Leah and Children

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Re: Leah and Children

Post by dazzel21 » Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:32 am

I think after she stopped phasing everything will go back to normal. Although I'd find it hard for her to stop phasing what with the Cullen's close proximity with the pack...
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Re: Leah and Children

Post by suzzeeQ » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:59 pm

I don't get why Leah was all upset that she couldn't have children. I know I don't want any of the little monsters. Small children scare me.

I think the reason Leah was upset is because she didn't get to choose whether she wanted to have children or not. She may never have had children and been totally fine with that, but in that case she would have made that decision. The choice was taken away from her.

The combined stress with having to deal with being a shifter, having inadvertently causing her father's death, and having her lover marrying her cousin, it's hardly surprising Leah's system has been seriously messed up. Probably once she stops phasing she'll be back to normal.

Stress can mess up even a normal woman's cycle, let alone all the physical and emotional stress Leah is under. I wish we knew why she started phasing in the first place.

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Re: Leah and Children

Post by The girlie-wolf » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:37 am

I think that while Leah is a wolf and she is still phasing.. she could never have children... can you imagine what damge it will make the baby have if she phases when she is pregnat?
And Jacob says that she had her period before she changed.. so the question is why she really changed..
There are two main reasons that it can happen:

-first- she is really a dead-end and 'm so sorry for Leah if she is...

-Seconed(and more possible in my opinion)- The gene was so strong in her blood and it took over. After all, the vamps are a lot in Eclipse- New borns, Cullens and Victoria... And if 13 year old boys changed, maybe the bloodlines were too strong that she changed too...
TNO wrote:I don't get why Leah was all upset that she couldn't have children. I know I don't want any of the little monsters. Small children scare me.
Leah wants to be normal... she wants to start a familiy and to have children and grandchildren... I get her...
But I think that right now the real reason she is upset is because her choice was taken.. she couldn't decied if she wants children or not... she can't decied anything that was taken from her.. And it's frustrating for her..
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Re: Leah and Children

Post by Max 28 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:30 am

I believe if she stopped phasing then as Jacob said, things will pick right back up again, just the same as aging. Of course she can't have children while she's frozen because of the phasing. I don't think there is a problem with Leah and that's why she's the only girl wolf. There had never been as many wolves before that time. The vampire numbers were getting so large they tribe needed as many protectors as possible. I think that the boys had all been used up of appropriate age so the 'magic' turned to the next best thing. Leah pointed out that her's and Seth's bloodline were very strong. So because some girl had to be the first it was Leah as she had the most important lineage.

I guess there were all the younger boy wolves in Breaking Dawn for the invasion that argues with my theory. But I there could be more female shape shifters.

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Re: Leah and Children

Post by Tiger_kitten » Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:44 am

I wonder if guys can have children while they are still shifting frequently/at all... I would think so, and that may be another reason Leah is so upset. If the guys are still able to "reproduce" or whatever when they are werewolves, I would question why I couldn't. Obviously she doesn't want to get pregnant because transforming would probably end in horrific circumstances... and pregnant womens' hormones are all over the place, if she didn't have herself completely in check for a long period of time, I would worry she would snap and shift. But the tension of not knowing whether far in the future you can have kids or not... that would be horrid. And even if she doesn't want kids, she feels like a "genetic dead end" and to feel so wrong is depressing in and of itself.

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