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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by gamb1t »

I haven't read the entirety of the posts yet, so forgive me if it has been mentioned. But, I think one of my favorite parts of the series was in Eclipse (I'm pretty sure) when Alice and Edward were playing chess. And it said something like only two moves had been made and Alice tipped her king and said something. I don't have my books atm, so if anyone could find that part and quote it, it would be awesome. :)
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by EdwardBella »

I'm only in Eclipse so far, but one of my fav. moments was in Eclipse after Jacob and Edward started to 'tolerate' each other.And Jacob came over and accidently cut himself wit the knife and Edwards comes in and asks Bella why she stabbed him.And she tells him what happened and he says "thats not as fun as I imagined it." :lol:

Also in New Moon when Bella was hearing Edwards voice while riding the motercycle.
"Are you trying to kill yourself?" And when she crashed she hears "I told you so." Idk why, but that cracked me up!
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by ariake76 »

footloose wrote:Edward-Jacob bickering in the tent always cracks me up.
Ditto that. Edward getting ticked off at Jacob for his thoughts and Jacob saying, "Sorry, I'll try to keep it down" makes for a great scene. In general Meyer does a good job with making scenes in which "nothing happens" interesting (i.e. the waiting in the hotel room, the months in which all Bella does is be depressed), but this one in particular, where really all they're doing is lying there being cold. I loved it.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by i am mythical »

My favorites are:

"It won't be the same for me," I whispered, half to myself. "You won't let me be like that. We'll live in Antarctica."
Edward snorted, breaking the tension. "Penguins. Lovely."
from Eclipse

and as I stated in other topics

"Are we going much farther?" I asked.
It wasn't like him to forget that I was human, but I wondered if he planned for us to live on this small craft for any length of time.
"About another half hour." His eyes took in my hands, clenched on the seat, and he grinned.
Oh well, I thought to myself. He was a vampire, after all. Maybe we were going to Atlantis.
from Breaking Dawn
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by jettabugfox »

Eclispse, pages 92-93

"...It seemed too dangerous to be human - just begging for trouble. Someone like me shouldn't be human. Someone with my luck ought to be a little less helpless.

But no one would listen to me.

Carlisle had said, "There are seven of us, Bella. And with Alice on our side, I don't think Victoria's going to catch us off guard. I think it's important, for Charlie's sake, that we stick with the original plan."

Esme had said, "We'd never allow anything to happen to you, sweetheart. You know that. Please don't be anxious." And then she'd kissed my forehead.

Emmett had said, "I'm really glad Edward didn't kill you. Everything's so much more fun with you around."

Rosalie had glared at him.

Alice had rolled her eyes and said, "I'm offended. You're not honestly worried about this, are you?"

"If its not big deal, why did Edward drag me to Florida?" I'd demanded.

"Haven't you noticed yet, Bella, that Edward is just the teeniest bit prone to overreaction?"

Jasper had silently erased all the panic and tension in my body with his curious talent of controlling emotional atmosphere..."

I can just picture them, sitting in the big white house, discussing this calmly with her as she is freaking out. It makes me giggle every time I read it. It is just so... THEM.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by twilightgripsmyheart »

the funniest parts were in my opinion throughout the entire series but i can remember the most from breaking dawn...

jacobs chapter titles
emmetts scoring comments
jacobs blonde joke

...and so many more i dont have the books with me right now but all in all tons of hilarious parts :D
god these books are amazing
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by Twilighter1000 »

I know this has been mention so many times but I had to repeat it once more:

"They told me it was a great pleasure" Now we all know I'm talking about Edward referring to sex. But every time I think about the conversation between Edward, Emmett and Jasper, I crack up. I mean, Edward and Jazz may be mature and serious but I keep trying to imagine Emmett's reaction. It's so hilarious! :lol: Plus, the way he tells Bella is so cute. I mean, seriously, how many times have we seen Edward hesitant, or shy about anything really. This part made my feel all giddy inside :D
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by JessRuby »

Basically all the parts I thought were funniest have to do with Jacob! Love him
I think they've all been mentioned already, but what the heck xP

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"I'm trying to keep ... my promise!"
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"Does my being half-naked bother you?" -Eclipse

The tent scene in Eclipse

"Dr. Fang isn’t sure how much pain medication I need, so he’s going with trial and error. Think he overdid it." -Eclipse

"Did you ever notice that she’s exactly as strong as a normal hundred-and-ten-pound human girl? How stupid are you vamps? Hold her down and knock her out with drugs." -Breaking Dawn [lmao, oh nice Jake]

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"You should’ve seen his face when I started taking my clothes off, though. Priceless." -BD

"After a few minutes, he asked, real quietly, if you turned into an animal, too. And I said, ‘She wishes she was that cool!’" -BD

ok, I think I'm done haha
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by Maira »

"Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby."
"On his head, apparently."
"He used to gnaw the crib bars, too."
"Lead paint?"
"Looks like it."

I wanna hang with Alice and Jasper! :lol:
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You have to see this. *freaks*
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Post by MoonBeam09 »

I loved the whole Tyler showing up to take Bella to prom... I've said it before, but I thought that was just perfect.
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