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Re: Sequels

Post by switzgal »

I want SM to continue writing Twilight in Edward's POV. I also would love to read NW in Jacob's POV or maybe Eclipse. LOL that would be interesting!!
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Re: Sequels

Post by Mrs. Edward »

I think every book in Edwards point of view would be amazing, so they all should be written that way. Also, maybe something about Reneesme and Jacob in the future. Oh and of course more books about Edward and Bella would be nice
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Re: Sequels

Post by MariePaz »

Midnight Sun.

I hope Stephenie Meyers decides to complete it. I've always wanted to be in the "head" of the male protaganist, be it Mr Darcy, Heathcliff, Romeo, and the list goes on. So many times, these characters take an inexplicable action that leaves us readers perplexed, yelling ---WHY OMG WHY?--- at the book. Especially when the book is written in the female perspective. We get plenty of that with Jacob's thoughts but not from Edward who's mystery draws us like moths to a flame.

As I'd mentioned in another post, her own release of the manuscript despite her feelings of betrayal and hurt are very Bella-esque and remarkably admirable in it's selflessness. Stephenie, Thank you a million times for giving that generous gift to us. I hope you decide to write it. I can't wait to see it bound and perfected. I can't tell you how entertaining it's been to listen to Twilight on books on tape and read your manuscript at the same time. You're a genious.

There are so many things I'd like to know about Edward:
First, when's his birthday? We know Carlisle's and Bella's. Does he greet this day with sadness that's it's another empty memory or happiness that he sees another? Does he celebrate two birthdays?
What did he remember of his parents? What about his mother who died just moments before he did? Did he ever wonder why or regret that Carlisle didn't save her instead? Could he remember her begging Carlisle to save Edward's life? He must have been wealthy before becoming a Cullen, big bracelet diamond and all.
When did he discover he could see the thoughts of others? Isn't it strange he can hear Charlie fairly well in Twilight and with difficulty in Breaking Dawn?
What in the WORLD was he THINKING of when he left Bella-- seriously the biggest--WHY OMG WHY???--moment in Twilight history. I seriously wanted to kick him in the arears for doing such a God-awful thing and making a God-awful mess of their lives.
Where did he learn to only play in "absolutes." It's always only black and white for him?
It would be interesting to explore his fears and his single minded obsession to track down James during that whole sequence.

I forgot to add, if Midnight sun is ever finished, if we can hear Edward's voice, we can hear everyone else's secret point of view since he can hear Everyone. That would be wonderful to explore the other characters this way. (much like Rosalie's unguarded thoughts during the piano musings in SM's manuscript). Absolutely Marvelous. Genious! A literary opportunity that would be deliciously hard to resist.

Stephenie, I hope you take great pity on your fans and finish the book. It would be wonderful to hear your literary voice once again in the Cullen universe.
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Re: Sequels

Post by My Heartlight »

Midnight Sun. Yes, again, because it's worth so much more.

I know many of you have refused to read the partial draft which SM posted on her website. I really admire that. I couldn't, not since I've been looking forward to reading Midnight Sun what seems like several times a day, after I read the first chapter. A single chapter, and I know it was going to be my most favorite book in the world. I was so right, and words cannot describe what it feels like to know your favorite book is not going to be published, or even written. She stopped right before she got to the meadow scene too, my favorite part of Twilight.

It's no "crap" version, as I've heard it called a couple times by those refusing to have anything to do with it - IT'S THE BEST PIECE OF WRITING IN THE WORLD. Yet the sad thing is, now I feel like Twilight, the best published book in the world, is incomplete without it. Edward's POV just dives so deep! Like the part in Twilight when they're driving back from Port Angeles and Edward has just divulged to Bella, and she's firing questions at him:
//"Don't laugh - but how can you come out during the day?"
He laughed anyway. "Myth."
"Burned by the sun?"
"Sleeping in coffins?"
"Myth." He hesitated for a moment, and a peculiar tone entered his voice. "I can't sleep."//
Then it goes on to say that he looked at her with a wistful expression, but then looks away and he starts talking about "the most important question" and you know the rest.

But what on the other side of the coin? The magic behind the mask is this: Edward watches as she sleeps each night, and on that one sunny day when she fell asleep outside. He thinks about her, and listens to her speak in her dreams. She dreams about him, asking him to never leave. He feels wistful now because in this moment, for the first time, he wishes he could sleep. He wishes he could dream about her, so that in those serene moments he could be with her as long as it is night. (And it is always midnight in his world, but her presence is like a rising sun in his life, as he thought one night while watching her. His whole universe has shoot to revolve around her, and so she is the sun admist his midnight.) He wishes to be with her in his dreams, because there, perhaps this relationships he longs for could exist, though in real life he knows it could never be. Run, Bella, run. Stay, Bella, stay.Is what's constantly on his mind because he loves her and cannot stand to be without her, yet he knows he's not safe for her. He wants her to leave, to be safe, but he wants her to remain beside him always. He knows he should go away and never return, but he can't.

This is only a tiny portion, and not even the best of what the whole draft is like. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it kept me up thinking about it at night. I wish Stephenie could understand how this makes us feel. And I wish more than anything that she would continue to enchant us with her unequivocally expressive and talent-filled version of Twilight from the POV of the vampire who she "fell in love with since day one", and who I fell in love with more with each page.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Jazziscool »

Totally. Knowing that a book of your most favorite series/book/saga not being published is not something I would like to remember in the future.

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Re: Sequels

Post by afarhat4025 »

I agree. I did read the partial to Midnight Sun and being able to hear his thoughts was even more amazing. I think its the little things that we did not know about him and his feelings that make it so important to us. I found my self going back to Twilight thinking "I remeber that, I had no idea thats what he was thinking!" To see how he fights with himself all the time because he believes she deserves better than him. Its heartbreaking and sooo romantic.
I also believe that there are so many more stories to be written from these books. What about the half human, half vampire that Alice brought into Breaking Dawn? What about Jake and Renesmee? We could even think more on the lines of Charlie and Sue. This just can't be the end!!!!
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Re: Sequels

Post by bite_me »

I want ALL the books to be rewritten in Edward and Jacob's perspective (mainly Edwards). But thats probably not going to happen. Not even Stephenie meyer could write the same story again and again with new, fantastic insights and not get bored.

so in that case, i'm just desperate to see about jacob and nessie.
because at the end of breaking dawn, it felt like everything was tied up, but really it wasnt. What about Jake and Nessie? Charlie and Sue? What about when the Volturi finally come back, in a few centuries, intent once again on destroying the yellow-eyed vampires? What happens to Leah?

There are too many questions left unanswered.

Then again, it would probably be good to have something different from SM too, like the Host was. (the best non-twilight book ever. (does it even count as a non-twilight book?))
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Re: Sequels

Post by maddy<3twilight »

I think Stephenie Meyer should definetly write from Nessies POV and Keep the story going about Jacob and Nessies love for each other. So cute haha
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Re: Sequels

Post by StinaCullen »

I couldn't help but want to hear more about Jake and Nessie once I finished the last page of BD... I do feel like the last chapter was a perfect "close" to Bella and Edwards story... But I wanna hear more from Nessie and Jake wether it be from Nessie's POV or Jake's I don't care... And another great possibility about that is since Nessie is Bella and Edwards child, we might just be able to hear a little more about Bella and Edward and the rest of the Cullens for that matter through Nessie and Jake's Story... Gahhh I know it's a long shot... A girl can dream can't she :roll:
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Re: Sequels

Post by switzgal »

I think a new series with Jacob and Nessie would be a lot different enough for Stephanie to consider. I know she loves the character Jacob otherwise she wouldn't have made him so important in the series. So hopefully she can continue with Nessie and Jacob's story with a sprinkle of Bella and Edward in the background as parents.
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