The careers of the Quileute natives

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The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by Nena »

Feel free to theorize about the careers and jobs of the Quileute population in the series. Stephenie never mentioned any exact jobs besides Jacob's sister going to post-secondary school and Quil's family owning the town store.

This is a place to see other people's theories or perhaps if someone has heard something at a book signing.
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by Jadey »

I never thought that they would have 'careers'

I reckon that while the vampires are around and as long as the members keep transforming/shapeshifting then that would be their main focus.
Their houses aren't all that fancy, and they don't seem bothered by not having a lot of money.

I always thought that the older members would just do tribe stuff and the youngins' would just run around as wolvsies.
I guess Emily and the other females work and do all the cooking and whatnot D:

I dont think many of them would have 'careers' :S
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by The Dark Knight »

Just a week ago I was on La Push beach...The Quileute nation is rather small in total population. The Reservation has a campground w/ RV hook ups, a gas station and mini food market, several shops, some cabins to rent and a small surfing community. They use to be loggers but the area around them has the Spotted Owl and that has shut down the logging in the area. I did see many of them in Forks working. Also they have a small whale watching boat and it seems some even charter their boats for fishing. It's a small out of the way sleepy community that takes life at a slower pace than the bigger metro areas. :D

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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by mrs_megan_cullen »

Hmmm I never really thought about it. My thoughts are that the Quileutes are still more old fashioned. The women would more than likely be housewives...gardening, cleaning house, raising the kids (or wolves lol). The men may be fisherman or go to Forks to work, maybe in factories or stores or something. Then of course some of the younger generations may be like Jake's sister and go off to college, and only come back to visit. I just picture everyone to be very small town, and family being their main priority (besides protecting the tribe from vampires lol).
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by likefireandpowder24 »

This is great. Thanks Nena for the topic by the way.

So I guess it just always seemed wierd to me how Billy would survive. I always assumed that the other natives who aren't mentioned in the series would have regular jobs but Billy, Harry & Sue, Sam & Emily, all confused me. I realize that they are all leaders and have to deal with the pack stuff but they still have to make a living some how. Billy would probably get some governement founding considering 1. He's native (I'm not sure what the policies in the USA are like, but in Canada natives get some help from the government and their land for free - although it's usually not enough... but I won't get into the injustices for native people.) and 2. He's physically disabled. But would these two reasons really give him enough founding from the governement to pay for his daughter to go to school? What about Harry and Sue, they have two children to support, yet it never mentions them having jobs, only that Harry likes to fish a lot (which I guess he could sell). And then Sam and Emily. Emily stays at home and cleans and cooks all day, as Bella remarks in New Moon, and Sam is a pack leader. So where is their money comming from?

I wish we had some positive answers.

Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by lady4string »

I've often wondered what they do for a living. Surely they've got bills to pay. Maybe Billy draws disability and that's how the Blacks get by? I got the feeling that the community made a lot off the tourists so perhaps they rent surfboards or give surf lessons, etc.
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by Iroc24 »

I think as the leader of the tribe, BIlly would get some money from the tribe members. Sort of like an Home Owners Association where the executive board gets a stipend for their work. Also, La Push is a touristy location because both historical and a beach. So they probably make money that way too.
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by spicey16 »

i havent read the whole thing and POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT although it isnt really a book.. i scanned through Being Jacob Black of stephenie meyers website and it says that Sue Clearwater is an RN and the same hospital as Dr Cullen. It might say other jobs as well if you wanna check it out. I think it was under New Moon and Extras
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by Hyvanna »

careers and jobs of the Quileute population

I'd say they would also along with salein fish would sale like arrowheads an other native stuff along with haveing the other jobs she did menchin store own, RN ect... then also factory / farmhand for big camerc.. farmers. May have few not the elders that dill with the packstuff might travle with flee markers salein there native stuff.
Im from a small town an my uncle had a friend that did that leather clothes. knifes. lots of native hand crafts he made.
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Re: The careers of the Quileute natives

Post by HopelessRomantic »

Well we've had some careers listed already (i.e. RN and running a store) and then there is the possibility of the women who stay home maybe selling things they make/bake to the general store (which brings up the question of how they go about keeping their store in stock), and just in addition my curiosity is whether or not they all have an occupation. In close families and/or communities (as both seem to be the case here) the people involved tend to be really good at sharing and looking out for eachother; so I wonder as to if there is any of that going on on the rez.
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