A Mid Summer Nights Dream

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A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by Cocoa »

Discuss the parralles between a Mid Summer Nights Dream and Breaking Dawn
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Honesty, the lack of a fairly obvious parallel in this book saddened me. With Twilight, the Pride and Prejudice thing was fairly present, New Moon, Romeo and Juliet was OBVIOUS by the end, and with Eclipse, the tie-in with Wuthering Heights was clear throughout the novel. But with Breaking Dawn, I kept asking myself, "Uh...how does this relate to Mid-Summer Nights Dream again?" The disappearance of the love triangle is the heaviest parallel I see and has been stated by Stephenie.
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by fang »

I think that the main parallel was the fact that the whole imprinting concept and Jake imprinting on Nessie seemed a bit like the fairies love spells in MND, with all these unexpected people falling for each other.
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by Iris Messenger »

having been a part of this play and so knowing it quite well, i -did- see the parallel.

the imprinting was obvious — love that nobody can do anything about.

Also the happy ending for the love triangle is something that happened in a midsummer night's dream.
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by AliceLauren »

I thought that it wasn't really like A Mid Summer Nights Dream. The only thing that reminded me of that was the whole love triangle with Jake Edward and Bella... well I guess that's not really a triangle. But I can kinda see the resemblance.
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by ibelievealice »

SM did say it would be loosly related to A MSND. I did see the "loosly" thing. I think it refered to Jacob and Renesme. Jacob always loved Bella and now like "magic" he only has eyes, and a heart, for Renesme. So in a sense that is loosly related! ;)
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by Tamalyn »

While reading BD the first time, I was too wrapped up in the plot to notice any similarities. But, I recently re-read AMSND, and I see huge paralells between it and books 1&2 of BD.

*First of all, the obvious - imprinting. It is just like the love spells of the fairies, which is made especially clear by the fact that it's often referred to as 'magical' by bella and carslile.

*Another point that coincides with AMSND- there are two main groups in both. In Shakespeare, there was the group of humans (I'm including Bottom and company in the same lot as Hermia and Lysander) and the Fairies.
In BD, there were also two main groups - The Vamps (and company - bella, etc) and the Wolves/Quileutes.

*In both tales, the main force that brings the groups to meet is love. In AMSND, the unrequited love triangle/rectangle between Demitrius, Lysander, Hermia, and Helena is what gets the fairies to use the love potion in the first place. In BD, the love between Bell and Ed ( and the subsequent consequences of Bella becoming a vampire) are what bring the Vamps and Wolves to be at odds.

*Then, lo and behold - the love potion (and imprinting) get thrown into the mix, and craziness ensues. People who once loathed eachother now find themselves passionately drawn to one another, and in that love both stories find resolution - the human couples in AMSND get their happily ever after, and Jake's imprinting in BD provide a way for both mythical groups to be at peace.

I'll probably come back and edit a little bit later on, just to make sure my post makes sense. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but these points really stuck out to me!
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by Twilightlover101 »

i think it was because of how strong love can really be
like in the play all this people fall in love with the wrong person because they can't help it
it's out of their power, the same with jake imprinting on nessie, he can't help but love her with all his might
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by Miista Cullen »

I had to watch this boring movie one time in English,then when I started reading Twilight, this movie was mentioned, and I was like "No, I should have watched that stupid boring movie, that was so stupid and boring" Laugh.Out.Loud!

It does have a catchy name, if I say.
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Re: A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Post by Babygirl67 »

because their used be a love triangle with bella edward and jacob so it kind of went with a midsummer nights dream..
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