Rosalie's Story

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be my escape
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Rosalie's Story

Post by be my escape »

You've waited a few years to hear this story! What did you think of it? Was it worth the wait? How do you feel about Rosalie now that you know why she dislikes Bella?

Does her story affect how she acts in Breaking Dawn?
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by pixiealice »

You know, after Rosalie's story was finally told, I actually liked her. I hold nothing against her in BD on her actions, however Bella ticked me off by using the info she learned from Rosalie to work in her favor. Rosalie was finally getting a little of her hearts desire through Bella and I cannot fault her for that. I just wish she had come across a little more compassionate. I really don't think through the pregnancy she had one iota of concern for Bella. That made her character cold again. But I truly enjoyed her and Jacob after Jacob imprinted. I am not a Rosalie hater, but I ca't say I'm a fan either.
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by mlola619 »

To be honest- i never felt bitter towards Rosalie, not even with her disregard for Bella in Twilight. I always felt that she was mad since Bella was human and she wasn't- in this case my assumptions were right as explained by Edward. I felt sorry for Rosalie in the beginning, and once hearing her story i felt even more compassion for her- dying a horrifying death in which case her fiancee put her through torture...and all those other details that need no descriptions. To me Rosalie was almost the most logical in the situation of changing Bella- i was glad SM put in a character that felt the same as Edward towards Bella's transformation even though it might've been for slightly different reasons. I think Rosalie is an understandable character- and really the only other character whose anger towards being a vampire is understandable- she wanted a human life and it was stolen from her; not necessarily by Carlisle, but by her fiancee and the men who killed her.
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by Iris Messenger »

i had always felt that Rose was a LOT deeper than she was characterized as in the first two books, and once her story came out in Eclipse, it was nice to know that yes, she did have deep motivations for her actions and dislke.

I still don't think she's someone I personally would like to know, but I like her because she has so much more to her than meets the eye.

In Breaking Dawn I was surprised at how well she took care of Bella (and the baby). I almost would have thought her attitude might have been "if i can't have it, nobody else should."

i suppose in forming that opinion i didn't take into account how desperate she was for a child to love and mother. <--- fanfiction/twilight blog <--- twilight chat
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by Murphy »

I always loved Rosalie as a character. Sure, I didn't like her, she wansn't nice to Bella, but I always loved the character. I knew there was more to her.
Sure enough, Eclipse let us know her story and it wasn't dissapointing at all. It was interesting and horrific but after that I could totally see her POV. It made me like her more.
I think her story totally effects her attitude in Breaking Dawn but I think she was justified to a certain degree. If it were in her pov, I think people would understand her reasons for helping Bella more. I don't think she was being totally selfish. Rosalie is one of my favourite characters in the whole series.
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by stef »

I never quite understood why she hated Bella in the first place, but after reading her story I understood her a lot better. She wants to be a human and have those human experiences she missed and she dislikes Bella because she is throwing everything away, like if she was throwing Rosalie's beliefs to the garbage, but she doesn't have to be all cold abot it either. Just when i thought i was starting to like her BD happens and i hate her again because of the way she cared about the baby and not Bella. At the end i just didn't care if she died or not.
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by midnight_fix »

I actually was ok with Rosalie up through eclipse. I felt in her reasons for disliking Bella were not unfounded in her way. But after breaking dawn I really couldn't relate to her anymore. She had one goal in mind only-getting that baby, and I believe the very high chance that Bella wouldn't survive meant nothing to Rose. The reason Rose originally gave Bella for not liking her was that she was giving up so much to become immortal which I took to mean the ability to have children. I get a feeling that even though Bella got the best of both worlds Rose would still find any excuse to not fully accept Bella or ever really be her friend. I just feel Rose is way to selfish, almost to a point were she really doesn't fit into the Cullen family dynamic for me. I could do with out her entirely. wow...that sounds harsh...oh well
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

I personally have always liked Rosalie and I still do.Her dislike towards Bella is totally justified in my mind because if some one thinks in a different way their reasoning is founded on those different beliefs.Even in Breaking Dawn I find her actions justifiable.Rosalie doesn't believe Bella should give up her human life,and when Bella gets pregnant why would she try to take away something she wouldn't take from anyone else.In New Moon she votes no to Bella becoming a vampire because she wouldn't wish the limitations she has on Bella.With helping Bella save the child,Rosalie somewhat gains a little of what she has wanted all her life.The fact that she was so persistent to rationalize the injuries Bella went through toward the pregnancy was expected due to the way she thinks about the situation.I won't deny that Rosalie had in mind the personal gain of Bella's child,but considering her feelings on the issue I feel she is perfectly rational.
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by Lioness Rampant »

When we were first introduced to Rose, I Not at all.
when she told us her story, I felt pity. admittedly, I decided that her deth-lacking personality was justifiable, since what had happened to her was so horrible!
But in Brekaing Dawn- UG!
I mean, she would rather Bella DIE in order to get her hands on that kid. She would chew the baby's way out of Bella if she had to! That is just wrong.
Bella's life meant- means- NOTHING to Rosalie. Nothing.
Rosalie is selfish and disgusting.
and Leah realting to Rose? GEESH, how sick! No. I'm with Jake on this one.
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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by museicalking »

ah rosalie. the beautiful rosalie who always hated bella and now in BD...
well i never liked her- from the beginning. she hated bella for something she cant change and rosalie just has to cope with that. in new moon it just worse- even though it was resolved. in eclipse, the rage went from 10 to 4, cause i felt that she really was someone besides a shallow, selfish girl. bella understood and the readers did, but just to an extent.

now in BD, i was shot through to 20. how the hell can she put bella's life in danger for the baby!!! i mean, i know the baby is important but she was taking it so far!!! bella is and always will be family, she knows the love that everyone has for her, its something she cant change and she also knows how it would affect the cullens if bella ever died, especially edward. she was so ugh!!! i have to agree with jacob here... :evil:
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