Seth's View of the Vampires

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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by Aneley »

Seth is great, I really love him, the way he sees things is great. It's like when he sees the Cullens, or even the other vampires that come in BD, he doesn's see only vampires, he sees people, and people need to be judge for what they do, not for they are. I mean, Carlisle is a vampire, but he has never killed anyone, even though he has the intrisic instict to kill humans... even more he saves lifes on a daily basis... if you take all of that into account, isn't he better than a lot of humans that do horrible things? Like the men who almost attacked Bella in Port Angeles, or many murderers out there? Judge people for what they do, not for what they are... Seth is the only one in the Pack that truely sees that, that realised that being a vampire doesn't automaticalli make bad. I just love that about him, because I think it shows how non-judgemental he is, how open minded...
I love Seth!
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by Tiger_kitten »

It still surprises me that there aren't more people like Seth who like the Cullens. You would think out of so many people, at least one other person could see past the prejudices and see how awesome the Cullens really are as people. I know Seth rocks the casbah, and nobody else should be expected to be so great, but not even Jacob really liked the Cullens at first. He only grows to like them after Renesme is born. He kind of liked Carlisle and Alice before then... but it is ridiculous it took massive amounts of time for in the end only two werewolves to grow to like the Cullens.

You just think more people would be like Seth :?

I guess statistics show that only two out of every twenty werewolves like vampires! :shock:
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