The Honeymoon

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Re: The Honeymoon

Post by saw93 »

i agree she did prevent the book from being ronchy lol.She described intamacy with class. a little more detail would be nice but hey we got the point. Who ever said that we're lucky they were intamate at all because of the first book i agree with them too. i thought over all the honeymoon section was great. It was also a hudge surprise to me when it became clear that bella was pregnant lol. :D i love BD! (please excuse the spelling mistakes i know theyre in there lol)
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Re: The Honeymoon

Post by Max 28 »

Wow there are so many posts that it's actually kind of hard for discussion huh? I agree with a lot of what most people are saying. It was well written to give us the factor of romance that we loved with some excitement coming from Bella's narrative and all tastefully done so as not to restrict the younger readers suddenly and change from the style of the books. If it had gone any further I think it would have just been harmful to the relationship of E&B that we knew. Though Stephanie probably would have been able to go further and keep hold of the characters from the previous books I just think with the abstinence theme throughout the series this more innocent and elusive description was much better suited.
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Re: The Honeymoon

Post by Lioness Rampant »

I don't know... with some of the frighteningly low age groups reading Breaking Dawn... I'm not sure mom and dad will appreciate some of the questions they get from their 8-year-old...
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Re: The Honeymoon

Post by wolf-girl0221 »

future_mrs_cullen wrote:I'm 23. I thought she did it tastefully. I mean, she needs to appease everyone from young kids (there are some out there that like the book) all the way to married adults with kids themselves. Maybe even grandkids. I think it was just enough that we knew what was going on without it being a rated R book.
I agree. At 23 I've read a lot of books and I've read some that were just down right tawdry. I'll admit I wouldn't have objected to a little more discription but I got the basics down well enough. I know I don't want the little kids in my family (having none of my own I look out for my younger cousins, niece, and nephews) to read even a third of the things I have because it is just too much information for a child. Children are exposed enough to the 'adult' aspects of life a lot sooner than I think they should be. I comment SM for her tasteful writing. There are enough out there who don't do it the way she did. Different is ALWAY good after all. ^_^
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