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Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:08 pm
by UnfreakinBelievable
Hey guys, I want Midnight Sun published SO badly that I started a petition -- one to Stephenie telling her that we will abstain from reading the leaked chapters and we LOVE her and will support her with whatever time she needs to be able to get back to that project.

I've already got over 200 signatures -- I would love even more!!! Spread the word!! Get your fellow Twilighters to sign and I will mail this onto Stephenie!

Go show her some LOVE!! ... index.html

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:40 am
by leannia
I have another concern about her not wanting to finish Midnight Sun. I briefly wrote this on another thread but want to hear some opinions here as well.

I know that SM has other stories that she wants to write and that's good, and as she has with her previous stories she will most likely post the first chapter on her web site as a teaser. So, with this new development involving Midnight Sun, I am curious. What happens if someone leaks another incompleted rough draft? I am not about to get excited about another book of her's if there is the possibility (and now there is that very real possibility) that she will refuse to finish it. What if she starts another series and gets 2 books into it and then gets mad and refuses to write the remaining books in the series? Yes, she is a very talented writer (What an amazing idea to write the same book from the perspective on another character? Not many people could pull it off and have it be believable) and I love the 4 Books she has in the Twilight series. I even enjoyed The Host (I only bought it because I read the teaser on her website and was intrigued). She said that Midnight Sun was her next project and posted the first chapter as a teaser. Now, apparantly, that's all it is. A tease. I don't like being strung along (or lied to, for that matter) and I'm not about to get hooked on another book or series if it's not going to be published. Midight Sun is part of the Twilight series. The series is not complete without it, not now that she has teased us with it.

I absolutely get that she is mad - she has good reason to be.

I absolutely understand that she feels betrayed. (I am also thinking that she is somewhat naive to think that this would not happen - not that it being leaked is ok, it's not.) I think she is a very nice person who doesn't deserve to have this happen to her.

I also absolutely hope that this book is under contract with Little Brown and that they hold her to it. They took a risk publishing her first book - she was an untried author - and this really isn't a nice way to thank them.

Many of us are feeling betrayed (by her and the leaker) as well. Maybe she should take a page from JK Rowling and not let anyone see the drafts....

Right now I am somewhat angry. A few days ago I was really angry. In the future, I can see me not caring one way or the other. I don't see myself buying anything else she may publish if she continues to refuse to finish this series. I'm not about to start a book or series that I'm not allowed to finish.

It would be nice if she would let us print it if she really isn't going to publish it, though. (I'd also love to have the outtakes and extra's printed as well.)

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:01 pm
by LionandLamb123
Well, to me Bella changed a lot.

First, she was the shy clumsy girl who falls in love for the first time.
Second, she is tracked by a vampire and Edward saves her.
Then, she loses her love, and then faces the Volturi. Again, Edward saves her.
Victoria comes after Bella, and Edward saves her with the help of the Cullens and werewolves.
Then Bella turns into a vampire herself, and she saves everyone with her shield, and also has a baby.

My point is, she goes from a shy, clumsy girl, who is always being saved, to a strong vampire and mother, who ends up saving everyone else.

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:38 am
by BreathelessVampire
Juliana<3Jake wrote:
Jules wrote:I felt like Jacob got a lot more sarcatic, but also more grown up. I mean, I think that realizing the world isn't a giant playground, helps.
Yes I agree.

At the end of the Saga he is only 17.. (right?)
So still pretty young.

But he matured so much esp when he 1st phased into a werewolf and realized that life wasn't just fun and games. That he had responsibilities. Which I admired. :]

Evolution of Jacob Black:
Immature. crush on Bella.
Still crushing on Bella.
Phases into a wolf. More mature.
In love with Bella.
Loses Love.
Finds someone to dedicate his life to.
Happily Ever After.

I think he went through the most changes throughout the Saga. (other than Bella)
And he is such a deeeep character that I was so glad we could get inside his head.

Yep. I agree. He matured like how a man should be.

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:41 am
by BreathelessVampire
UnfreakinBelievable wrote:Hey guys, I want Midnight Sun published SO badly that I started a petition -- one to Stephenie telling her that we will abstain from reading the leaked chapters and we LOVE her and will support her with whatever time she needs to be able to get back to that project.

I've already got over 200 signatures -- I would love even more!!! Spread the word!! Get your fellow Twilighters to sign and I will mail this onto Stephenie!

Go show her some LOVE!! ... index.html

Yea! We should give you some credit. Go girl!

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:24 am
by Twilightlover101
Jasper Hale- mmm, in twilight jasper wasn't really outspoken or really a main character, he was always sort of in the background, the same for new moon, except his love for alice was a bit more out spoken there, then in eclipse he really stepped up, we saw more of how he came to be and how he handled stituations and what he thought and he became more involved in thing so I think he evolved pretty much through the saga.

Rosalie Hale- I guess i'm picking characters that didn't really have much to say in the first book. Rosalie hated bella from the start and we didn't really understand why until eclipse but a bit of her character was shown in nm, when she showed how she would do anything to keep her family together regardless of how other pole may react, i'm not saying that she's the nicest person, but we saw that she was quite a selfish character, and in a way she got a little less selfish in BD but in the same was more.

Jacob, Bella and Edward also evolved in their own individual ways as well.
But I think Edward evovled the most.

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:34 am
by fiish3
I find that edward really changed at the end of new moon, he stops believing that he is the worst thing in the world for bella but excepts that he cant be away from her and that she loves him. I like how he tells her he'll stay as long as she wants him.

Bella, woah ! she seriously changed in BD, from an over-sensitive, shy, self-conscious teenager all of a sudden when shes a vampire shes still over-senstive, more melodramatic and verymotherly.
I was surprise how she took on the mom role so easily, unlike edward who seemed reluctant at first. She really matured in breaking dawn and i dont know if i liked it because she was less relatible.

Jacob, i was glad that he matured a bit and that he was able to become happy instead of that depressed teenage werewolf that he was.

I was also surprised that alice wasnt as centeral to bellas pregnacy as rosalie was. I supose that it was becuase she loved bella too and couldn't stand seeing her in the state that she was in.

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:53 am
by RussetRose♥
A lot of the charaters changed through out the series but I think that the people that change the most are Bella, Jake, and Edward.

Bella- She went from being human and clumsy to being a vamp and strong.
Jake- He really came out of his shell in New Moon, and progressed from there on out.
Edward- We a totally different person at the end of New Moon.

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:48 pm
by Amivera
I didn't really see ANY character evolution.
Evolution (noun): the gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.
That's the second definition of evolution in my online dictionary. If anything, I found that SMeyer's obsession with their 'happy ending' ended up shoving aside the character's development. I thought they became *less* complex by the end of it.

Jacob was no longer the broody/happy/immature/understanding guy. He was just the person who was in love. Imprinting made them LESS evolved. Instead of giving them multiple reasons for life, it gave them a single reason to live, a single reason to continue to adapt and reproduce, etc. etc.

Bella's transformation made her less complex, because she was no longer a confusing human. She didn't even whine as much (although, towards the end of it, she definitely got her whining quota back).

Edward was never very complex. His only problem seemed to be his obsession with keeping Bella safe from himself. By the time she turned into a vampire, he had no complexity at all. He was completely lost in the train-ride to the happy ending.

I thought Rosalie became complex in Eclipse, but by Breaking Dawn, she had lost all of that in her selfish desire to have a baby, even if it was not her own. I definitely don't think less of her for it— I really do like Rosalie, especially in the first two books— but characters can (and are MEANT to) have multiple motives (I hate throwing JKR into this, but think of Snape).

The characters remained very flat, and the ones that were not flat in the first place, became cardboard. It was a disappointing 'evolution' for me.

Re: Character Evolution

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:58 pm
by Ellie Ibis
It's my turn to say I agree with you, Amivera!

One thing I think Meyer has a lot to work on (and, really, it's okay that she can't make stellar, complex characters right off. It's the woman's first book/series, she's still learning), it's creating complex characters that evolve. Oftentimes her characters are thrown into these situations that should have had them come out profoundly changed, or at least slightly altered, but they never seem to touch the character.

For example, when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she had so much potential to grow and be able to stand on her two feet, but the moment Edward walks into her life she reverts to the same old Bella, fawning over Edward, etc. That situation, if none other, should have left her changed, should have left their relationship changed, but it did not. Similarly, Bella changed little when she had her child, and you would think of all things that responsibility for a child, especially one as strange as her's, would have altered her purpose and persona a bit, but it didn't do anything more than touch the surface.

I think Leah, however minor, evolved as a character, and I think Jacob was starting to until he imprinted. Beyond this, I can't think of anyone who, through all the trials and tribulations, changed profoundly or even remotely. The vampires have an excuse--it's mentioned in some book that they rarely change, but the rest of them... not so much.