Bella's Pregnancy

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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by TS07 »

When I reached the part that Bella realized that she could be pregnant I almost had a stroke. I though "Is this even possible?!" but then my mind switched to "yay! Bella and Edward can have a child of their own!" I was really giggling at the part where Edward had completely gone blank from the news. I wonder what he was thinking while he was just sitting there in la la land. The only thing I'm still confused about is how is Nessie able to grow so fast? I know they talked about chromosomes and all that and being half vampire and half human but I still don't get it?
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by cullen grl 17 »

it was a little confusing that bella got pregnant, since i thought that edward being a vampire, didnt have sperm. i was freaking out when i read the part where she found out she was pregnant. :o and then when the baby was born and bella was like dying, it was so suspenseful and sad. but now that i read yalls posts i kinda understand more now. :D
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by BlueOrchid »

I didn't mind how graphic the scene was, because it somehwhat added to the drama of the situation, and how Edward didn't give up. He was all, you are NOt going to die.. so angsty in a good way =].

The only part I didn't get about the pregnancy, is when Bella puts in contacts and they are described as only being able to last a few hours, because her eyes are acidic. Now if her tears changed chemistry so much, one would think that Edward's functions would as well. But it is fantasy so whatever, I won't read too much into that one.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by coochariffic87 »

Bella's_Mommy wrote:I've never had a C-section, and now I NEVER WANT TO!
This is exactly how I feel

I really didn't expect this at all in this book. It wasn't that I didn't want it to happen, it's just that I never thought it would happen. I knew though when she was getting sick on the island. It just felt obvious. Like i said in my BD review, I'm still not all that sure how i really feel about this. I think Renesmee is cute, but I'm not sure how I feel about it being the three of them as opposed to just the two of them.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Lunna-san »

Wow. That was... wow. I was so happy it ended - a bloody end. It seemed like a mix of Rosemary's Baby and Alien. So disturbing. I was terrified for Bella. And it was worse because we saw everything through Jacob's eyes. And Bella was acting so weird! I remember in other foruns, people were so angry with her. Because she was all over Jacob and hurting Edward. I had this strange impression that it wasn't her. It was the chid, who had some strange connection with Jacob. This just made things worse in some way, because Nessie looked even more powerful and monstruos. On the other hand, I was happy because that horrible love triangle was going to end.

Still, I'd rather read when Bella is already a vampire than before.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Venecettia »

I would have liked reference to Human's getting pregnant by a vampire in one of the previous books. That would have this make more sense. OR even somem more explaination would be nice. I just thought Bella getting pregnant was unnecessary, even though Renesmee was an interesting character to add.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Nadia »

GGGGGGGRrrr the whole time Bella was pregnant i just wanted to scream at her and tell her to stop hurting Edward and every1 else.............But the person who really pissed me off the most was Rosalie if i was thier i would have killed her she made everything so difficult..........and what made it even more frustrating was that everything was from jacops point of view.............But when Renesme was born i just loved her and her talent
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Vanessa Wolfe »

Nadia wrote:But the person who really pissed me off the most was Rosalie if i was thier i would have killed her she made everything so difficult.
At first, Rosalie really bothered me, but then I thought that she was really trying to protect the child. She knew that Bella wanted that, and she wanted to help her. Rose (did that bother anyone else that Rosalie's whole name wasn't really used the entire book...also, Edward always called Jasper and Emmet, "Jaz" and "Em" all the time.) always wanted to have a baby, and was taking good care of Renesmee even though it seemed like she could care less about Bella. Plus, it was in Jacob's perspective, and he hates Rosalie. Haha! You're only getting his views.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Dirt Flavored Muffin »

Ugh. Bella's pregnancy. I was VERY mad when I found out Bella was having a baby. I threw my book down. Then, when she decided to KEEP Renesmee, I was even more mad. The worst part of the whole pregnancy was that Renesmee was killing Bella and she still wanted her. And Rosalie HELPED her. It was so graphic of a pregnancy, but in the end, I think it was Bella's fault she had to suffer to keep the baby. (I know I probably sound like a total jerk) Nessie is one character I don't particularly care for.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by prettyinpaleskin »

[quote="Twinkle Kaye"]Ok, on the old forums this question was all over it. First of all, let's remember we are talking about vampires, remember? secondly, technically after a male becomes a vampire, he dosn't change, as with any vampire. but before he is changed, he is constantly making sperm. and sperm can stay alive up to 48 or more hours (depending on temperature) outside the human body. and the sperm is trapped in edward. so. the temperature he maintains is cold enough to freeze them. and of course we all know that edward upheld his virtue so much as to where he would, expell of it himself. so it's been there since 1918. when he was changed. when he and bella had sex it was warmed up enough to fertilize. and half v-half h thing. sperm is in a fluid. his sperm is human, more or less. but the fluid he makes is vampire venom. and since having sex doesn't interrupt the blood system, which is what is needed for the venom to change the human. bella was able to get pregnant. quote]

Whoa excellent theory!! Snaps for you, you clever thing! :lol:
thats kinda along the lines of what i was thinking but you made more sense!
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