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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by nads »

i agree with edward that her truck need the final rest. c'mon,, it's 50s. it's not that i don't like her truck, i miss it too. but i'm being rational. the older car, the more its problem. (i ever had a 70s car, and it always haunted me with its problems though i loved my car.) i didn't put any theory how bella's truck died, i just believed because its age.
Stormy wrote: The "before" car was of course quite hilarious. I was rolling when I read how indestructible the car was, and that Edward had let Bella drive it while she was still human. How funny!

The "after" car was nice. But expected. She DID become a Cullen, and Ferrari's fit the Cullens well (:
It would have been nice for her after car to be something special, like her truck, only restored and faster.
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by coochariffic87 »

I missed her truck too. I felt like it was going break down in Breaking Dawn though. It seemed inevitable. I would bet on Edward doing something to the car. He kept wanting to get her a new car. It was just another way for him to get his way.
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by dragonrider713 »

I miss Bella's truck. That thing was a character itself! And I love how Edward got Bella a missle-proof car. I read that and almost passed out from laughing too much! It's just so like him to get her something like that! I wish there was more on the Ferrari...
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by Alice's_Guineapig.x »

Original - I missed the 1953 Chevy Truck (RIP) it was just soo Bella.

Before car - The Merc Guardian was really funny and very Edward.

After car - The red ferrari was Cullenish but not Bella, maybe if she drove it more in Breaking Dawn it would have worked better.
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by heartscreams »

^ yea, Bella should drive it in BD. i think she'll look way sexier than riding the bike with black leather jacket and the red helmet! haha.

oh, the red Chevy!
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by debussygirl »

The truck always had so much character. It was there when Edward saved Bella for the first time, as the drove to and back from the meadow, and on and on about how it was there through everything. Okay, I know that it's an inanimate object, but it was part of the story! The ferrari doesn't have any character. It's just a flashy car that can go over 65. Whoopee. Like every other car the Cullens have, nothing special or unique about it. I'm not much of a car person, I'll use it so long as it runs and has a heater so I don't care for fancy names. I guess I'm a tad bitter right now, sorry, but that truck was amazing. I want one now.
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by xoPearl_Angelxo »

I really do miss Bella's truck. Even though it was kinda rusty it was really cute. Though I totally cracked up when Bella figured out she was driving a "tank" as her before car. The Mercedes Gaurdian is totally a cool car. The Ferrari was a great addition to Bella's cars plus she got a red car again =D

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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by Alice-Is-Awesome »

haha I laughed when the guys at the gas station were talking about Bella's 'before' car. When they said a tank can drive over it without braking it I just rolled my eyes thinking 'Oh Edward... :roll: I can picture helpless little Bella in a sleek black car that's probably the closest thing to the bat-mobile most people have ever seen driving down the road :lol:
that part made me LOL
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by edsbestfriend »

I think bellas cars sound cool nerly as cools as alices but i wuld much preferred to have seen edward repair the truck maybe new engine reinforced chassis tooth pic!
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by Caroline »

aw Bella's truck :cry:

but i basically agree with everything said. i could see it going either way with edward/rosalie breaking the truck or alice having a vision. probably the latter is more likely though, rose might be a little hard to convice and edward would probably feel too bad, haha, well maybe...

also i agree that the truck was basically a character of it's own. does anyone else think that the death of the truck (Deathly Hallows spoiler...haha just in case highlight) >was rather like the death of Hedwig? i mean, i *guess* it had to happen, but it still made you feel like an innocent was slaughtered RIP :( <
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