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Re: Edward and Bella's Wedding

Post by jasper_wow »

Yes, I agree so much! It was my favourite part of the whole series, I think. I wish I had been in Bella's shoes! :D
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Re: The Wedding

Post by KeepMeWithYou »

*Bloodlust* wrote:Let me go ahead and continue the gushing over the wedding. It was wonderful and so perfect that it had Alice's name written all over it. It was just amazing how the wedding was styled and themed around Edward. It just made the whole thing even more perfect for him. I wish Bella had made some kind of comment about his attire. Just a small statement about what he was wearing, but she never had to be a tux and he had to look dashing. It's Edward, there is no other way. For now, that will have to keep me satisfied.

AgentCross is 100% correct in that seeing the wedding from Edward's POV would be a real treat. A great new perspective, since Bella wasn't so attuned to the beauty of the wedding around her. Hopefully, Edward would be able to perceive that a little better. ;)
I agree, the wedding was beautiful. Hmm, the wedding in Edward's POV would be nice... I wonder what he thought as she came down the aisle? Or what about when they were finally pronounced as husband and wife?? Oh, hell, I wanna hear the whole wedding in his POV!! Or better yet all of BD...maybe :|
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Analisse »

I love The Wedding. I want Alice to plan mine (LOL) I thought Bella would be more scare, knowing how she is during the first 3 books and specially on Eclipse. But I can't say anything bad about it, it's so amazing, I love it.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Kirachan »

I loved the wedding scene, but what i really want is a pictures of Bella's dress. I tried finding pictures of wedding dresses from 1918, but not much luck. Hopefully SM will release pictures of her wedding dress like she did with the prom dress. I can't wait for BD extras.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by MRK »

Loved the wedding! My 100% fav. part was when Bella saw her reflection and saw she WAS beautiful! It made me sooo happy.
I also was stressed out for her about falling down the stairs, slicing her head open and having a feeding relieved it didn't happen!
Funny moment when Renee made the comment about Alice..."Alice wouldn't let us do anything else," Renee said, "Every time we tried, she all but ripped our throats out?"

And Charlie at the beginning laughing hystericaly at the thought of Bella telling renee about getting married
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Forbidden_Freedom »

I loved the wedding. It really was perfect. BUt, like many scenes in BD, I wish that we heard more about it. Twilight was so stretched out. We heard everything. Everything was calm, and happened gradually, no matter how anxious we were. BD just seemed a litle . . . compact.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by twilighter4eva »

Overall, I liked the wedding. I would have liked more details, but SM did a good job from Bella's perspective. Here are my reasons:
  • Bella wouldn't have paid attention to all the details, because she didn't want a fancy wedding. She just wanted to get it over with and be married to Edward.
    From a bride's point of view, everything at your wedding seems to go by in an instant, because of nerves and whatnot.
Hope this converts some people...
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Re: The Wedding

Post by porschejacker XD »

I loved the wedding, I could totally picture Edward standing there going to marry her and I was like swoon!

Alice did such a nice job, and hey, Bella loved it after all! Which Alice knew she would. So Wheeeey (y)
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Edward Luvr »

I wish that Twilight Teez would make Bella's hair piece! It seemed so beautiful! :D
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Re: The Wedding

Post by heartscreams »

the wedding was simple and adorable! i love the deco described by Bella, though i can't be sure. haha! i like the last part of the wedding, when Bella and Edward were kissing, and Alice interrupted, trying to steal Bella away from Edward. Edward's reaction was hilarious! oh, and i squealed when Jacob came in the picture!! though i was shocked by the outcome of his presence. i wished he was standing beside Edward at the altar, and that would surprised Bella even more! and then some Bella-ish moments start to occur.
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