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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by skylarblue »

Carrie, I agree with you about how we love each of them individually. I have a hard time with them as a couple (and you know why ;)) but I think that out of all the TW couples, we weren't given any "real" information about Em and Rose.

We know the Jasper/Alice, Carlisle/Esme and of course the Bella/Edward love story but somehow Em and Rose got lost (which I find sad and I think it would have made a great story).

Personally, I just think that Em and Rose are total opposites. So that's why they get along. Ying and Yang, Night and Day. They compliment and complete each other in a way that no one understands but their relationship is just as meaningful as the others.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by Gi.Kodaly »

skylarblue wrote:We know the Jasper/Alice, Carlisle/Esme and of course the Bella/Edward love story but somehow Em and Rose got lost (which I find sad and I think it would have made a great story).
I have to slightly disagree with you here. I feel, at least, that we know/see less of Carlisle and Esme. They're the most forgotten couple, unfortunately.

I think that Emmett and Rosalie's relationship is very interesting IMO. I think that they're both kinda carefree about it but in the same time very committed to it.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by nicki11 »

I think that it is easy to see Rosalie and Emmett’s relationship as superficial and only physical, but it is much more than that. Their relationship is described as mainly physical, but I think that this is the area of their relationship they feel the most secure in, not the only part of their relationship. In Eclipse when they are fighting the newborns and there is a comment about how Jasper tried to fight off too many newborns so that Alice wouldn’t have to fight and Bella makes Edward not fight for fear of losing him. I do not think that Emmett and Rosalie don’t care enough to worry about the other dyeing, but they are so confidant in their physical abilities that they see no need to worry. Rosalie knows that if she is in trouble Emmett with come to save her, but at the same time Emmett knows Rosalie can hold her own. And then in the New Moon extra, Miscalculation when Rosalie messes up and realizes what has happened she screams for Emmett because she needs him emotionally then.
I feel that Rose would give up everything to have a child even Emmett and her family. I find that a little selfish. I belive that Emmett would walk through fire for her but I don't think that she would do the same for him. Yes she loves him but I don't think she really loves him. Yes, she may love Emmett, I think that she's really in love with him and the sad part is that Emmett knows that if she was given her human life back and to never have known her vampire life then she would do it. by skylarblue
I finished re-reading New Moon again last night and in the 'voting' chapter I once felt extremly sorry for Emmet. When Rosalie points out that 'she wished someone voted no for her'. by Lieziewiezie
I don’t think that it is fair to say that Rosalie would give Emmett up for human life just because in New Moon she says that she wishes someone where there to vote no for her. I think that she is saying that Bella has a chance to stay human and be with Edward. Now that Rosalie has fallen in love with Emmett I don’t think she would give him up. Saying that Emmett would do anything for Rose but she wouldn’t return the favor isn’t fair either; I think she loves him more than she lets on. She defiantly wants a child, but she wants Emmett’s child. Rosalie said how she wanted a family, but I don’t think that she would find being a single mother ideal. She wants the whole package, but since she already has Emmett she doesn’t go around talking about how much she wants a man that she loves. It is true even for humans, we don’t go around saying we want things we already have, and when there is something we want but can’t have the more we want it.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by goldeneyedgirl14 »

its almost like to complete opposite ends of the spectrum....ok not almost, but DEFINATELY......first, rose dislikes bella for most of the series, while emmett loves her, just thinks edwards the idiot......then of course rose is so down and heavy, while emmett is so light and funny: HE LOVES TO JOKE AROUND, and rose could care less. emmett's ok with being a vamp, while rose is just kinda standoffish about the whole thing.

all that said, i still think they're adorable. like with magnets, OPPOSITES ATTRACT. :D
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by cullengirl »

*Dons on Mod hat and clears throat* Hey all! Since Rose's story is pivotal in EC and in the movie, I just wanted to remind you all that our policy about Eclipse Movie spoilers can be found here. It's a bit complicated, what with the Premiere and early screenings happening this weekend and the proper release not till next Wednesday, so check it out before you post about the movie. Thanks for making the Lex spoiler free so we can all enjoy our movie experience!
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by LestatFan17 »

They may be total opposites but it is just like cliche quarterback and head cheerleader relationships. If you were to stereotype all the characters Emmett is the jock and Rosalie the cheerleader, girlie-girl.
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Re: Emmett and Rosalie

Post by babynessie_18 »

To me, their relationship is super unique.. I love how Emmett can be the only 1 who can tolerate Rosalie's hostility to Bella.. I want to congratulate the person (who ever you are) for choosing Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz as Rosalie and Emmett.. They are truly perfect couple.. I hope someone can create a movie/book wherein it'll star Rosalie and Emmett.. and the center of the story is their love for each other aand how they cope with each others traits..
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