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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by CastMeNotAway »

(To me) Jacob's book was what really make BD worth reading. It was my favorite part BY FAR (and not just because he's my favorite character). It really gave good insight into the pack mentality and helped me better understand Leah (who I actually like now!) and furthered my love of Seth <3 Like someone else mentioned, I was kind of bummed when his book ended... :(
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Alice's_Guineapig.x »

I've always been team switz, though leaning towards Edward, and I'm still on that team but hearing Jacob's story made me like him more than I ever did before. I can't say I want to read any books in Jake's POV but his book in Breaking Dawn worked really well. I'd like to read a book in Nessie's POV but whatever. :!:
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Analisse »

I really liked Jacob's book. At first it was hard for me, because I was so used to read Bella's POV, so when I started to read Jacob's POV it felt different during the first few pages and then once I got used to how Jacob talks and all that I was fine.
I think that he's book is so important for Breaking Dawn, it won't be the same without it. It gives a whole new point of view to everything that is happening to Bella and all the story.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by GottaLoveCullenx3 »

I am a PROUD Team Edward member. But I never noticed what an interesting character jacob is!

His book was funny. The entire wolf pack made me laugh tonsss of times (:
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by maddierose »

I loved Jacob's book- it was fantastic. It was so good to get out of this kind of, Edward and Bella bubble and see some of these things objectively. But I suppose it heightened my frustration towards Bella putting herself through that awful pregnancy, because I felt that through Jake. It was humorous, too, lightened the atmosphere.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by MRK »

yeah, totally Swiss now!
Jake grew a LOT in BD...but so did they all.
The defining moment was the pack split I think. He went from a selfish teenager...to a leader who stood by what was right.
Of course...he kinda fought it, that's just his way :) but deep down he knew (and we knew) he would do the right thing in the end.
I love his humor! I adore his interactions (especially mental ones) with Edward...sigh...Bella had the two greatest men eating out of her palm....lucky, lucky girl.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Jublio »

I loved his book, it was totally different than the rest
it's written differently, something new and fresh and it made the book more interesting
and I do see Jacob's point now, I always found him annoying and arrogant
but now I've even a soft spot for him <3
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by TeamNessie »

As someone else said i was always team Swits like yea i been more towards Edward but i always respected Jacob as well, and his book only made my love for him grow more. I love his POV on things, he adds a sarcastic touch to everything wich is SO Jacob and it's difrent from Bella, so it's a good twist to the story it's a break in the mold. And i'm really happy with the outcome of his book, it started with him being very angry and mad and sad at the time and it ended with him imprinting (which he thought he would hate but turned out to be the opposite).
Overall i was very happy with his book.... :D
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by kpeery1 »

I have never been a Jacob fan but that all changed for me in Breaking Dawn. I fell in Love with him! I am so glad that Stephanie let those of us who wanted Edward and Bella to be together (most of us wanted that really, even Team Jacob I believe ~ admit it you were just in love with him yourselfs, now I see why. He is awesome) get married at the beginning of the book so that we could relax and then really get to know Jacob for the wonderful and endearing character that he is. No wonder he is her favorite character!!! I laughed so much during his side of the book and then fell in love with him during Bellas last part of the story, I am still 100% in love with Edward but Jacobs right up there now. Thank you so much Stephanie for writing such a great book and letting me get to know and fall in love with all your great charaters. It was fun.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Lynzeee »

i liked Jacobs book, he talks like a teenage boy's diary would read.
i felt bad for him i did.. i really like him anyway.. i was team Edward all the way.. of course after he left Bella the way that i did.. it took me until the middle of Eclipse to really like him again.. i found myself rooting for Bella and Jacob in New moon.. and when he was just about to kiss her and then alice.. i was just really upset about that.. I've never been so torn about anything.. I wanted Bella to be with Jacob, i wanted Bella to be with Edward.. but for different reasons.. i kept having to remind myself that Jacob was 16.. because he didnt read like a 16 year old. maybe knowing what we know now there tie has always been Renesmee, and nothing more, the reason why he felt like he couldnt give her up.. the reason why he didnt imprint on leah(which is what i was hoping for in breaking dawn) was because of her Daughter.. i dont know I really like jacob a lot.. my heart is with Edward though..
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