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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by theotherStephanie »

babynessie_18 wrote:
Esme echo wrote:
babynessie_18 wrote:*How could Jacob imprint on Renesmee when the moment he saw her he was in human form?

*Why didn't SM thought of sharing Emmett's human story the way she did on Rosalie and Jasper?

^Does Charlie know that Bella and the Cullens are vampire?
1. The werewolves [shape shifters] don't have to be in their wolf form to imprint. I don't think any of the guys who imprinted were in their wolf form when they saw the object of their imprinting for the first time after the werewolf gene kicked in? Were they?

2. SM did share some of Emmett's story. You can find it on her website: ... emmett.pdf

3. No, Charlie doesn't know . . . thank goodness. If he did, he'd become an automatic Volturi target--which was why Bella was so mad at Jacob when she thought he'd revealed that secret.

Hey, Thanks for answering my questions.. Well, I saw a FAQ on SM's website "Did Jacob imprinted on Bella?" There's an answer there that says 'No, because when Jacob was in wolf form and stared at Bella in the forest the one were Laurent almost killed her.. Jacob was trying to imprint on her.. That's why I thought Jacob needed to be in wolf form to imprint..
Quil imprinted on Claire when she was two. Can anyone imagine Claire's mother letting her baby get anywhere near a wolf? Quil had to be in human form when he imprinted on her.
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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by VirginiaMay »

mylovedward wrote:ok this is the question why Bella's car is red, on SM website she was asked this question and she said''isn't it obvious?". I want to know what is so obvious about it?

Hi MylovedEdward! I believe the car your referring to in that quote is Bella's "after" car, which is a Ferrari. Ferraris are red. (Well, unless you order it otherwise.) But yeah, it was assumed that Bella's Ferrari was the classic Ferrari Red.
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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by Lyra-Bess »

I have a lot of questions about the Volturi and how they might function as a community or organisation. So, here's what I was wondering:

What do you think the Volturi do with their time, like on a day to day basis?

How do they get their money? I don't see them as robbing their tourists aka 'food' of their petty cash. So how would they be able to fund their goings on?

How do you think they keep tabs on Vampire covens around the world to make sure that the law is being enforced? Do they send envoys every once in a while, rely on word of mouth or do they have meet-ups every couple of decades? Also, how many vampires do you think there are in the world?

In Breaking Dawn it says that Aro and Caius have wives and that Marcus once did. Are they more like consorts or trophy wives or do you think they have a more active role in the Volturi court?

I probably have more questions but that's all I can think of right now. I hope they haven't all been asked and answered before. I had a look at the first 20 or so pages of this topic and nothing came up. I'm really curious to see what you all think.
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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by Openhome »

The Twilight Illustrated Guide comes out in two days, and I am SURE it has all the answers you are looking for in it. I'm SO excited about it!!
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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by BellaMia »

This involves multiple questions within the same odd subject. What exactly is Bella's issue with caffeine? In Twilight she drinks a soda in the cafeteria when Edward comes back to school because she has no appetite and presumably it soothes her queasiness. (Coke syrup is known for this effect). Another soda when she goes to First Beach. Possibly four cups of Coke at the restaurant and another can of soda at lunch when Edward mentions hunting bears and mountain lions. The only effect ever mentioned up to this point is chills from the soda being on ice and her lacking a jacket. Then later still shivering even after having a hot shower. But that could have been just as easily attributed to Edward confirming he's a vampire. Another soda in New Moon in Jacob's garage. But later in New Moon, Edward on the flight home from Italy mentions Bella's low tolerance for caffeine. Bella keeps asking for Coke so she doesn't fall asleep. So what exactly is this "low tolerance"? Does it make her wired? If caffeine does keep her wired, how come she didn't seem to have any trouble falling asleep after the restaurant? The only time she was ever wired or hyper was the night before the meadow. She had to take cold medicine to get some sleep and there was no soda involved. How would Edward have known about her issue with caffeine? The only time the subject would probably have come up would have been at the restaurant. Why would someone mention something like that randomly? He can't read her mind and it would be an odd thing to mention unless there was a reason to mention it. The only time she had ever drunk soda in any real quantity was at the restaurant and no real effect was ever mentioned. So then, if the issue with caffeine is that it makes Bella hyper and she and Edward are both aware of it, why was it never mentioned except in that brief note and why does she still seem to be always drinking it?
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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by corona »

Bella Mia,

I don’t think there is any good answer for that. I also noticed that odd exchange about caffeine on the trip home, something that doesn’t get remarked on again in the rest of the books. Technically, though, Edward never mentions it, he just says “Bella” disapprovingly when she asks for a Coke. Bella then states that Edward knew about her low tolerance for caffeine. No, I can’t find evidence for her low tolerance anywhere else in the story.

Also, I think you are right to lean towards the evening’s events from Port Angeles as the reason for Bella’s mini panic attack in the shower, and not her caffeine intake. I think it was a delayed reaction from everything that happened. It’s a great insight into Bella’s character and maybe her best kept secret that Edward never found out about (unless she showed him later). In the beginning, Edward always thought she was unnaturally composed to the point where he wondered if there might be something wrong with her, but she was just very good at doing that.
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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by VirginiaMay »


I would have to agree with Corona on this. I think it was just sort of thrown in there at the end of New Moon and personally, I would think an editor somewhere along the way should have caught that. I mean if she'd ordered coffee or cappucino instead Edward's word of disapproval could have been easily explained without mentioning a sensitivity to caffeine. Everyone knows you order coffee when you're obviously exhausted but trying to stay awake. ;-)

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Re: Twilight Saga Q&A #4

Post by Tornado »

corona wrote:In the beginning, Edward always thought she was unnaturally composed to the point where he wondered if there might be something wrong with her, but she was just very good at doing that.
I always thought she was more composed when she was with Edward. She's panicking a little about the meadow the night before, but that ends when she's with him. She panics about meeting the Cullens, but again, that's only after the fact, because Edward is no longer with her.

I think the reason that she doesn't panic the night of Port Angeles is because she feels safe while she is with Edward. It was only after he left her that she realised exactly what had happened, and the horror of it started to hit her.
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