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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by Dovrebanen »

I would take Edward's Vanquish. That is one nice car. And I don't even really care about cars. Don't even drive actually. But like the Vanquish :)
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by topazeyes2 »

I would take the porshce 911 Turbo *sighs happily *kids gasp :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :ugeek: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by Cullen_Lover »

I love Alice's Porche911 turbo! Haha she's like "Please Bella! I don't want Edward to take away my baby!" :lol:
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by Tmia »

Alice's porche 911 turbo...deffinitely ... cause it is one of the fastest cars allowed on the highways :D and it is fave colour...
I'm supposed to love volvo as well...caus it's a swedish car...bat nah...what the heck ;D
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by IluvEdward27 »

Alice's porshe defenatly. Except, I wouldn't get in yellow. I would get it in turquise, cause I don't think they make cars in lime green. lol.:)
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by -Jasper »

Because of twilight, I know more about cars.

My favourite car is Alice's Porshe Turbo. I likes it ... especially the yellow.
But all their cars are pretty awesome.
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by cassis_rose »

I like Edward's Volvo S60R, not the ugly movie version.

Rosalie's BMW M3 sounds lovely too. BMW is my favourite brand though I wouldn't get a sports car. But give me any Cullen's cars and I would take it. They all sounds amazing.
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by Ractor »

Any of them would be nice, but the Vamquish or the 911 turbo would rock. Add into it that Rose sups up all the cars aswell.
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by amethyst »

ahh, cars. If only I was Bella, I would have shown Edward the exact excitement he'd want. I really do love the Aston Martin Vanquish, Carlisle's Mercedes, Edward's Volvo, and Alice's Porsche. To be honest, I am in love with all the cars that they own. :D
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Re: Cullen Cars

Post by redmist »

Has anyone else noticed that Rosalies' car in the movie is not a BMW M3 but actually a Mercedes convertible?
Wonder why thet didn't go with the M3?
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