Favorite Book of the Saga

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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Tornado »

Twilight is my favourite because I love beginnings and the journey of discovery they take me on. My second favourite is Breaking Dawn, as it has the most Edward/Bella love after Twilight, and also contains yet another beginning - the beginning of Bella's vampire life!
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Emmettroselover »

It has to be Twilight for me and Eclipse was second. Twilight is where it all begins. It was just about them falling in love and trying to make it work. I loved how they interacted and their first conversations together. It made everything real and it made me survive through New Moon which is my least favorite book.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by daffystjob »

Of all the books Breaking Dawn is probably my favourite though I absolutely adore what is available of Midnight Sun.

Eclipse is my least favourite mainly because Jacob annoys me like mad in that book.

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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by TwilightDawn »


very action packed and it was a great book.
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