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Re: Japer's Story

Post by -Jasper »

The first time reading through his story, I rushed it and then didn't understand it afterwards.
I did that with Rosalie's story, and with the Quileute's story, thinking they were boring and not necessary to the plot. When I reread Eclipse though, I took a bit more time to appreciate it, and now I actually understand. I' m so glad I reread it properly, it's such a good story and I liked knowing more about Jasper and how he met Alice and became a vampire.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by Babygirl67 »

yes it was worth the wait i was excited to read that part :)
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by Elizabeth952 »

I really like learning about Jaspers story seeing as how he always sort of faded in the backround in all the other books. He was always so mysterious it was really awesome to fianlly know his story.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by addictedbooklover »

I loved Jasper's story! It's so different from the rest of the Cullens, and I hope they make Eclipse into a movie so he can tell it/there're flashbacks. My favourite bit is the 'I have a lot of scars like yours, Bella.'

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Re: Japer's Story

Post by Laina »

I think Jasper's life story is my favourite. It's so different to the others. It's hard for me to get my head around that kind of existance, Jasper must have been so strong in every way to be able to survive. I also liked the fact that he didn't view the Volturi like Bella, when he said "we owe the Volturi for our way of life." so we got to see how the rest of the vampire world respected them and were grateful. I hadn't realised that beforehand.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by jazzlover »

It was interesting to hear the way Jasper talked about the Volturi, with reverence almost. They were always portrayed as sinister until that point.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by Mrs. Jasper Hale »

jazzlover wrote:It was interesting to hear the way Jasper talked about the Volturi, with reverence almost. They were always portrayed as sinister until that point.
I agree. Bella talked about them like they were scary and even Edward didn't seem to have all that much respect for them. I mean they tried to change Carlisle and things so we were told to fear the Volturi and then the way that Jasper talked about them was so different. He showed how much the world really did need someone to enforce the rules even if they weren't always fair.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by pennybug84 »

I didn't really fully appreciate Jasper's story till probably my 2nd time reading Eclipse. For me at first Jasper was kind of this background character who I didn't really love but didn't hate him either. But the more I've read the series I have grown to love and appreciate Jasper. So now I love reading his story. It's so interesting and completely different from the rest of the Cullens it's intriguing (?sp) and fascinating & cool to see how other vampires live & create others. And definitely the happy ending w/Alice was just so awesome and sweet.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by TillyWhitlock »

velvet_voice wrote:I was so glad to finally know Jasper's story. Until Eclipse I liked him as much as the given information about his personality allowed and I always thought there was something about him we were yet to discover and then when he told about what he's been through made me fall in love in his character. It was overhelming! How could I not love Jasper? From among all these perfect characters with their perfect qualities and unnoticeable flaws he stands out and makes you not feel sorry for him but makes you admire his strenght and willingness.

I completely agree about feeling there was something about him that was unknown. It was an amazing feeling to finally get his story. Then to completely fall in love with him all over again. Like all you know about him is that he's Edward's brother, Alice's mate, he loves Alice more than anything else in the world and would do anything for her, and that he obviously cares enough about Bella to be willing to protect her no matter what the cost. SO to see where he comes from and to see why he is the way he is, was just diving into his story and his personality.
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by Marcela »

I really liked hearing Jasper's story in the first person. And I also laughed when Bella says, "That's a nice story!" And they all look at her like she's lost her mind :D And when he says, "Alice has made all the difference." I liked just the little glimpse of Jasper that we get in MS also... I would REALLY have liked more story on what happened when Maria visited them the one time :lol: Morbid curiousity, I suppose.
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