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Re: The Wedding

Post by knikki »

JulesCullen wrote:I'm definitely waiting for an extra on her website. Tell us, SM, about the wedding!

Alice... will you plan my wedding? Whenever that might be?

She could go into the business... I'd hire her!
haha! I am getting married in June and I would LOVE to hire Alice!!!! It's a lot of work :P
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Re: The Wedding

Post by AliceLauren »

Ha ha.

I really loved that Alice got to plan Bella's wedding. It was so Alice like :)

But I thought that it was sort of obvious that Jacob was going to come to the wedding, but I never expected what he did. I half way expected for him to show up as a wolf. Ha ha.

But I thought that it was really just a cute wedding.

I loved when she and Edward just kept kissing, and kissing, and kissing. And everybody watching was clearing their throats in the audience. Ha ha ha. I thought that that part was so funny :lol:
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Re: The Wedding

Post by Melissa~Cullen »

I was really happy to have Bella and Edward's wedding be so perfect...they deserve that day so much!!

I was only a little miffed with Bella about the way she acted when Jacob showed up at the reception. Telling him he could have as many dances as he wanted...little over board when you have just married the love of your existence! Bella, you really should have tried not to hurt Edward and "your best friend" for one freaking day!
I'm sad that the reception was kind of ruined for me by Bella's selfishness w/ Jake.
I was only saved by the way Edward always handles himself in the face of jealousy.

Thank you Alice, for a fairytale wedding that only you and your brilliance could have created! I too am waiting for the big screen showing to have the fairytale brought to life.. yay!
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Re: The Wedding

Post by sgrlstar1 »

I think Alice did a great job for planning the wedding instead of Edward and Bella going to Vegas, I would love to see what her dress really looks like though?
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Re: The Wedding

Post by singleduetoedward »

I, too, really wanted more detail about Bella's dress, the music choice, etc. Maybe we'll get those details sometime!

But other than that, I thought the wedding was perfect for them. The part where Charlie put Bella's hand in Edward's made me cry!
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Re: The Wedding

Post by TheCullenBoysAreMine »

their wedding was totally awesome.but i wish it could have not happened so fast.i mean dont get me wrong,it was perfect and im glad Jacob didn't like "crash" it, i just wanted it to be longer.
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Re: The Wedding

Post by EvrThinEvrMinEvrRs »

I think I got far more emotional reading their wedding than I should was just so perfect for them. In spite of Alice's exuberance for planning, it remained elegant and romantic...okay, there I go, just thinking about it is getting me choked up! :cry:

It was definitely a highlight of the book, and I was glad it happened so early in the book, that way I could go back and read it rather than be forced to wait (the suspense probably would have killed me)
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Re: The Wedding

Post by mlola619 »

i swear i bawled like an infant through this whole thing...and the fact that Bella explained Edward's facial expressions really had me melting especially with the whole part: "'I do.' He said triumphantly"
i also really enjoyed the kiss hehe it's so unlike Edward to have been doing that- but it made the moment so much sweeter in my opinion...i swear if Alice is really out there...i want her to plan MY wedding! :D
I'm glad Jacob showed up though- even though he showed up late i was really glad he came at all because like Bella, i didn't feel it was complete without Jacob :D
I think it was smart of SM to have him come later though- i wouldn't be able to bear the thought of Jacob watching Bella go through a marriage with Jacob. Sure i adore Edward- but i love Jacob the same, and if he were there it would've been so much harder for Bella to know he was there...much less have his facial expression during the whole thing would've killed me...
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Re: The Wedding

Post by AliceLove »

Wow, Alice is... unbelievable... :D

The wedding was perfect! I just wished it could've taken up so many more pages with details, but I loved it anyways. The Jacob-part was amazing, too. Sort of sad, but added so much more to the story.

If only we all had an Alice to plan our parties...

Thanks ilovetwilight!
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Re: The Wedding

Post by vampirenerd »

I was really glad that they let Alice plan the wedding instead of running off to Vegas. It was a good opportunity for Alice to since she's never been human. I thought it was an amazing wedding. I loved how Seth and Jacob came to the wedding.
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