Jacob and Edward's relationship

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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by Maria:) »

i love how it developes throughout the books and am so happy at how they end up..its like its not for eachother.$. its just for bella.they both realise she won't feel complete and happy without both of them with her..its a testament to how much they are willing to put up with for her happiness.

jeeze she is a lucky girl.
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by BellsEdwardalways »

I was frustrated by there uncooperation towards one another. I mean I know it's understandable but really playing nicely isn't That hard. I like both Edward and Jake (I love Edward more though).
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by readmymind »

Lunna-san wrote:.About Edward and Jacob relationship, I believed things would have smoothed after Jacob imprinted on someone. Who would have guessed he would imprint oin Edward's daughter? :lol: I found quite ironic, actually. Even better than Jacob imprinting in a vampire!.
Me too. I wonder how that conversation went.

Jacob: Hey Edward. So you know how we hate each other.
Edward: How could I forget?
Jacob: Well you no longer have to worry about me and Bella.
Edward: I know. We're married.
Jacob: No, well yeah. But what I meant was I imprinted on your daughter. Hello dad!
Edward: (tries to kill him, but Nessie stops him)

Ok, I don't care if that wasn't in the book. They should put that in the BD movie.
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by Dovrebanen »

I think their relationship was one of the most interesting points in the books. They were so antagonistic towards eachother, but at the same time they were fighting for the same thing; to keep Bella safe. They needed to cooperate on many occasions, even if they hated eachother. I think that Edward usually seemed like the more mature part in the relationship. And that probably had to do with the fact that Jacob was only 16, whereas Edward had been around for almost a hundred years. Jacob always seemed more ready for a fight.

I especially liked the Fire and Ice-chapter in Eclipse, where both of them really let their guard down and admitted their feelings. I felt like I really got to know them there, and understand them both so much better.

Like many of you, I would so like to know how Edward responded to Jacob imprinting on his daughter. He must have been mad about it at some point. I know I would have been...
But I liked how Edward and Jacob were able to get closer in BD, and that they in the end eventually respected eachother. I think that Renesmee had a lot do with that.
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by vampbball »

amie wrote:The thing is, liking someone can actually amplify jealousy. Would Edward really be nervous that Jake might sweep Bella away if Jake were a womanizing schmuck? Would there be any cause for concern if Jake were anything less than a pretty spectacular match for Bella himself? No - because Edward thinks Bella is smart and intuitive and a good judge of people. Jacob is a worthy match for Bella, deserving of respect, able to keep her safe, and he understands her in ways no one else does. That scares the pants off Edward (well, I wish it did, but that's another story...)

It's because Edward likes Jacob so much that he dislikes him...
I know this was posted months ago, but no one seems to have responded to it. amie is exactly right; by the end of "Eclipse," Edward definitely respected Jacob, and by "Breaking Dawn," he obviously cared about him too. After all, their mutual love for Bella is a pretty big common ground, and additionally, they're both loyal, smart, responsible, and determined. I think Jake probably becomes a very good friend to Edward; he has qualities that Emmett and Jasper don't have.
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by buffygrl3 »

What I love most about their relationship is that even though they hated each other they could still work together towards their mutual goal (keeping Bella safe). I thought that their cooperation showed a lot about both of them. If you can work with someone you hate, your natural enemy, to protect what you love then you are truly a strong individual. The way that they grew to at least respect each other was amazing. They went from two children arguing over a new toy (horrible metaphor but you get what I'm saying) to two adults protecting and respecting each other and eventually to family. I was so happy when they stopped making Bella have to choose and I was so so amazed and overjoyed to see them each get their happy-ever-after.

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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Post by diane771 »

I need to read Twilight again, because I really don't think that Edward and Jacob really crossed each others path to make that much of an impression. I know it was Jacob who told Bella the "story" but in the movie you really could see the animosity between them. Since Jacob had no idea he was to become a wolf, I think he just had a crush on Bella and heard some really wierd things about the Cullen's. In New Moon, that is where Jacob really becomes a main part of the saga, and he has unfortunately fell in love with Bella. That is when Jacob hates Edward, for the pain and for what he is now, and just a natural instinct of vampire vs werewolf mentality in both of them. I think Jacob had to fall in love with Bella, because it made the story much more interesting not knowing if Bella would stay with Jacob or go back to the man she could never forget and has her heart. Jacob made Edward pay for it dearly and Edward seeing what he had done through Jacobs eyes just made him (Edward) hate himself even more. It really was a roller coaster relationship. Far more than even Bella and Edward. I think at the end of BD Jacob might have realized just how much Edward and Bella were meant to be together. It will be interesting Stephenie continues the Saga, but i hope Midnight Sun comes first. Edward accepted Jacob into his life because of Bella. Jacob hated Edward because of Bella. Such an interesting triangle anyone else have any more idea's? You could write a book about this one but I will stop here. because its just my opinion.
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