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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by Karistiona »

Oh I was so sad to see the truck go! It was so sturdy and faithful, but I think if Bella had been allowed to keep it, it would have been too much of a tie to her old life. Plus, I totally get the vampire's fixations with speed, there's something incredibly exhilarating about driving a fast car, flooring the gas and feeling the car accellerate to ridiculous velocity :D
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by TheLionsLamb »

Well I loved Bellas truck but it's a shame it 'died' before the wedding so Edward had to get her a new car. Though the before cars name was very suitable. The Guardian. I could totally see the look on Bellas face when Edward gave her a car called the guardian. Lol. Nice move Edward. A ferrari was probably the last car I thought that would be fit for Bella. Ostentatious much?

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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by The Real Esme Cullen »

Yes, it was quite unfortunate that Bella's car died so much so that even Rosalie was unable to mend it. Strange now that I think about it, Rosalie can fix anything mechanical. I wonder if Edward plotted the poor truck's demise? I would ask him but it is a moot point now.

Oh, and Bella's face when she saw the Guardian was quite comical. She was quite put out with Edward for a bit.
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by wolf-girl0221 »

Stormy wrote:I missed her truck in Breaking Dawn
Who else thinks it was very, very convenient for the truck to die right after she agrees to marry Edward?
Wonder what Edward (or Rosalie) did to it to kill it?
Her truck had become an essential thing that I always thought of when I saw Bella. Before and after she started riding in the Volvo with Edward. With all due respect to the truck, I absolutely loved the "after" car much more than the "before". Naturally I thought the "before" car was way over the top. Even for Edward. When they showed her the Ferrari I wasn't surprised that she didn't have nearly as much enthusiasm as Jake did. Even as a human, Bella was content with what she had. I bet she would have been happy with her truck even after she became a vampire.
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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by Melody »

I really missed the truck! It seemed like such a safe haven for her :/ I dont understand why Edward wanted her to get another car because it was described as a tank in Twilight due to its sturdiness. I loved it in the movie because it was so big and chunky :lol:
Oh, Edward definatley did something to her poor truck :( maybe he asked Rosalie to do it though - she would have loved to ruin it but i dont think she would have been able to stop lol it may have ended up like a little cube of metal :lol:

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Re: Bella's Vehicles

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

I didn't want her to have another car :/ I thought that the truck would live forever, it was her truck, it was in a way, the perfect car for Bella. Maybe they keep the truck in the garage and it just doesn't work? At least, thats what I hope.
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