Technology in the Twilight series

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Technology in the Twilight series

Post by Nena »

This thread is to discuss the use (or the lack of) of the technology in the Twilight universe.
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by maddy<3twilight »

It felt wierd to me that the Cullens used a computer. They seemed like book people too me. But I guess computers are better ;)

I like there new expensive cars. :D
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by bite_me »

It was interesting the way the Cullens used technology - they kept with the times. :mrgreen:
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by love2travel »

i loved their cars... am looking forward to the twilight movie sequels so that we can get to see them all featured on film... ;)
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

I liked all their cars and the way they are able to use pretty much any peice of technolog, and I like how in Forks, they were still a traditional community, by that I mean, not all students and people had mobile phones and chose ot use the home telephone..I don't know if that's what all of america's like, I live in Australia but it seems ever single person has a moobile phone. I liked it in the Twi Universe cause it made more people-to-people interaction..
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by Shakespeare »

I think one of the vampires (Esme, maybe?) pulled out a cell phone at one point. It definitely seemed a bit strange. I think that, with all the superpowers that the Cullens have, you don't expect them to bother with technology.
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by Rob »

They have to keep up with technology with their veggie lifestyle or they would stick out like a sore thumb (even more) to the humans. Anyone notice how they only used cell phones in emergencies?
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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by holdingoutforjacob »

i think they use technology mostly for entertainment (emmett's big screen tvs!) but i definitely liked the fact that in the movie bella has a Mac computer!! sorry just a bit of brand pride! but yeah i really think they have no real use for cell phones, i mean, what do most people use them for, besides emergencies? texting. who are they gonna text? when you think about the reasons we use technology, you realize that they really have no use for most of it.

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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by ThisStoryOfLove »

I like how technology is not the center of any of the characters lives. It seems more fitting to all of the characters personalities that they wouldn't rely so heavily on technology. However, I love hearing about all of the Cullen's cars! i know nothing about cars so I feel really educated when I know a few things that I have read in the books!

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Re: Technology in the Twilight series

Post by Hearts in red ink. »

Yeah, I think it's mostly to blend in and entertainment.

It's hard picturing them that way, besides Emmett with his tv and the cars.
The cell phones were a bit weird, just that they really don't need them.
Like, who are they calling or texting? So, yeah.. weird. :lol:

I did too noticed Bella's mac in the movie, I was like hey what is she doing with that. :lol:
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