The Wedding

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Re: The Wedding

Post by coochariffic87 »

I loved the wedding. I nearly cried when they were saying their vows, and only didn't because i was reading the book while in the car on a three hour drive to Michigan with three guys and they would have made fun of me if I started crying all of a sudden. I just loved this description, and even loved the fact that Jacob came back. Even though he did cause a bit of drama, he still came back and that must have made it that much more special.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Lunna-san »

The wedding was so lovely! And Bella realized how important that ceremony was and how silly she was for struggling so much against the wedding. OMG! My favorite characters got married! :D I love this book so much! Just the Jacob's part was a bit annoying, but it was predictible. At least, he didn't blow up with everything. :roll:
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Re: The Wedding

Post by sarah-belle »

I loved the wedding! I thought it was absolutely perfect. I started tearing up a little.
And then I was ecstatic when Jacob came back. I was full out crying by then. :D
Haha, I love how Edward shot the garter right in Mike's face :lol: And how Angela caught the bouquet.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by future_mrs_cullen »

I thought the wedding was perfection. I didn't want her droning on and on about every detail of the wedding (not that I wouldn't read, and love, it. I just wanted to hear about the more important issues. Like when is Bella going to be a freakin' vampire already) But it was beautifully written, and in my mind it was magnificent. I can't wait to see what it looks like on screen.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by meganleann »

JulesCullen wrote:

Alice... will you plan my wedding? Whenever that might be?

She could go into the business... I'd hire her!
I hear ya! I'm getting married here pretty soon... I would totally hire her too if I could!!!

But anywho, on to the wedding that REALLY matters right now! I was actually expecting the wedding to be later in the book, but I'm not going to complain, I thought it was awesome. I was glad that Bella shed herself of her apprehensions of marriage and just went with the flow... and didn't fall on her face either! ;)

Did anyone take a minute to bounce off the walls after reading about the wedding? I know I did!!!
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Bianca »

I agree with you, the wedding was great!!!!

My favorite quote:
"We took turns shoving cake in each other's faces." :D
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Re: The Wedding

Post by twilighter1193 »

i think the weeding was really great but it went by really fast! I would have loved to be there in person! (who wouldn't?) ;) I think they way Alice decorated was really really cool!!
i LOVE twilight <3;
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Venecettia »

It sounded like it was wonderful, and Bella said Alice did a pretty good job, as expected. But I want to know more details, maybe on the guest list, food (there were humans), and music. Otherwise, it sounded like a fairytale wedding.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

I think the wedding sounded like every fairytale wedding any girl could've dreamt of! I really wanted to be there..Especially to have seen Edward and to have looked like Bella..
It was just anything Alice does ever is..
I really wanted to be there!! I WANT AN ALICE-PLANNED WEDDING!! :cry:
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Edward and Bella's Wedding

Post by Edward Luvr »

I thought that the wedding was absolutely perfect! I was so jealous that I wasn't Bella! :D
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