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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by darkrider »

I think that the fact that they are so into themselves enhances their bond in their relationship--It makes them closer as a couple. I think that it's so adorbale when they're in Edward's car ust staring at eachother. It's so adorable!!!!! =D

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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by JulesCullen »

I really don't think that their love is superficial. It might seem like that from the outside, and they may have originally been drawn to each other for superficial reasons, but it really grew. I think that their personalities just let them express their love with... um... a few less inhibitions. But that's just one of the reasons that they just work together. And yes, for them, it is all about balancing each other out. And getting physical.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by xoPearl_Angelxo »

Emmet and Rosalie have always been a tricky vouple for me to figur out. I understood their physical relationship and by all means didn't doubt their love but I didn't quite understand the emotional bit to it. I think after reading more into Rosalie's character in Eclipse her and Emmets relationship started holding more emtional value and such to me. They had such a sweet story behind them plus they'd been together for very long.
Bronze Haired Girl wrote:In Eclipse, Rosalie tells Bella, "I got luckier than I deserved. Emmett is everything I would have asked for if I’d known myself well enough to know what to ask for. He’s exactly the kind of person someone like me needs. And, oddly enough, he needs me, too. That part worked out better than I could have hoped.”
When I was reading that part their relationship just clicked for me and they are definetly up ther with C&E A&J!

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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by inlovewithmyJasper54 »

they are adorable together!
I think their personalities complement each other well! :)
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by SethImprintedOnMe »

Emment and Rosalie have one of the weirdest realtionships in the entire book maybe because their relationship is not talked about as much as the other characters though it just seems that rosalie is just not interested in anyone but herself and even Emmet admits that she would give up even him to be human again i think that he loves her more than she loves him it seems like she just needed someone to pay attention to her since Edward wouldn't. she is one of my least favorite characters in the series. her exploiting Bella for the baby really made me furious with her i don't know how Emmet loves her so much he seems so fun as a person.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by debussygirl »

I do not deny the fact that they do love each other and I don't think because their relationship is physical means its superficial. It's more of the fact that I can't see them, their personalities, together.
I'm a reader that when reading a book with a relationship in it I need to see why the couple is together. What traits draw them in? What is it about the other they can't stay away from them? If I'm reading a book where I can't see personalities fitting in, I can't really see them together.
Rosalie reminds me of those snobby girls in school. It seems that Emmett's fun behavior would only make her annoyed to the point where she couldn't stand him-like the snobs get annoyed with the class clowns at school. And Emmett's personality I think would need someone who's not necessarily a funny or happy-go-lucky girl, but can understand his light personality and not bring it down with such wo-is-me attitude. While "opposites attract" is a common phrase, couples actually do better if they have something in common. Other than the fact that Rose and Emmett are vampires, they don't have much else in common. So I can't see their need for one another that another person couldn't fill.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by midnitesun »

They are so cute! I am obsessed with them as a couple. I think they're portrayed perfectly (couple-wise) in the movie!
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by mlola619 »

darkrider wrote:I think that the fact that they are so into themselves enhances their bond in their relationship--It makes them closer as a couple. I think that it's so adorbale when they're in Edward's car ust staring at eachother. It's so adorable!!!!! =D


Agreed. Even thought Rosalie is a selfish person, i really think she does love Emmett but of course isn't very open about it. Rosalie hasn't had the nicest life, i mean how bitter would you guys be if your fiancee raped you with his friends and then beat you leaving you for dead? I trult believe Rosalie is a deeper character than many give her credit for. It's just the experiences she's been through that have cause her to become cold and like her skin, granite. I must admit Emmett & Rosalie's relationship confused me at first but i feel like i've come to an understanding that they are support systems for one another. Even though they don't show their deep feelings for one another i believe they do truly love each other. They complete one another, isn't that what true love is anyway?
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by urcoolcarrie »

^you said it better than i could have. they balance eachother out. the perfect relationship. :)
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by TheVampireChick »

What kept running through my head as I read this thread is "They make eachother feel special." They sort of--and this may sound weird--remind me of Edward and Bella in a very specific way.

Rosalie knows what she is, and she knows what people think of her. She has a really negative take on her own existence, even her beauty seems to bore or annoy her at certain points. But, she sees this beautiful force of nature in Emmet, and it's something that everybody else sees in him to certain extents. All I can imagine is that she must look at him and think "And, that's mine...." And, Emmet has the most icily perfect woman on the planet, a woman who likely looks straight through most people, a woman who keeps even some of her family at a certain distance, and she chose him of all people.

It seems to me like they'd both be pretty amazed by what they have, maybe even wonder how they lucked out the way they did. They've had time to accept and trust what they have (which is part of what makes their dynamic different from Bella and Edward), but it still has to be pretty awe inspiring.
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