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Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:48 am
by Jazz Girl
Jazzy, you are definitely not alone in your love of Alice and Jazz. I thought would offer a few opinions on your questions.

1) I think with something so important as finding her soul mate, she would let events take their course as they were supposed to. While I think she might have tried to find a sooner time to find Jasper, particularly because I think she would have seen he was in pain, struggling, and wanted to help him, I think she would understand that there were things that had to happen first, before the time was right for them to meet and him to be ready to go with her. I get what you are saying, EclipseRox, about her moving things forward. I remember the PC where she talked about it. But, I think Alice sees and understands the difference between wanting to befriend Bella and meeting her soul mate. While she was anxious to meet Jasper, I think she knew that that was something that had to take its' course.

2) I, too, think they waited for a time when it could be more of a celebration. While I don't think they wanted a huge, lavish, Rose-&-Emmetish wedding, I think they would have wanted their family there. And, while I completely agree that Jazz is a traditional gentleman, I think the way he had lived for the previous 85 years or so might have changed his perspective just a little. He and Alice were soul mates. There wasn't a committment greater than that. So, I think they wouldn't have seen a need for a wedding until they had family with which to celebrate it. And, Edward himself tells us that the family was present at the wedding. I don't have my books in front of me at the moment to find the quote, but I think it is in Twilight, the same place he says that they will all have to go to Rose and Em's next wedding in a few years.

3) I haven't ever seen any reference as to where the Cullens were living when Alice and Jazz showed up, just the hilarity that ensued. It is actually one of my favorite passages in Eclipse. The closest reference we have is that they were living in Appalicia in 1935, when Emmett was turned and joined the family. Obviously, they would have moved on somewhere else, probably several somewhere elses in the intervening 15 years. We know that they lived in a house with a good view, and that hunting options were fairly nearby. I like Canada as an option, though. Somewhere in the wilderness where they can be a bit more inconspicuous. Plus, I always got the feeling from the way Edward describes them showing up that they were somewhere a little more remote, thus making their appearance just that little bit more surprising.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:35 pm
by eclipserox
Here's a what if question. People have speculated about how Alice and Jasper's relationship would have developed if one of them were human. If Alice was human and ended up pregnant, like Bella did, what would Jasper's reaction be? Would he be the burning man like Edward? Would he use his power to try to influence Alice? Would he fight for an abortion or follow Alice's wishes?

I'm torn on my answer. I love that Jasper usually lets Alice have her way. But, he also is adamant about protecting her--when he thought Bella would threaten their life in MS, he wanted to kill her but stopped at Alice's request, when Jacob and the wolves showed up to the graduation party, he was at her side in seconds, he got hurt trying to make sure Alice didn't have to fight in the battle in Eclipse, he said himself that even though she can take care of herself, he can't not protect her. I don't think he would use his power to influence her ever...I think he respects her too much to do that. I definitely don't think he would ever consider drugging her and aborting the baby against her wishes. I don't think Alice would need a bodyguard like Bella thought she did. I can see him as some version of the burning man while Alice was suffering through an extremely difficult pregnancy. It would probably be even harder on him that it was on Edward because in addition to feeling his own fear and despair, he would feel the emotions of all the other Cullens who would be worrying about Alice. When Alice got to the point where she was craving human blood and they were running low, I can picture Jasper doing whatever it takes, including killing humans, to get Alice whatever she wanted.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 1:21 pm
by threethings
Sorry to interrupt your conversation and post this. . .
But I was reading Eclipse again and I read this part:

"You've kept me waiting a long time." Alice giggled.
"And then you tipped your hat like a good southern gentleman and said 'sorry, ma'am.'"

Aww. . .

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:02 pm
by Jazzy
Thanks for ur responses =) Yes I agree to, I think Alice would have waited to be with the Cullens for her and Jasper to have their wedding. I imagine she would have waited until they were pretty close as a family first, that way their wedding would be more meaningful with loved ones around. I imagine Carlisle would have given her away. Now I can't help but wonder, would Jasper have kept Alice's virtue in tact until their wedding night, the way Edward was so keen on keeping Bella's? If so, this would mean Jasper and Alice had to wait around 2-3 years as well before they had sex.

Eclipserox...about ur questions... Hm that is difficult to gauge...

I would like to think that Alice would be more mature than Bella. Don't get me wrong I love Bella, but there were times when she was just so whiny and immature and a bit selfish. A big part of the reason Edward was the burning man was cos Bella refused to communicate with him about the pregnancy, only stubbornly insisting that she KNEW she had to keep the baby, but not really trying to explain to him why or trying to let him explain his side.

So this would depend on the circumstances surrounding Alice's life at that time. Would she be human, 19 years old and have her precognitive visions? If so then I would like to believe she would have been a very mature woman, able to explain to her whole family her reasons for keeping the baby. She might have also SEEN that it would all turn out OK with her and the baby surviving. Alice and Jasper's connection is very deep that I think they would have been on the same page with the big issues, they would have worked together to make sure every precaution was taken to make sure Alice would be OK.

Jasper would have done whatever it takes to get Alice whatever she needed, human blood, etc... But this is where Carlisle and Edward and Emmett and the rest of the Cullens would come in, working together as a family and making sure they covered every need.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:11 pm
by Jazz Girl
Jazzy, a very interesting question. No, I don't think Jasper and Alice waited to be together. I have no other reason other than my interpretations to believe this, but I don't think, on the whole, vampires are big on the whole marriage thing. It seems to me that they meet, they fall in love and just become partners, are together from that moment on. Weddings, ceremonies seem to be a much more human thing, which actually goes to reason why the Cullens might enjoy having weddings. As vegetarians, they are in better touch with their humanity than traditional vampires, so they might hold to those ideas of human traditions closer than the others of their kind. But, Jasper was "raised" for lack of a better term, as a traditional vampire. While he was very traditional in some ways, an old soul, I think something like a wedding would have lost its' importance to him. He knew from the moment he met Alice that she was his life, and I think he understood very soon after that that he was hers. That would be enough for him. I think when they finally did decide to have a wedding, he did it for Alice. So, they would have seen no reason to delay making love. Their committment to each other was stronger than any married couple.

EclipseRox, wow, such an interesting speculation. If Alice was human, I just don't know if Jasper would have been able to resist drinking her. I like to think somewhere, he would have found the restraint, but I just can't say that with any certainty.

But, to answer your question about if Jasper and Alice were in Edward & Bella's place, good gods. First, I think Alice would have been able to reassure everyone with her visions. But, I also think, if Alice was as determined as Bella was to keep her baby, she would have downright lied to make them all believe she saw things turning out fine. Jasper, even though he believed Alice, would have still been the burning man. But, I agree with you that it would have been made so much worse for him because of his gift. Yes, Jasper would do whatever was necessary to help Alice.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:36 pm
by eclipserox
Thanks for your answers. I have to disagree that Alice would be able to see the future and know the pregnancy would turn out OK because the child would be half-human half-vampire and Alice can't see anything involving Renesmee. I think it would be the same if Alice were the one pregnant, only possibly scarier because her future would be so tied to the child's that she wouldn't be able to see anything at all. JazzGirl, I do think you make a very interesting point that Jasper might not be able to resist Alice if she were human. I think they are fated to be together and would do anything for each other, much like Edward and Bella, but Jasper is not as controlled as Edward and would have a very difficult time resisting Alice, especially if she was his singer.

New question: If Alice had died, say in the battle in Eclipse, how would Jasper handle it? Would he follow Edward's example and try to get himself killed so he wouldn't have to live without her? If he stayed alive, would he continue being a vegetarian and living with the Cullens or would he go off on his own? I think Jasper would have a harder time losing Alice than Edward had losing Bella. While both couples are very much in love, Alice and Jasper are truly parts of a whole. But, I also think Jasper is stronger than Edward when it comes to getting through difficult times, partly because of his past. Jasper might not be so quick to give up and try to get himself killed.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:23 am
by Jazzy
If Alice died, I think Jasper would either go off on his own and be a nomad, or kill himself. He stays with the Cullens because of Alice, and if she died, being around the Cullens would be that much more devastating for him to feel everyone mourning for her on top of his own. He might be a vegetarian nomad vampire, being as how he was tired of feeling his victim's fear and despair. He might also kill himself. Alice was the one who saved him after living 100 years in pain. To have lived with her for a long time and be happy, and to have that be taken away from him is just too much.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:07 pm
by Jazz Girl
I don't think there is any question about it. If Alice were killed, Jasper would die, too. If she were killed in a battle, say in the battle of the newborns, Jasper would just give up, wait to die. If it were some other situation, say killed by nomads or something like that, Jasper would hunt down the nomads that killed her, and then either let himself be killed by another nomad, or got to Italy.

EclipseRox, I agree that Jasper probably is a little stronger than Edward in dealing with adversity overall, because of his background. It would be much easier to describe him as a survivor. But, losing Alice would truly devastate Jasper, incapacitate him completely. Alice became his hope and his heart. After experiencing the joy and hope that she brought into his life, the possibility of returning to his previous way of life would be unthinkable. Once Jasper avenged Alice's death, he would find the fastest, most convenient way to die possible. I can actually see him asking Edward to help him. And, a part of me thinks Edward just might do it.

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:32 pm
by Jazzy
Hey everyone,

I just got the Twilight 3 disc DVD, I have not watched all the bonus material yet, but I've seen all the deleted and extended scenes.

I was sooooo upset that they did not include the cut scene of Alice and Jasper running on the treetops. In an interview, Jackson said one scene he hoped would make it into the DVD's deleted scenes was that one. Remember when Edward first takes Bella to the house to meet the Cullens, Alice and Jasper jumps down from the trees onto the terrace into the kitchen and Alice is holding a wildflower? It's cos they were just came from frolicking in the forrest. I don't understand why they did not include it, Don't they know that Alice and Jasper are like the 2nd biggest couple in the books, and they have a huge fan base? The movie made James and Victoria bigger roles. I know it is cos of movie marketing, but ARG! :cry:

Re: Alice and Jasper

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:31 pm
by TillyWhitlock
As much as I love the fact that Twilight is centered around Bella and Edward, I have to admit that I love Jasper and Alice like a million times more. I think their relationship is one of the most romantic and intense relationships. I love how it's not just him protecting her, but it's also her protecting him. As much as he is willing to go to battle for her, she's always looking into the future for him to see if there are any potential problems. The one thing I have to say is that he'll do anything for Alice. That's for sure. No matter what the challenge is. He's always there for her if she needs it. You can tell the depth to their relationship just by the scene in New Moon. When Edward, Alice, and Bella get back to the Sea-Tac airport, the moment between Jazz and Alice is just intense, but it's nothing special.

I've seen questions about what would happen if Jasper had run into Alice when she was a human. Would she still be alive or would he have enough strength to simply change her. I think my answer would be it depends on the situation. Alice still had visions as a human. So if she saw Jazz coming, then maybe he would be able to stop before killing her. If she was giving off the right emotions when they met. However, if it was one of those where he randomly ran into her on the street, I don't think he'd be able to stop.

But here's a question from you. Jazz is an empath, so yes he is compassionate to things. However, do you think that he's become more compassionate since meeting Alice? I'd ask if he's gone soft, but he hasn't so it's all good. But seriously, do you think Jazz is more compassionate?