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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by Kelley »

Lots of great songs listed in this topic! I had bought the new Snow Patrol CD right around when I read Twilight and then New Moon. Their song 'Lifeboat' really reminds me of the books. I dunno, to me it just kind of 'fits'!


hold on, hold on,
let me get the words out
before i burst.

there's no truth at all,
poking out the child eyes
of ancient gods.

cool heads have failed,
and now it's time for me
to have my turn.

kiss me, kiss me,
life is way too short
to scream and shout.

flashed up in my wildest dreams,
the dark red blood streams
stretching out like crossed red lights.

The veins of you, the veins of me,
Like great forest trees
Fishing through and on away

Land like a satellite
In the broken night
then ill wake you there and say

love is light while outside
and hide, set against the sky,
it seems the balance always own.

sing out, sing out.
The silence only eats us
from the inside up.

I meant no harm,
But I only get to sing
these words to late

Wake up wake up
Draeming only leads
to more nightmares

Snap out of it
Your sitting in a way that showed
you really care

flashed up in my wildest dreams,
the dark red blood streams
stretching out like crossed red lights.

The veins of you, the veins of me,
Like great forest trees
Fishing through and on away

Land like a satellite
In the broken night
then ill wake you there and say

love is light while outside
and hide, set against the sky,
it seems the balance always own.

send your lifeboats
not for me
send your lifeboat out
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by mandyb7 »

I think a perfect song from Bella to Edward would be Untouched by The Veronicas.
I think the lyrics totally fit how Bella feels, like she's saying them to Edward telling him that she wants to be with him, that they are meant for each other and that nothing else matters. Every time I listen to that song (which is my favourtie song by any artist other than my favourite band Hedley) I always think of Bella and Edward and never fails to make me smile.

here's the central part of the lyrics:
I can lalalalalalalala
I wanna wanna wanna get get get what I want
Don't stop
Give me give me give me what you got got
Cause I can't wait wait wait any more more more more
Don't even talk about the consequence
Cause right now you're the only thing that's making any sense to me
And I don't give a damn what they say, what they think think
Cause you're the only one who's on my mind
I'll never ever let you leave me
I'll try to stop time forever, never wanna hear you say goodbye (bye bye bye)

I feel so untouched
And I want you so much
That I just can't resist you
It's not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow
I can't forget you
I've gone crazy from the moment I met you

And I need you so much

See you, breathe you, I want to be you
Alalalala alalalala
You can take take take take take time time
To live live the way you gotta gotta live your life
Give me give me give me all of you you
Don't be scared
I'll see you through the loneliness of one more more more
Don't even think about what's right or wrong, wrong or right
'Cause in the end it's only you and me and no one else is gonna be around
To answer all the questions left behind
And you and I are meant to be so even if the world falls down today
You've still got me to hold you up up
And I will never let you down (down )

full lyrics can be found here: ... nicas.html
and the video on youtube:

here's a list of other song that I think fit (or have parts that fit) with the books. (if you want the lyrics or the songs just let me know and I'd be glad to share cuz some will be hard to find):
Tonight, I Love You by The Latency [Edward to Bella, Twilight]
Trip by Hedley [Edward to Bella, Twilight]
Alison Wonderland by Hedley [Edward to Bella, Twilight and beginning of New Moon]
The Reason Why by The Click Five [Edward to Bella, Twilight]
Kidnap My Heart by The Click Five [Edward to Bella, Twilight]
Here In Your Arms by Hellogoodbye [Bella to Edward, Twilight]
Ache by James Carrington [Edward to Bella, Twilight but more likely New Moon, could even fit Eclipse]
Sympathy by The Goo Goo Dolls [Edward to himself, and Bella, New Moon]
You Could Be Happy by Snow Partol [Edward to Bella, New Moon]
Storm by Lifehouse [Bella to Edward, New Moon]
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by ShootingStar »

Shooting Star - Air Traffic, SO PERFECT!

Forever Seveteen - Metro Station.

Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

A really cool thread related to this would be like, character theme songs, what people think are good ideas and stuff..

For example, The Best Damn Thing - Avril lavigne for Rosalie =P.

Abi x
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by Team Edward Girl »

Here's my list plain and simple.

"Lucky"-Biff Naked(B & E)
"Haunted"-Evanescence(B) [Only in the sense of how Edward's dangerous to her]
"I'm too sexy'- Right said Fred(E)
"I hear the bells"- Mike Doughty(B & E)
"Iris"-Goo Goo Dolls(E)
"Kissing You"-Des'ree(When Bella and Edward kiss)
"Long Time Coming"-Delays(Time between the hospital scene and the prom)
"Viva la vida"-Coldplay(E)
"This is for keeps"-The Spill Canvas(E)
"Hate This and I'll love you"- Muse(E)
"She will be loved"-Maroon 5(E)
"Delicate"-Damien Rice(The meadow scene)
"Untouched"-The Veronicas(B)
"You wouldn't like me"-Tegan & Sara(B)
"Seventeen forever"-Metro Station(B & E)
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by StarLitNight »

This is probably the worst playlist out of all of my Twilight playlists. My other ones are a lot better, but here you go:

Savin' Me-Nickelback (Edward is ALWAYS saving Bella, and in a way she kind of saves him)
Black Roses Red-Alana Grace (Bella realizes that she loves Edward)
Breathe-Michelle Branch (Bella can never breathe around Edward)
Only Hope-Mandy Moore (I always wondered what it would sound like if Bella wrote a lullaby for Edward, and I realized that it would probably sound something like this song)
All You Wanted-Michelle Branch (Edward is everything Bella wanted)
Your Guardian Angel-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Edward is Bella's guardian angel)
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by thatsparklychick »

Hi all!

What a great thread! I haven't had a chance to go through all 15 pages yet but I've been enjoying the music recommendations! I haven't developed my own Twilight playlist yet, but ever since I started reading the series I CANNOT listen to 'This Modern Love' by Bloc Party without thinking of Twilight. The lyrics couldn't be more perfect. My favorite lyric is:

This modern love, breaks me. This modern love, wastes me.

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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by stupid_lamb »

I just realised this song too also fits:
Emery - In a lose lose situation.

exert of important lyrics : "x" is where i cut out a line to fit it in for posting fluency so as not to eat up room in the thread.
"Don’t be late, There’s no time to be afraid, There’s a way, To clean up the mess you’ve made

If I could tell the truth, or lie would I, attempt the two at the same time, expect you to apologize for trying, to make me so uptight, Don’t say, it’s just a game we play, I can’t lose the taste

If you regulate how the blood is pumping, through the veins from my heart into my head

In time this blood supply, Will change me from red to white, Every thought that you know I’m thinking , may as well be the knife stuck in my back, This taxing fever makes me gravitate, To this place

This is still my life, Not yours to define

Anyone in their right mind would never let , you inside, X, I've broken ties with the neighborhood,, X, waking only to take a drink, from an empty glass of nothing good, XX

Deciding as I wait for it to entertain, Careful not to breathe in, XXXX

To breathe in the air, that so proudly puts to death, X, I remember when your hands started shaking, There's a better way, to clean up the mess you've been making"
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by topazeyes2 »

Okay so I know this song is a little ugh.. but if you listen to the lyrics it really listen to the lyrics they both match the New Moon but they're a little different. White Horse by Taylor Swift
Forever & Always By Taylor Swift
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by Jadey »

Okay, heres mine.
A lot of them don't really relate to Twilight, but most of them I listened to around the time the movie was released, so yeah, they remind me of Twilight:

Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Decode - Paramore
I Caught Myself - Paramore
All of the Soundtrack songs
Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson
Born to Make you Happy - Britney Spears
Thinking of You - Katy Perry
I'll Be Your Lover Too - Robert Pattinson
Halo - Beyonce
America's Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy (don't hurt me)
Blurry - Puddle of Mud
^ by ForJazz
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by loveuccs »

Hey guys!
I just heard a song that caught my heart, it's a song of -and don't laugh- backstreet boys callen Lose it All.
I'm sorry but is SO MUCH Breaking Down material :mrgreen: I love it!

Imaginning in someone elses voice and maybe changing the music, I don't know :oops: I love it the way it is. Sounds like words taken out of Edward's mouth.

  • Take what you need
    Cuz I can't hold my breath
    Say what you feel
    Cuz I've got nothing left

    I made a promise to myself last night
    I'm gonna keep it if it's wrong or right

    And if I lose it all
    There'd be nothing left to lose
    And I would take the fall
    Cause knowing you are out there
    Breathing is so wonderful

    It's a chance, I'd take even if I break
    And I lose it all
    If I lose it all
    Would it matter anyway

    Don't change a thing
    You're perfect as you are
    Time has a way
    Time is all I've got

    If my heart should shatter watching you
    There'd be one less thing I'd have to prove
    (OMG :D )

    Heaven will be waiting
    When I fall into your open arms
    I believe you'll find me there
    You'll find me there

    And if I lose it all
    There'd be nothing left to lose
    And I would take the fall
    Cause knowing you are out there
    Breathing is so wonderful
    It's a chance, I'd take even if I break
    And I lose it all
    If I lose it all
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