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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by soozabooza54 »

No prob! :)
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by #1twi-guy »

I always find myself mis-pronouncing the easiest names. Haha
Like for Carlisle, I used to say: Car-le-sile
And for Rosalie, I still say: Rose-a-lye
I never knew it was Rose-a-lee

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Gia Pattinson♥
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by Gia Pattinson♥ »

Lots of people I know say it Roz-a-lee
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by xxkatiee »

Whenever I read the book, I still pronounce Carlisle as Carl-eese.
I know how it's supposed to be pronounced, but I prefer my way. Haha. :D

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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by Kris_Aingeal »

Thanks for the clarification on Siobahn.
I love that name.
But that could be my Irish heritage coming out of me.
(Not from Ireland, but all my ancestors are, and I wish I were).

That's really the only name I had trouble with.
And Esme for some reason.
I apparently pronounced it right, but I thought I was wrong!!
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by -veiled- »

I was having SO much trouble with Carlisle's name. I wasn't saying it like the pronunciation key. I kept thinking I was supposed to say the "S". Little did I know, it was silent & started calling him Car-LIS-le. It should've been so easy, but not. Haha!
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by Riddalyn »

I say Nahuel like Na-u-el with just a hint of "h" in there.

I love the pronunciation key, it's helped me so much.
I'm dense when it comes to unfamiliar names...
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by twilight_addict95 »


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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

I say a cross between NAY-WHO-ELL and NAY-OO-ELL.
And Uley like OO-LEE.

The only name I really pronounced wrong, (besides ^them^ possibly?) is I always pronounced Leah like LEE. Until I read BD, and it said Sam's nickname for her had been LeeLee, and I thought to myself, it must be LEE-UH, or else his nickname would have been Leah-Leah, or something like that...maybe? :? I don't know...
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Re: Pronounciation Key

Post by twilighter_alice »

Ha Ha Ha! I lent my friend the Series, and she couldn't pronounce half of the character's names.
* She said Carlizle
Aru- Aro
Kuwis- Ciaus
Izmae- Esme

Ha Ha Ha! She was so funny.

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