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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by debussygirl »

^^That's interesting, but I don't really think so. When he said "oh" I think it only meant that "Oh, you're being really tempted to drink a human's blood right now" not "Oh, you're going to fall in love like I did with Esme." There isn't really any proof of that theory, so I won't believe until we see it in a book or SM comes out and says it's true.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by rapidheartbeat<3twi »

Ya, I figured it was just a random theory with no truth behind it, but I just got a thrill out of the idea.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by jonsgirljen »

I love the relationship between Esme and Carlisle. I really love both of these characters and how they are together. We don't actually get to know that much about them, but what we do know is enough. They are both so committed to their family and to each other, and they are also so compassionate for other people. You just can't help but love these two.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by love2travel »

I love the fact that Carlisle and Esme have tried to be good despite their human experiences...
and you can see the purity of their love for each other, as well as their love for their famile (Esme at the end of BD, and Carlisle taking back Edward after his "rebellion")
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by #1twi-guy »

I love Carlisile and Esme! I like hoe Stephenie made them so parental, and gave them so much love.
You really get that parental vibe when you read about Esme or Carlisle.
I also think it's sweet how Carlisle bit Esme even though she was suicidal. It must of been love at first sight!
Or at first bite. Hehe.

And I know that this topic isn't about the movie, but I have to say, they were both perfect in the movie!

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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by Dreauror »

They should be a model sort of marriage guidance couple. Look we been through a lot and we are still together and not just for death us do part its literally forever. Get over it already and stop thinking Divorce is the only solution. I am not really saying this right, I mean if you want a sort of "Model" or Guideline for marriage look to Esme and Carlisle lol they have been through so much. Couples considering divorce could learn from them. ;) I love the way SM kept that value going right through the books, this is love, perfect love and its forever its not up for a quickie divorce. It does not reflect our society at all and thats really sad, couples do not mean to love each other forever and yet here these vampires are and they really do envelop the concept of true undying reciprocal, unconditional love.

Don't get me wrong though sometime a divorce or seperation is the only forward, my Mum and Dad split up when I was four in truth they did the best thing. sigh.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by numb4oneballer »

Hey just a quick question for everyone. Obviously Carlisle Cullen is his real name along with the rest of his family. Also, they go by that name in their interactions with the human world. So, if they continue doing this for every place they go, wouldn't some people catch on that these Cullens are constantly in high school and unchanging. I mean they're exceptional students who go to prestigious colleges and what not. If i'm missing something please tell me. Thank you.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by E&BForever »

I think Carlise and Esme are very sweet together!!! :P ;)
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by -veiled- »

Gitta wrote:In some strange ways it feels like Carlisle and Esme have the most "normal" relationship

Yea, I think so, too! Nothing crazy seems to happen to them. They kind of hold the family together.
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Re: Carlisle and Esme

Post by Gi.Kodaly »

How do you think that Esme feels about Carlisle's work?
I just had to ask this because I've seen a lot of fanfics that Carlisle's work gets in the way of the relationship because he puts his job first or it just makes him have less time for her. And I had never thought that about him, but after reading those I've realized that he does work a lot and maybe Esme gets upset about it. What do you guys think?
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