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Re: Sequels

Post by sashafawn »

i hope she does publish midnight sun, does any have any ideas if she is going to?

and i really hope she rights new moon from edwards perspective because i don't understand why he left better

i hope she carries on writing some books to do with twilight. they are amazing :)
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Re: Sequels

Post by watchoverme »

One of the first things I thought of after finishing BD (the first time) was "now what?". As much as I love Bella and Edward and their story, there are other things that I'm interested in. Leah for one - I want to know more about her, and what she's going to do. I'd love to see her fall in love with someone and be happy, able to move on from Sam. Jake and Renesmee would be interesting, but I agree with those who have said that to read that would require some time, to allow her to age in our minds. I'm still hoping that MS will be finished and published - my heart broke when I heard the news about that. And of course, there's Alice. What I wouldn't give to be in her head for a little bit. *sigh* Any return to Forks by Stephenie would be great. :)

4 Books. 2360 Pages. Worth every second.

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Re: Sequels

Post by Ifeellikerain »

I really hope (along with a lot of other people in this thread) that she finishes midnight sun. I know she was sad that it got leaked and I totally know how that feels but i loved what ive read and i would buy and reread the book a million times. I liked it even better than twilight in a lot of ways....

anyways when i first read BD I instantly thought she was setting herself up for possible sequels on down the line. especially because of the Jacob point of view (which was so good). I could easily see a story set years after where jacob has a small pack with leah and they and nessie travel around the country staying undetected from humans. plus it would be really interesting to see nessie realize that jacob is in love with her (once shes mature enough) and see her emotions about the situation. she is still half human after all so she could easily make for an interesting bella-like perspective. I even thought nahuel could possibly play the traditional jacob role and try to steal nessies heart, seeing a certain kinship there because of what they are...

but if this happened i think the cullen clan should only ever be referenced..that story is good and done in my opinion :)
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Re: Sequels

Post by consider_me_dazzled »

Hmmm....well let's see. I hope she finishes Midnight Sun....and soon.

And, I just want her to continue w/ the saga....whoever's POV, whoever's story. As long as it pertains to the saga, I'm positive it would be awesome....I would, w/o a doubt, read it - them (as I would love for their to be many, many more).
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Re: Sequels

Post by cullens_love »

Well I also hope/pray and hope some more that she will finish midnight sun. Then I also would like to see the other 3 books form Edwards POV.

As for an additional book to the series she could let Nahuel come back and trying to win over Nessie. I thought it was "wired" that is was mentioned in BD that he was staring at Nessie kind of like this will be relevant later....
idk maybe just my imagination lol.
Or the Volutri will be defeated and the Cullens would be the royals of the the vampire world something like that.

i just hope she is not done I`m not ready to leave the Cullen world :oops:
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story opinion

Post by ika »

i hope there is a possibility that Stephenie Meyer will write about Jacob and Renesmee.
i mean their story will be so interesting, a wolf who imprinted on a half vampire/half human.
Jacob and Renesmee's love story is more twisted than Bella and Edward's story.
wish that this would happen. . .
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Re: Sequels

Post by <3Loving-him<3 »

I think they should make a book on Alice's point of veiw. That would be awesome because of her visions.
I hope they make Midnight Sun... If they dont I will hunt Stephine Meyer down and make her do jk
but they should make Midnight Sun.
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Re: Sequels

Post by xsundaybestx »

I was thinking, and I have read somewhere before that SM said she wanted to take some time off before writing any more Twilight relate books, but I really hate that we didn't get to really know Nessie. Like the characters in the book, I am wrapped around her little finger, and I want to get to know her more. I really hope Stephenie comes back one day and tells us her story.

...and, I want to know more about Leah, too. I hope that she can imprint one day....

Oh, and like mentioned before, I would like to hear the story from Alice, or maybe Jacob's point of view.
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Re: Sequels

Post by peppicdc »

I'm like everyone else! I really hope SM finishes MS very soon!!!! :D I also like the idea of all the books from Edward's POV! I feel that MS was wrote in such a different way that it made it almost feel like a completely different book. Granted, I know it's the same story, but to finally find out what Edward was thinking at the same time as Bella was great. Then to find out what went on when Bella wasn't around was even more fascinating.

I also like the idea of a book about Jacob and Nessie. They could all go away to college and see Edward and Bella would still be in the story somewhere too.
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Re: Sequels

Post by bella_love3 »

I kind of want to see a story from Nessie and Jacob's child's point of view. Even if they skipped a while the filling in the audience about the vampires and werewolves lives could be part of the story. And it would be interesting to see what kind of child/ children they have on their own.
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