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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by dazzel21 »

I liked Jasper's story. It helps me understand why out of the Cullens he is the one who's having a hard time committing to their chosen diet. I agree with Bella it was a nice story, atleast on the part where Alice is concerned. I could totally imagine Alice's impatience while waiting for Jasper :D
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Re: Japer's Story

Post by Kate »

I always wonder what thought of Jasper. He was so kind with Bella in the end of Twilight, but Edward warns him to not stay to close of her… Before New Moon, I think Edward was just overprotective, as usual. After Bella’s birthday, I must admit Jasper frightened me… In Eclipse, I finally like him, and have pity for his story. I like the way Alice have save him from himself.
navarre wrote:"Forged in war, born of death, saved by love"

That totally how I see him! :)

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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

I really really hope that its in the movie, as its quite plot important really. But I think that it would be a good chance for me to break out my Jasper Says Relax shirt at the time too!
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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by cullengirl »

*Dons on Mod hat and clears throat* Hey all! Since Jaz's story is a big part in EC and in the movie, I just wanted to remind you all that our policy about Eclipse Movie spoilers can be found here. It's a bit complicated, what with the Premiere and early screenings happening this weekend and the proper release not till next Wednesday, so check it out before you post about the movie. Thanks for making the Lex spoiler free so we can all enjoy our movie experience!
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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by The girlie-wolf »

I've read Bree's story and then I re-read Eclipse. I don't think that Jasper's story really shows the newborn armies like Bree's does. Maybe it's because he didn't want to scare Bella but the "treats" and "prizes" are too vauge... And he edited a lot of stuff.
Total Twilight Fan wrote:I really really hope that its in the movie, as its quite plot important really. But I think that it would be a good chance for me to break out my Jasper Says Relax shirt at the time too!
It's in the movie... I've seen stills...
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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by AyaDiefair »

>.> You aren't suppose to talk about possible Eclipse movie spoilers on the forums till its official release date.

As for Jasper's Story - I really liked how different it was from the rest of the Cullen's stories. It was a dark, violent past that no one wants to remember. When Jasper was first introduced in Twilight, he was described as quiet, uncomfortable, and almost nervous about being around so many humans in school (haven't read the books in a long time, so finding the actual quote is difficult. I know in the Twilight movie when Jessica is telling Bella their names she says that 'Jasper he is the one that looks in pain' it's cause in a way he is). Before I read his story I thought to myself he must have had a rough past. When Bella got the papercut, I felt the tension jump off the page from Jaspers reaction. It was like 'wow, hello!' I wanted to give him a big warm hug. He is my favourite male Vampire.
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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by goldeneyedgirl14 »

i wondered so long about how everyone always said jasper was brought up differently i was thinking more along the lines of a twist on classic dracula...i never invisioned him a soldier or an army of vampires!!!! it really surprised me. i love how at the end jasper says i found alice in a bar, and she was waiting for me naturally. and alice says well you kept me waiting long enough. i also like how he starts his story (you can tell by my sig) he shows bella his arm and she says u hav scars like mine (or something to that affect) and he says i have alot of scars like yours bella. i also like his point where he breaks away from maria wen he saves peter. im sorry none of this is in correct order. :?
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Re: Jasper's Story

Post by madness_falls »

Jasper's story is easily my favourite part of the entire series. I know the series is supposed to be about Bella and Edward, but it was more than worth the wait. I could read Jasper's story all day. I wish SM would do a Jasper autobiography, I guess you could call it.. I'm not sure what to call it because it is a fictional character and a fictional life after all. Jasper and Alice are easily my favourite couple so hearing how they met just made my year pretty much.
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