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Post by Cocoa »

Where could the series go from here? Discuss the options.
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Re: Sequels

Post by chloecullen »

I would LOVE to see something from Alice's point of view.. I'm not sure how likely that is, because it could get kind of confusing with her visions, considering how often she has them. But I think it would be interesting. My second choice would be Nessie's POV. But I think the most likely narrators to come up first are Jake and/or Leah.
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Re: Sequels

Post by lydiane »

Or it could go from Jacob's point of view - I mean, there has got to be a reason why the second book in BD was taken from Jake's pov. I dunno, it could either bring a very huge meaning ... or none at all.

Anyway, it could on his life ... with Renesmee and all that. If I were Stephenie, I would have expanded the series from there. In case you haven't noticed, despite the happy ending, there were many questions left unanswered (so, okay, I know Stephenie offered to answer them all, if she could but come on, that's a lot - unless she's going to publish an encyclopaedia - eh, wait, does the official guide counts as one?) - like how were they going to deal with Renee (Bella's mum) ... etc etc.

Any more thoughts?
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Re: Sequels

Post by pixiealice »

SM should wait a few years before continuing with any of the characters. I think she should come back in a few years with Jacob/Nessie books. Let Nessie grow human we can imagine her older. Have the Volturi tick someone off (but not hurt the Cullens) and have Jacob and Nessie team up with the Romanians and Garrett and pick off the by one!!
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Re: Sequels

Post by nickcrab »

Tricky decision. There are definitely more stories to be told in the Twilight universe, and the fans are more than ready for more books, but the whole dynamic that made Edward and Bella so interesting is fairly resolved. Bella is a vampire now, so we no longer have to worry about her safety (or nearly as much), and there is no more 'will he/won't he' to wonder about. So do you write Renesmee's story? It seems like it may be difficult to write from such a unique perspective. Besides, the romance factor there is fairly resolved. Jacob loves her more than himself(as he has already proved), and she already loves him as well.

You can bet the Volturi are not done with the Cullens. In fact, Bella has given them more reason to destroy them; they are a legitimate threat now. I suspect they would try to neutralize Alice(by killing her if they can't recruit her), and then set their sights on Bella. But who tells this story? What type of romance can you coerce from such a plotline? I think that even though it would be a wonderful story, it couldn't help but deviate too much from what made Twilight so great. But then again, if anyone could do it, it would be Stephenie.
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Re: Sequels

Post by skyehack »

I think she should consider writing a sequel without a romance. Many of the good possible sequel angles dont really have a good romantic base, so by considering not having a romance would open up a lot of new possibilities
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Re: Sequels

Post by Mary Cullen »

skyehack wrote:I think she should consider writing a sequel without a romance. Many of the good possible sequel angles dont really have a good romantic base, so by considering not having a romance would open up a lot of new possibilities
But part of it's appeal is the romance...whether it's Bella and Edward, Alice and Jasper... Even Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. That stage for them doesn't have the romance yet. But it would/will once she got older.

I don't know... maybe it's just me but I can't imagine the book without the romance. That's a HUGE part for me. If it weren't for that I don't know how big the saga would actually have been.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Golden Eyed Glory »

At one of her book signings Stephenie talked about maybe exploring with Ren and Garrett and maybe even going into the Romanians more. It'd be cool to get something from Alice, to actually see how her visions work. And Stephenie is so good at giving these vivid descriptions that, that would be an awesome experience. It be cool to hang out with the Denali for a while too, we got a feel for them in Breaking Dawn, but it'd be cool to see more. Is Tanya totally over Edward? Are they going to keep in touch more and watch Ren progress? And of course Jake and Ren's story.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Almost Bella »

I really think that she(Stephanie Meyers) should write a book(or two) from Bella's daughters(I don't know how to spell her name)point of veiw it would be interesting to know what it was be like to grow up being imprinted on. Or maybe Claire's because again I would like to know more about imprinting, or from Esme because she such a quite person in the books and must have a lot of.....imput on what happened to everone. :D
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Re: Sequels

Post by AgentCross »

Stephanie has said multiple times that she is going too write the stories of Leah and Renesmee so she can have them for herself.... the question is if she will publish them or not.
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