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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by TwingHard »

My favorite is a pull between Twilight and Breaking Dawn. To me they are the epitome of a great beginning and a beautiful end.

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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by selle »

Well I have to say I like them all, but Oscar goes to New moon.

I started reading Twilight and it really impressed me. I found Bella so much like me, in a hundred ways. Then I red New moon...
In that time I was going trough very hard emotional crisis... My own Edward realised that I'm not good enough for him, and it's better for us to stay friends... Edwards' speech in woods, and Bellas' disorientation in time and space, her catatonic state and quote "Between pain and nothing, I'd chosen nothing." was exactly what I did then. Reading something that is happening to you is pretty scary but fascinating.
Like everything in that book, before trip to Italy was like my life. I just couldn't stop crying reading it.

Now, maybe would say, if it's so much hurting for you to read it because it reminds you of something bad, how can you say it is your favorite book? Well, answer is simple. My own Edward (I call him like that, because I made up Edward similar to him) never come back to me. It is like he never existed, really. He went back to his hometown and I haven't seen him since our last "talk". So, even if I'm pretty big girl, and miracles are not something what happens to me, I still hope, somewhere deep inside, that maybe... One day he will come back to my town, to me. I'm not brave as much as Bella is to go for him, but I also know that whatever I do, he surely won't try to kill himself :D. So my chance to be lady hero are zero :D. But, when I can't have happy end, and have my Edward back, I'm so happy cause Bella can. And that's the biggest reason New moon is my favorite book.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by TwilighterPB »

My favorite book would be Twilight.
Why you ask?
Because it was the first vampire book that I liked, and that also had werewolves in it too. <3 ^,.,^
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by dazzel21 »

Its always hard to choose. But I think Breaking Dawn, this is the finale where all questions are answered, all what ifs are known, all gaps are filled. I love the happy ending part. This is also where we met other covens of vampire and the final showdown with the Volturi. Yep this has got to be my favorite Twilight saga book if there is such a thing as favorite.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Jestak »

I like all four of the books quite well; each one has segments that I already find myself going back to reread and reread again.

Twilight is where it all started, and that makes it really special. However, in this one the full tapestry of the Meyerverse isn't established yet--no Quileute pack, no Volturi, etc. That sets it just a little bit below the books where we are dealing with the whole picture.

New Moon is, for me, weakened a bit by the absence of the Cullen clan for a lot of the book. I love the final chapters of New Moon--from when Alice shows up at Bella's house all the way to the end--as much as any part of the Saga. But I miss their absence, even from the background, of most of the book--miss them too much for this one to be my favorite book.

Breaking Dawn has some segments that I really like. The wedding is great, and even though I'm not a huge Jacob fan, I like the chapters he narrates because we get so much time with Seth and Leah, my favorite shapechangers. But there are also some parts that I don't warm up to quite as much. It's a little too uneven to be my favorite.

I guess that leaves Eclipse. :) This is the book that I really like, from start to finish, with hardly any reservations. There are more scenes in this book that I absolutely love than in any of the other three.

I reserve the right to revise my opinion if at some point a finished version of Midnight Sun is published ;)
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by saw93 »

BREAKING DAWN! in my oppinion all the other books were setting up for this one. Happy endings are always my favorite part. Bella finally gets what she has always wanted. Edward realizes that bella's transformation isn't horrible and out of control like he expected and he can finally enjoy the thought of having bella forever. The only thing wrong with this book is that there isn't anymore after it :(. I went into a mini depresion when i finished it i didnt know what else to do with my spare time lol.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by fathomless »

Definitely 'Eclipse', but I do love the rawness of 'Twilight'. I love how it managed to evoke the same feelings I had for 'my first love'.

'Eclipse' is savvy and fast paced and it's the most romantic. I also love the tension between Edward and Jacob.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by madness_falls »

Eclipse is my favourite. Jasper is my favourite fictional character so hearing his history was fantastic. I loved the complexity of the newborn army story. The actual fight with the newborns was pretty intense too. I also love how Edward reacted to the whole situation throughout the story.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by The girlie-wolf »

Eclipse is my favorite book and the reason is that this is balanced correctly...
There is a lot of Jacob, but not just Jacob... the same about Edward... there is a lot of romance but a lot of action... everything goes like the charcters and nothing that doesn't suit like in NM....
And there are Rosalie's and Jasper's story too...
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by HarryTuttle »

Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Twilight are the best.
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