Seth's View of the Vampires

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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by BreathelessVampire »

Its cool that Seth accepts the vampires as friends. At least we know he is open minded and friendly XD.

I wonder, but won't they smell bad to each other, as in vampire-wolf thing?
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by SethisMine »

YAY YAY YAY!!! Sorry going through a happiness attack!!!!
There is now a Team Seth for those of us who want to join!!! :D
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by she'sgotgoldeneyes »

i love how seth is kind of the 'balancer', in that he is the only werewolf that never really seemed to have any resentment to the vampires. edward puts it perfectly when he tells jacob he is lucky to share seth's mind because, 'he has one of the kindest, purest minds' edward had ever heard
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by he_dazzles_me »

Seth is sooo sweet! I really loved his character when I read Breaking Dawn. He's kind of like the other rebel of the Pack, besides Jacob.
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by spookybell »

I absolutly adore Seth. The first time I read the series, Seth was just a nice werewolf character. Now, I am reading the books for the 2nd time. I am almost done. I am discovering that Seth is one of my favorite characters now. He is so sweet.
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by MagicWings »

If it wasn't for Ben, I wonder how it would work out if Seth imprinted on... Angela.

Edward comments in Midnight Sun that Angela has a pure mind, as well. And it'd work out for Bella, too... she'd get to keep her one true human friend, in a way.

I like that Seth and Edward were friends, though. A step in the right direction for the Quileute tribe.
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by bella_love3 »

seth was my favorite werewolf because after the big fight in eclispe he was only on the cullen's side. he always stood up for them and never minded there smell. he was such a great character.
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by ashiekins16 »

I love Seth. He's so awesome. I love that he's a werewolf but he's friends with the vampires. Like really, what a cool guy. :D He definitely was the coolest werewolf, for sure.
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by chach »

hes like a second moderater between the vampires and werewolves\
bellas first
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Re: Seth's View of the Vampires

Post by switzgal »

I love when Seth was holding Bella's arm trying to warm her up and then Jake wakes up staring at Seth's arm around Bella. Then Edward I think kind of gave Seth a hint that Jacob was jealous and suddenly he needed both hands to eat! LOL!!

Seth was a cutie putootie!!
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