chaos throughout Breaking Dawn and the other books.

It was like-> chaos volturi chaos-> happily ever after. I wanted more from their happily ever after. After all teh chaos of not only just Breaking Dawn but the rest. I had read 4 books worth of bella and edwards personal conflicts with the choices to come, plus all the outside conflicts that resulted in their lives and I just wanted abit more reading room at the end to relish in their happiness void of any chaos. finally
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by CauseofEdwardIlove »

It's funny cause I went to the midnight opening with a friend not evening knowing what Twilight was!! But from the time Edward walked on the screen I was hooked! I borrowed the books from her and read each one in under a day! I just couldn't put them down....Well I wanted to throw New Moon out the window when he left ...but other than that I was in love! I now own my own copies and a bunch of other twilight stuff! I just hate it took me this long to catch on!!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by twilighter_alice »

Oh Goddess. Where to begin!
My friends told me I'd love the Twilight series. I persauded my mom to buy the first one (she was pretty reluctant for some reason), I can be VERY persausive. 8-)
I stayed up until 5 in the morning, my eyes wide and excited. I begged my mom to get me the second.

Lo, and Behold, what did I find in good ol' Walmart? New Moon!
I read for hours on end, crying my eyeballs out when Edward left. Seriously! I really wanted to yell at him for that.
Frankly, the Volturi scared me to death and back. Wow. Very intimidating gang.

Eclipse caught my eye on the shelf of Grang ol' Borders. Yay for Borders! In the beginning I was a little put out with Edward, stupid mortal enemies thingy! But, I fell in love with Edward again. Nearly screamed when Jacob kissed Bella( Jacob! You could've chosen a better time!) I sat through the Victoria & Riley VS. Edward& Seth scene with white knuckles and wide eyes. (Oh, Bella! Seth was only faking hurt!)

Breaking Dawn was supposed to be a Christmas present, ah well. I kinda snuck it outta the closet(hehehe).
I read it with gasps of shock, intakes of surprise, and openly gaping during the chapters. I loved the ending though. Ah, sweet happily ever afters...

Ah, fond memories. I absolutely love and adore this series. My favorite books ever.
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by twilightbelle<3 »

I loved it, hands down one of the best series I have ever read. Stephanie Meyer is a woman who knows what she is doing, and does it well! SO KUDOS! :D I love her style of writing, and the imagery is just perfect, everything is written in such detail that when you are reading it, you have a constant image of what everything looks like.
I am OBSESSED...my dad will be calling me while I am reading it, and I don't even hear him! XD
It was really good, and the fans of it, are so die-hard, it makes me smile!

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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by alice_is_my_homegirl »

I'll admit that the first time I heard of the Twilight Saga (all my friends were reading it at the time) I thought "vampires. strange. wierd. NO." On day I finally caved and went to Barnes and Noble to get the books. I got Twilight and New Moon and was instantly hooked. I had ordered Eclipse and Breaking Dawn off of Amazon and was literally YELLING at the UPS guy when he didn't bring them, and now like anyone else, I'm hooked!!!! :D
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by bite_me »

I saw them at a bookshop last December, and the girl recommended them (but she wasn't obsessed - she just said people said they were good). So my mum said, "Do you want these for Christmas?" I read the blurb of all three (so New Moon was spoiled - I knew Jacob would be a werewolf, and Edward would come back, right from the start) and thought they looked pretty good - vampires (which I'd never really payed much attention to before twilght), romance, pretty good mix. So I bought them, and on Christmas day, unwrapped them, and started reading.

From the scene in Port Angeles I was absolutely hooked. Everything Bella felt, I felt, even though I've never had a crush or anything. It was amazing. I finished Twilight in two days, and started New Moon. We were going to our holiday house on the coast for four days for New Years Day, so I brought New Moon (I always bring a book). I should have known I would finish it early.

I spent the whole first day lying in the hammock in the sun, and I finished New Moon. While my sister went for walks and swims on the beach I was reading. The next two days nearly killed me. I reread New Moon, desperate to know what happened next, but stuck. I hadn't brought Eclipse with me. So I tried to distract myself by going down to the cafe, beach, etc all the time, and tiring myself out. But the whole time my mind was on Twilight.

When I got home I literally ran to Eclipse, and finished it in two days. I was desperate to know whether there was another book being released - there had to be, surely - so I went on the Stephenie Meyer website. It said all about Breaking Dawn, and it said it would be released 'in the fall'. I'm an Aussie, so I thought "Great, Autumn! I only have to wait until March!" I crossed off January and February with huge smiley faces - :mrgreen: .

Finally it was Autumn, the leaves turning orange, school starting to pile up the projects. I hopped on Stephenie's website again to see when exactly it would be released . . . and it said August 2nd. Only then did I realise that since the website was American, the seasons were different.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't know how I would survive the next few months.

But I did survive, thanks to ten rereadings of each twilight book, and numerous fansites.

And I won't bother talking about how I felt when breaking Dawn was released, except that I loved it, though I had some mixed feelings about the plot.

But I have to go now. Thanks for reading (or not)!
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Re: What did you think of the Twilight Series?

Post by twilightbelle<3 »

I can read it over and over, and I get something new everytime, thats when you know you are reading a masterpiece. It's truly amazing! :D
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