Bella's Pregnancy

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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Alice's_Guineapig.x »

I felt sick through most of the pregnancy. I took Jacobs and Edwards view until Nessie was born and I realised she wasn't a monster and was happy!

I thought it was really obvious that Nessie would want blood, vampire dad!?! Duh!

Glad she had the baby now though. It didn't help that Rosalie didn't seem to care about Bella at all!
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by lkm »

okay, so, I know that when a human becomes a vampire, their body essentially "freezes" how it is, and remains that way, but also that venom replaces all of the body's fluids. So, either the second part is not true, or venom can impregnate a woman.

I'm no biologist or anything, but I'm pretty sure that this is not possible. There's a reason men have sperm containing genes and such in their fluids, and not just fluidy stuff (like venom).
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by happy_alice »

Twinkle Kaye wrote:Ok, on the old forums this question was all over it. First of all, let's remember we are talking about vampires, remember? secondly, technically after a male becomes a vampire, he dosn't change, as with any vampire. but before he is changed, he is constantly making sperm. and sperm can stay alive up to 48 or more hours (depending on temperature) outside the human body. and the sperm is trapped in edward. so. the temperature he maintains is cold enough to freeze them. and of course we all know that edward upheld his virtue so much as to where he would, expell of it himself. so it's been there since 1918. when he was changed. when he and bella had sex it was warmed up enough to fertilize. and half v-half h thing. sperm is in a fluid. his sperm is human, more or less. but the fluid he makes is vampire venom. and since having sex doesn't interrupt the blood system, which is what is needed for the venom to change the human. bella was able to get pregnant.

but remember, this is my theory. and this is a FICTION story, as much as we want it to be true.
I agree with you. It makes sense.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Forbidden_Freedom »

honestly, I took Bella's side for the pregnancy. I couldn't empathise, but I could sympathise. I'm not at all surprised that Alice didn't have the same reaction, but with Rose and Esme, it was totally to be expected. They were the female family members who'd really been brutalised as women. They longed for children. Esme's baby was what saved her life. When she lost him, she lost herself.
Rosalie envied her friend's family, and curly-haired little boy. She got to live vicariously through Bella when Bella chose to have Renesmee.

I didn't expect Edward, Jacob, or even Carlisle to understand. Even Leah, who disliked Bella knew what she was going through. Edward's concern was soley for Bella. So was Jake's. Carlisle would do whatever he was told that was unanimous.

And about what Nessie wanted? I'm surprised they didn't figure it out beforehand. I did.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by TaraLin »

When I found out that Bella was pregnant, I about died laughing. I was like 'Oh no way!" Haha. But I thought it was extremely cute! I was happy for her that she might get a child and wouldn't have to miss out on that blessed human experience. Even if it almost did kill her.

I, too, only realized that, duh, the baby wanted blood after someone suggested it. I was too caught up in the shock of her being pregnant. I loved how protective of Bella Rosalie was. Even if her intentions were a little off you still have to be thankful that she helped Bella keep her baby.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by wishingiwasbella »

I was a little suprised that she grew so fast. I mean i get it 1/2 vampire so wouldn't that mean that it would slow down the process even more?since technically they don't age? Other than that i loved the whole preganancy thing (yes I know morbid) but it just shows how much a mohter is willing to do for their baby/child. They will risk theirs lives for them and that's what she was proving. She also knew that if anything happened to her then the child would have agood family. I do have to say that the broken ribs and spine thing kinda threw me for a loop. But i love the whole little nudger thing and everything.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by porschejacker XD »

I totally supported Bella through her pregnancy! I totally would have done the same thing!
Edward was only trying to protect Bella, and I get that, but thank god for Rosalie!!
Nessie is well cute!
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Bizarre Star »

Nikkinik wrote:Was anyone else REALLY surprised to see that no one had realized the baby may want blood?
Maybe they were all too stressed to think of it, but I was wondering about it since I knew she was pregnant.
I totally believe that they didn't think of it. People over complicate things. Even un-dead people. Haven't you ever stressed yourself crazy over a problem then someone from the outside just comes along and gives you the answer... and then you stare angrily at them and go "Do'h."
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by tinuviel2006 »

I never seen that coming, and it surprised me (in a good way, of course!). I loved every bit of her pregnancy. At first I realized that there's something going on with Bella, because she started to eat like crazy (I thought it was very cute...haha!!), and she was kind of 'horny' all the time (poor Edward....). When she called Charlisle, and started having serious symptoms, I couldn't put the book down! I was so excited to see what's next, and how she's handling it! I really LOVED that Stephenie put her pregnancy in the book. Edward & Bella deserve to have a baby.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by debussygirl »

Dirt Flavored Muffin wrote:Ugh. Bella's pregnancy. I was VERY mad when I found out Bella was having a baby. I threw my book down. Then, when she decided to KEEP Renesmee, I was even more mad. The worst part of the whole pregnancy was that Renesmee was killing Bella and she still wanted her. And Rosalie HELPED her. It was so graphic of a pregnancy, but in the end, I think it was Bella's fault she had to suffer to keep the baby. (I know I probably sound like a total jerk) Nessie is one character I don't particularly care for.
I fail to understand why people are so mad that they had a baby. I thought it was amazing, because it wasn't like other books/movies/tv shows where the worst that happens is morning sickness (not that that's fun, but still, it doesn't make you want to get rid of the baby). Bella knew she had a chance of dying. But she knew that if she didn't try, her baby would die, no matter what. She loved that baby from the beginning and could not imagine it being gone. Yeah, that's so wrong, loving your own child. How dare SM write such a piece of work that encourages life, love, and something greater than yourself? (heavy sarcasm used there) It really did show strength for Bella to do this and it was completely her character. And for those who thought it was too graphic-what else did you expect of a vamped pregnancy? Bella sitting around eating bon-bons and having an easy birth as Edward cheerfully massages her feet, then paced around like fathers did in the 50's? Where's the excitement and drama in that? Also, each book in the saga has gone off of a different reaction/form of love. It's really been about the passionate love before BD, and I thought it was nice to change the pace to keep it different.
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