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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

I love the subtlety in their relationship.They seem to really undersatand each other in a form beyond the means of words.They're so close and they are very alike.I wish I could see their relationship from both their perspectives.I always feel like Esme is always ignored.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by Apple »

carlisle and esme seem to have a really cool relationship. they really do seem like the most normal couple in the entire series, which SM obviously did very deliberately.l they definitely have the most stable relationship. its interesting that esme and carlisle are much better relationship role models than bella's own human parents.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by mlola619 »

HazedInDeadlyPollen wrote:I love the subtlety in their relationship.They seem to really undersatand each other in a form beyond the means of words.They're so close and they are very alike.I wish I could see their relationship from both their perspectives.

agreed. I've always loved how you barely saw their relationship, yet KNEW it was solid and unmoving. In my opinion their characters are so similar it's insane yet totally logical that they'd end up together. Carlisle's lvoe for humanity along with Esme's compassion and love for EVERYONE...can you say- perfect??
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by urcoolcarrie »

i really like the relationship of carlisle and esme. it makes me want to see more of it. its wonderful how they put together a family and they protect it no matter what.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by AliceLauren »

I love Carlisle, and I love Esme. They are both so parent-ish. Both of them are so kind and caring.

I also, want to know more about them and what it was like when they were first starting their family.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by BreathelessVampire »

Carlisle and Esme have a beautiful relationship together. They love their "kids" so much, that they would understand their struggles and needs, like the way they accepted Bella with no fuss because they did not want Edward to go alone like he did for the past 80+ years.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by Twilightlover101 »

Gitta wrote:In some strange ways it feels like Carlisle and Esme have the most "normal" relationship
yea i thought so too, but maybe we just think so because SM was more focused on the other relationships than this ones.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by Sullie06 »

I love the relationship that Calisle and Esme have. They have that kind of love for each other where they are just totally at piece and comfortable with one another. They understand each other on a wordless level. They can say nothing but be completely on the same page.

I also love the maturity and compassion they have as "parents". While they were not able to physically start a family with each other they made thier own family. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Edward and Alice ARE thier children and they have that love for them that only a parent could have.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by renesmeecarlie »

I also don't think that it's a coincidence that they were attracted to each other when Esme was still human just like Edward and Bella

Although it may not have been on the same intense level- I think the parallel is very significant

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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by rapidheartbeat<3twi »

I was reading in the Carlisle character forum that some people have the theory that Esme was Carlisle's 'singer' before he saved her. I think that would be a very interesting dynamic! The reason for the theory is in Midnight Sun, when Edward tells Carlisle that he has to go (to Alaska) and Carlisle asks why: "Has any one person ever smelled better to you than the rest of them? Much better?" "Oh." The only problem with the theory is that Edward would obviously know if Esme had been Carlisle's singer from reading his mind, and the way he phrases his question doesn't suggest that. But, he could also have been struggling so much in the moment (In the line before, he tries to ask, and stops, then trys again) that he just didn't say, "There's someone, for me who smells like Esme did" which would be the logical statement if Esme had been Carlisle's singer. I don't know. I just thought that it was such an interesting idea. Probably not true, but, the what if is fascinating.
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