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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by topazeyes2 »

Really sorry about my last post :oops: didn't know we had another forum for New Moon
Here are two more one of which I am listening to right now:
Lucky -Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat
Halo - Beyonce
New Moon songs
Song that I can't remember name of by Leona Lewis that I will post if I can think of it
and song by Cascada that I can't remember name of. I'll find out now and edit soon.
Leona Lewis song- Better in Time
Cascada-What Hurts the Most
White Tie Affair-Candle
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by IluvEdward27 »

Fall for you- Secondhand Serenade
Some Hearts- Carrie Underwood

I couldn't think of anymore, sorry. I'll edit later

New Moon:
My Immortal- Evenscense
You belond with me - Taylor Swift
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by votrechanteuse »

Before I give you the rest of my list, I should point out that I completely agree with Steph's idea of Please Forgive Me, by David Gray

Stay, by Emmy Rossum (Twilight. Confessions and Mind over Matter, especially)
Neverending Road, by Loreena McKennitt (the parting of ways toward the end of Twilight)
Awake, by Josh Groban (The End, in New Moon)
Without You, from RENT (the whole middle of New Moon)
Diamonds and Rust, by Joan Baez (right before Bella jumps off the cliff in New Moon)
Romeo and Juliet, by Dire Straits (Eclipse, Bella and Jacob's argument concerning "I can make you happy. pick me, not him" etc.)

Try as I might, I simply cannot think of any more for Eclipse or Breaking Dawn... :-\
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by mandyb7 »

I was just thinking the song Amazing by Hedley fits well from Edward's pov to Bella.
here's some of the lyrics:
You're amazing
You're amazing and it's true
No one can save me
No one can save me like you do
This is crazy
Yeah it's crazy but it's true
Baby save me, baby save me like you do

and definitely Awake In A Dream but Jacob Hoggard's version, Bella's pov to Edward, general song about how she feels about him, (that video's not the greatest audio so here's a downloadable mp3 version of the song, it is so amazing,

my top pics:
- Storm by Lifehouse [Bella to Edward, New Moon] I'm actually a little freaked at how well this fits
- You Could Be Happy by Snow Partol [Edward to Bella, New Moon]
- Untouched by The Veronicas [Bella to Edward, Twilight]
- Ache by James Carrington [Edward to Bella, Twilight but more likely New Moon, could even fit Eclipse] so beautiful!! message me if you want the song

- Trip by Hedley [Edward to Bella, Twilight and New Moon]
- Alison Wonderland by Hedley [Edward to Bella, Twilight and beginning of New Moon]
- Here In Your Arms by Hellogoodbye [Bella to Edward, Twilight, even Edward to Bella]
- Sympathy by The Goo Goo Dolls [Edward to himself, and Bella, New Moon]
- Tonight, I Love You by The Latency [Edward to Bella, Twilight]
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by mandyb7 »

and I hate to admit it, b/c I'm team Edward all the way, but my favourite song of all time, Shelter by Hedley, would actually make a good Jacob to Bella song.

and I've got another dual song. could be Bella to Edward thinking she did something wrong in New Moon to make Edward leave. and parts could also be Edward's pov to Bella, New Moon, like "It tears right through me, You thought that you knew me". Perfect - Hedley
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by joeliesparkles »

Mine is the new cd by The Knife, "Tomorrow in a Year". Also, their first cd works, its less classically influenced but still haunting :)
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by selle »

I must admit one more thing, I am so into Coldplay so, while I was reading books on my playlist was Chris with his Cold band :D. Later I found out that Steph also likes Coldplay.

I'll See You Soon - Coldplay
Your Love Means Everything - Coldplay

New Moon (My favourite book ... and songs)
Fix You - Coldplay
Viva la vida - Coldplay
Broken Like An Angel - Coldplay
Trouble - Coldplay

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn still waits for their songs :)
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by dazzel21 »

I remember when I first bought Twilight book, I was putting plastic cover on it before I started reading and I was listening to this song over and over again...Lover's Moon by Glenn Fray. It's kind of an old song but I think it fits.

Other playlist:
Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
Settling by Tara Maclean (a good song. it's about this single leaf clinging stubbornly to a tree during the fall season)
Perfect Moment by Martine Mccutcheon

that's all I could think as of this time...
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by balfangclaude »

du riescht so gut(you smell so good)-rammstein
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Re: My Twilight Playlist

Post by TwilightFanatic27 »

Gotta Be Sombody - Nickelback
Never Gonna be Alone - Nickelback
Love Story - Taylor Swift
All That I'm Living For - Evanescance
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

I think that's it for me for now, or at least that's all I can think of.....
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