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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by ringswraith »

Jadey wrote:Temporarily stumped, wraith?

Does needing time to 'think' count as being stumped? :lol: I hope so.. :lol:
Not so much stumped as I've never really thought about it. When I first read Breaking Dawn I was hoping and praying that it wouldn't come to a fight, because I enjoyed the characters- all of them- and I would hate to see any of them perish. :)
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by Jadey »

Awwwww....isnt that so swe...
Face it = stumped ;)
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by ringswraith »

Not having a definite answer != stumped. :P

There are a few too many unknowns. For one thing, the Volturi Guard. Their numbers are never specifically mentioned, and the list at the back of Breaking Dawn says it's only a partial.

Compound that with the fact that some of the ones listed have abilities, but are not explained anywhere (Afton and Corin in particular).

We also have no idea how skilled the vast majority of them are in hand-to-hand combat. Bella might be able to nullify the majority of their abilities, but can Jane take her down without her power? Can Chelsea? Aro?

Plus, we have to remember the motivation for all of this: Aro wanted Alice, perhaps Bella and Benjamin, to join the Volturi. To that end, he might ask the Guard to attempt not to harm the three of them. That would make things easier for Carlisle et al, because they don't really care about sparing certain vampires. (Of course Carlisle would refuse to outright kill if at all possible, but faced with such a threat, it's his family and friends versus them.)

I can only make an educated guess as to how the battle could go...

I believe the biggest factor in the battle would be how well Bella can maintain her shield over everyone (sans the non-Alpha wolves). So long as she can shield them, they're safe from the abilities of the Volturi side... but close combat is going to be dicey. (This also means that Jacob- and Renesmee- will need to be close to the battle in order for Bella to shield his pack.)

Zafrina would render the Volturi side blind. They would have to rely on their other senses, but being unable to see your target is a big hindrance. However, depending on the timing, the Volturi can respond by just rushing forward.

Benjamin can intercept such a rush, opening a wide enough fissure between the factions such that those that are caught unaware will fall (and can be dealt with later).

The non-Alpha wolves are free to attack where they see fit- but they may actually be hindered by Zafrina's power. (I'm making another guess here- her ability seems to radiate in an area of effect, similar to Bella's shield.) They could of course start at the outer edges of Zafrina's power, working their way inward.

If the battle starts after Alice and Jasper return, then they bring added firepower: Jasper can make them lethargic, and Alice can forsee what they will do (though it will happen so fast, it will be difficult for her to attempt any kind of coordination to counter them).

Their first targets will be the twins (Jane and Alec), then perhaps Chelsea.

As for the Volturi...

The biggest threat to them is Bella; she's nullifying too many of their abilities. They will attempt to get her out of the picture (perhaps not dead, dead, depending on whether or not Aro still wants her) as soon as possible.

If Bella's shield falls, her side is in dire shape. Alec alone can render them insensate, and Jane can pick out targets to incapacitate.

Zafrina (and Jasper, if present) will likely be next, since they can nullify their offensives. Edward will follow- his mind-reading will make him a difficult target, but Bella is not as skilled a fighter...

It boggles the mind. I can even see an instance where Alice perishes.
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

*stands up and applauds* Excellent answer rings! Knew you couldn't be stumped! ;) :lol:
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by Adrienne »

navarre wrote:I am going to ask a downer of a question:

In SM's FAQ's for Breaking Dawn, she stated that had the battle commenced that 90% of both Cullen/Allies and the Volturi would have been destroyed. Considering the capabilities and size of each side there was no other outcome. Who do you think would have survived from both sides. Think before you post.

Oh how sad. I really wouldn't want to think of any of them dying but if 90% of both sides were gone, I only know that most likely it would be Jacob and Nessie that survived on the "good" side. The reason for the whole trial was about Nessie, even if the Volturi just used that to instigate and hopefully diminish the Cullens. Bella and Edward would die protecting Nessie as we saw already they had planned and I'm sure someone would be able to diminish Dimitri to prevent them ever being found.

On the Volturi side, I'm sure that the main five (Aro, Caius, Marcus, Jane and Alec) would be killed. Aro, Caius and Marcus need guards already and I'm sure the Romanians would be sure to get their revenge. That means that Jane and Alec would have to go for sure as they are the main force behind the Volturi. And definitely Dimitri to prevent Jacob and Nessie being found. I couldn't say for sure who would survive but I'm sure that these at least would be killed.

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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by cullens_love »

twilightsagaaddict wrote:*stands up and applauds* Excellent answer rings! Knew you couldn't be stumped! ;) :lol:
I`m standing right there with you. Wow ringswaith A+ for you!
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by navarre »

Hats off to those who decided to venture to the dark side and contemplate the 'what if' of things.
When I read that the first time right after it came up on her site, I was horrified in thinking that possiblity existed if she so chose to go that way. Thankfully, she is not a "Hamlet" author.

But, it was still an interesting, but sad thought & I wanted to see what everyone thought of that scenario - add some spice, if you will, to the mix of conversations on this thread. I'm sure I won't be welcomed back because I dared to think of this most blackest of blasphemies, but I wasn't here much anyway. ;)

Well done, Rings, as always your answers are thorough. (No stumping intended, btw). :)
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by ringswraith »

Well navarre, as we usually say, there are no stupid questions. Just stupid answers. :)

One thing I forgot to account for: Siobahn. She's listed as having an actual ability, and even though both she and Carlisle seem to joke about it, she was envisioning a peaceful outcome during the confrontation. But we don't know just how powerful her ability is, or what it does, exactly. :)
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by Lacuna Scion »

Wow. I knew about Stephenie's remark about the outcome of a final battle (if it were to happen) but I never thought about the casualties. I knew it would put me over the edge.

But I've decided *takes deep breath* that I should come to terms it. Now that I now they're all okay anyways. I'll go through the covens and decide who would meet their maker.

I haven't really taken into account their powers. Just prior knowledge of the character and literary... things. I feel all these powers floating around they'd all nullify each other and it would come down to skill.

Before I start can I just say this: I'm not happy about ANYONE dying (I actually cried writing this). So, please don't stone me to death. But I think it'll be chill, you guys are so cool. Just a tiny disclaimer is all.

Carlisle: I've always felt like Carlisle was... I don't know how to phrase it. Untouchable? He seems like one of those people that always comes out of things okay. Look at his history: he "survived" (sort of, kind of, not really) a vampire attack. The mob never found him. He made it away from the Volturi intact (dietary choices and all) and he's never been discovered to be out of the ordinary. Even in the most vulnerable of occupations: medicine. So, I guess he survives.

Esme: It's weird. I love Esme, but I don't feel like I know her as well as I do the other Cullens. So I have a hard time deciding on her. I really don't know. Others I may be leaning one way or another but I, like Bella in EC, cannot for the life of my visualize Esme issuing anything kind of smackdown.

Rosalie: Probably. Rosalie - despite her ferocity - never struck me as a gifted fighter. Not to mention, from a literary perspective how bittersweet would it be to see Rosalie die? Afterall, she never wanted this. Any of it. Period. She has openly stated that she feels death is preferable. But with BD we see a glimmer of hope on the horizon in the form of Nessie; even though it's not her baby, it's powerful. She starts to really come around and see things differently.

Emmett: Yes. Emmett, Emmmett, Emmett. I think Emmett would rely too much on brute force and that would get him in trouble. If Jasper could get at him in their practice in EC then what about a handful of the Volturi Guard?

Jasper and Alice: I've lumped these two together. Why? Because I'm pretty sure one would get it but not the other. Although maybe both. We saw in EC that they are particularly protective of each other (especially Jasper) and if you know who gets a whiff of THAT relationship... forget about it.

Jasper is a really good fighter but could get blindsided when he's trying to protect Alice. Alice, although quick and clairvoyant, is still tiny. I know she's got the strength of the Hulk, but what is that compared to the rest of them? Are all their strengths equal? I also feel like things would be moving too quickly for her visions to help her. She'd overthink it and someone would get to her.

Bella: From a literary perspective, she can't die. She just can't. But if we go on facts derived from canon and her character then... well, it's probable. She's a new vampire and relatively unskilled. Plus, her attachment to the Cullens and ESPECIALLY Edward and Nessie would impede her just as much as it would Jasper. However, her shield if used well, could shut down half the gifted Volturi. But, you can't kill the protagonist, not in this case. You just... can't.

Edward: Again, from a literary perspective. This. Can't. Happen. But, I'm surprised Edward let Bella use the bathroom on her own sometimes, so I can easily see an instance where he would die protecting her. But my brain just can't register that. (On a side note, I wonder if Bella's gift let's power flow the other way. With her shield Jasper and Edward for instance can still use theirs, correct? She just stops the influx not the output right?)

Jacob and Nessie: I think they'd probably get away.

The wolves: *sigh* Gone. All of them. I'm talking a complete massacre sans Jacob.

The Volturi: Aro, Marcus and Caius - definitely. As Adrienne mentioned they already need guards. I feel like there is something more to that. Like they aren't as strong as the rest. There's something going on there.

Jane, Alec Demetri and that whole lot, nearly gone. I feel like the Volturi talk a lot of smack, but the only thing they have on their side is numbers (and some skilled individuals, but so does the other side). They're good at instigating fear, which I feel is why it's so easy for them to wipe out other covens. They get freaked out and panic. Not to say they aren't powerful. That's clearly not the case; I just don't feel like they're as BA as they seem. I think they're good enough to do alot of damage before their finished, though.

Romanians: My bet is most survive and they become the new royalty. They'd play it safe and strategic. To them it's more a power struggle than a fight for anyone's life.

This post is long enough and I can barely normally in so I'll stop here. But the rest of the outlook doesn't look good :cry:
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Re: Twilight Saga #4

Post by ringswraith »

You're right about Bella's shield and the powers inside it. Recall that Edward can still read the Volturi's thoughts, even under her shield.

I have a much bleaker outcome pictured than you do, Lacuna Scion. I didn't get into it much in my previous post, but as I said, I can see an outcome where even Alice perishes.

On Carlisle's side, Jacob and Renesmee might survive- depending on whether or not Jacob heeds Bella's instructions if fighting broke out. If he chose to stay...

On the Volturi's side, Aro might make it out because of one thing- Renata. So long as she's around, it will be impossible to touch Aro- and ganging up on them can backfire on the attackers (Renata can deflect the attackers onto each other).
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