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Re: Character Evolution

Post by Amethyst1 »

Immy93 wrote:I agree to a point with what everyone's saying but asking Jacob to get Bella pregnant is insane! I really didn't see it coming either!
In Eclipse Edward told Jacob he was jelous of him and all the things he could do with Bella without killing her and he knew that Jacob had the advantage in that field. Edward knew that Bella and Jacob had a bond and he also knew that Jacob could satisfy Bella in ways that he couldn't so why ask the person you feel threatened by to do the thing you really want to do but can't?!?
There's no logic whatsoever!

I love this site! The banters unbelieveable! :lol:
he said it keep bella alive. "he would have done anything" -- SM
his main goal, his whole life centers around bella. If the core of his exitance dies, what's there left? isn't it better that she lives and has a life than none at all? That's what Edward thinks. I think he chose jacob only because well, bella is already inlove with him and he could protect her. I don't think it mattered much that it was "jacob". he just wanted to keep bella alive.

That just made me love Edward even more. knowing there is no boundries to keep bella alive, even if to torment himself if he can keep her alive. i mean, i already knew that. but the extent has been widened with asking jacob to give her puppies.
it was SO sad.
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Re: Character Evolution

Post by CrazilyObsessed024 »

I don't mind Jacob so much, but when Edward tried to get Jacob to hook up with Bella, I was a little sick.

And so frustrated!

I just wanted to be like "Dummies, she doesn't just want any baby! It needs to be that baby! Edward's baby!"
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Re: Character Evolution

Post by LionKilledTheLamb »

The only character that really evolved in the series was Jacob. Then Meyer had to go and ruin it by turning into a cradle robbing pervert and making him force himself on Bella, which went against his character completely. Overal I was disappointe4d, because she should've done better.
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Re: Character Evolution

Post by ringswraith »

LionKilledTheLamb wrote:The only character that really evolved in the series was Jacob. Then Meyer had to go and ruin it by turning into a cradle robbing pervert and making him force himself on Bella, which went against his character completely. Overal I was disappointe4d, because she should've done better.
"Cradle-robbing pervert"? For what- imprinting on Renesmee? If that's the case, then Quil's just as much a cradle-robber as Jacob. And we all know Quil doesn't think of Claire that way at all. Jacob explains as much to Bella when he tells her this, and we see Quil's relationship with Claire first-hand during Breaking Dawn.

Sure, he forced a kiss. He misunderstood her reaction and prolonged it. As far as Jacob was concerned, he was fighting a war- the prize being Bella. To reuse a quote from another thread, "Love makes you do the wacky." Maybe the Jacob from Twilight would have never considered it, but the Jacob from Eclipse would definitely be doing whatever he could to keep Bella human- and hopefully away from the vampires.

I agree that Jacob's character changed a lot throughout the series, but I disagree that he's the only one that did so.
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Re: Character Evolution

Post by marielle »

I love how Jasper grown in the story...
in the first book he is barely there, only at the end we see a small glimps of what he really is...
Than in New Moon we see the monster his first part of his vampire life has created...
In Eclipse we see the quiet but very smart Southern gentlemen he is...
and finally in BD in the third book we see the whole Jasper, the loving and caring version, the one that enjoys a happy family and does everything to have them happy, but also the protective man he is...
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Re: Character Evolution

Post by RebeccaCullen »

Personally, I don't think Jacob evolved at all, and I know a fair few here might not agree with me; I think the character of Jacob reverted as the story went on.

This is how I see it:

  • In the first book we are introduced to a somewhat mature 16 year old boy that's helping take care of his dad and crushing on the daughter of the police chief.

    In the second he befriends the same girl and tries to help her get over the loss of the one person that seemed to matter to her the most. Somewhere along the way he transforms into his birth right because of the proximity of vampires and in the process begins to see the world in black and white without shades of grey. His innocent crush on Bella grows, and, IMO, when he sees that she truly cares for the boy that left her, he becomes angry and instead of taking her phone calls, he does a childish thing and tattles to her dad about her riding motorcycles to get her into trouble.

    In the third book he was intent on not talking to or having anything to do with Bella until Victoria showed up, and then wanted back into her life. Jacob is aided by Charlie, who continues to insist that Jacob is a good kid ignoring the fact that Jacob was the one that fixed the bike that his daughter was riding and the fact that the story released to the city of Forks was that Carlisle had gotten a job in LA. The height of Jacob's immaturity, and lack of respect or concern for anyone but himself, IMO, was when he told Bella to kiss him or he'd take himself out of her life by getting killed in the battle when he was planning to force himself on her again after doing it once and injuring her. When he realizes that Edward didn't fall for his game and receiving the wedding invitation, he ran off.

    At the start of the final book, he was still missing and shows up to Bella and Edward's wedding, and potentially bruises her when she rather stupidly reveals that she and Edward are going to do as married couples do, and consummate their marriage. After he finds out Bella and Edward are back from their honeymoon, he rushes off to see what's wrong with Bella and kill the Cullen's. The only thing I can see that was decent that Jacob did in this book was prevent Sam from doing what he originally intended to do, and that was kill them. After Bella gives birth to her only child, Jacob has every intent on killing it because the child took his "true love" from him only to imprint on the child and makes it the center of his universe. And then to add insult to injury, for me at least, Jacob said he would share Bella and Edward's daughter with her mother.

To me, Jacob went from kinda tolerable to insufferable pain in my behind within two books, and continued to be a pain to me for the rest of the series.

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Re: Character Evolution

Post by Tornado »

Rebecca, I agree with you about Jacob to an extent. I feel that his story, of all the main characters, has been left unresolved. I really hope that if SM does decide to write some more about Renesmee or whoever, she will resolve some issues I have with Jacob.

I think Jacob is a really nice kid, and I liked him very much in Twilight and New Moon. Although I never wanted him to have Bella, he was obviously going through a hard time and I could understand how hard that was for him. In Eclipse I was far less fond of him. I get that he was trying to save Bella, but the end doesn't justify the means, as they say.

In the first half of BD he was still clearly hating the Cullens and Edward at the beginning, but it was clear he was starting to see them in a different light at the end of it. The switch in the narration, which I understand perfectly (it was more sensible to switch back to Bella at that point) unfortunately left us with him co-existing with the Cullens for Renesmee's sake. I believe that he is aware now that he was wrong in his opinion about them, but I don't think his character arc is complete until we hear this from him. In Twilight we saw a good kid who went a little off the rails, so to speak, but I think he was coming back from that, but, as he is a good person underneath, I feel he is unresolved until we hear him make peace with the Cullens. It was the only thing in the series that really left me unsatisfied.
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