Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

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Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by FinalSacrifice »

I'm a fan of Alice/Jasper.
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by Jace »

I realy liked Alice and Jasper. They are key players in the story.
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by vampireDella »

Defintely Alice and Jasper by a country Mile. A close second would be Carlise and Esme
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by pyrosis »

hu, that's a tough one. But Alice and Jasper are special. The way she made his life happy again after all he's been through. I am pretty shure he depends on her a lot because she is such a happy character and that influences his emotions in a positive way since he can feel everything and it messes with his own mood. And the way they don't need to talk or big productions, they what the other one needs and wants....

But I also totally love Claire and Quil. That's the cutest thing ever. I just try to picture other teenage boys playing with a toddler any stupid game for ever and ever with having just as much fun as the kid. And I can't because usually boys that age are interested in completly different things. Quil even dresses up as princess and let her hit him and he still doesn't get mad. It's just so sweet!

A couple I was really happy about is Charly and Sue. I am just happy for him that he has found someone after all these years he was alone and maybe still not over Renee. The Vampire father and the Wolve mother. I really like that picture...
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by Silver Rose »

Jasper and Alice. I like how they complement each other. Whereas Alice is really happy-go-lucky ( :D ) , Jasper is more laid back and cool. ( :| )

Emmett and Rosalie are like that too. I like Emmett but I never really liked Rosalie so they aren't one of my favorites.
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by TwilightedVampire »

This is a really hard question... In the movies, I like Eric and Angela, but in the books I like Alice and Jasper, and Carlisle and Esme. I'd probably say my overall favorite would be Carlisle and Esme, because they're just too cute, and caring toward people and the rest of the Cullen's. :D
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by babynessie_18 »

I voted for Rosalie and Emmett, because for me they're really the hottest couple in the Cullen Clan.. I like Alice and Jasper too, but knowing Alice; I think Jasper was struggling for words when Alice told him "You've kept me waiting long enough.." I was laughing when I read these lines.. They're totally cute..

Rosalie and Emmett because, Emmett's the only one who can tolerate Rosalie's hostility towards Bella.. :D And when Emmett was mocking Bella about her sex life.. I grinned when Emmett told her "Did Edward tell you how many houses Rose and I smashed?" It was so naughty and at the same time sexy.. I hope Nikki and Kellan will be a real couple.. ;)
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by Kiri »

I liked Sam and Emily in the movies.
In the books I liked Alice and Jasper.
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by TMusings »

Carlisle and Esme here. I LOVE their background story; when she falls from a tree and he mends her broken leg, how they met again and he turned her when she was dying (their story is similar to Edward and Bella's: Esme was also a human when she met Carlisle.) The great impression he left on her when she was a teen and the one Esme left on him back then; for Carlisle to recognize her and change her without hesitation years later.
It was meant to be for the very first time.*sighs* Sorry, I'm a hopeless romantic. :D
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Re: Who is your fav non Bella/Edward Couple?

Post by xx-topaz »

I really love Rosalie and Emmett, I wish there was more of their relationship on screen, we barely even see them interact! I know the focus is on Bella and Edward, and there is barely enough time to get all of important scenes in. But Emmett and Rosalie have such an intense physical relationship, which I guess is what I relate to most out of all of the other Twilight couples. But I'd love to read a Stephenie Meyer spin off with Emmett and Rosalie in it.
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