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Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by be my escape »

Discuss the music from the play list here.

My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by Cocoa »

What songs are on your personal Breaking Dawn Playlist?

No long listings of Lyrics please. If you want to link them fine, or better yet link to the song on Youtube so we can listen to it.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by G-Faerie08 »

Jason Mraz - Bella Luna This song is just very beautiful

Jason Mraz - Butterfly ----> Lyric that best describes Bella and Edward: "You know what to do to turn me on until I write a song about you."

Elton John - Don't Go Breaking My Heart ----> Lyric that best describes Bella and Edward: "Oh honey if I get restless- Baby you're not the kind."

It is so funny because I listen to songs now and seems to pick up little pieces of lyrics and find some way to relate it to the Twilight universe.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by Monica »

G-Faerie08 wrote:
It is so funny because I listen to songs now and seems to pick up little pieces of lyrics and find some way to relate it to the Twilight universe.
I do the same thing. I can't help it now anymore. Everything relates to Twilight somehow, haha. Guess that's what happens when someone becomes obsessed.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by EvenFreaksNeedLove »

I have yet to make a full complete playlist for Breaking Dawn (and actually I think I have to re-do the others too) but the song Tied My Hands reminds me so much of Jacob, in all the books really... and yeah... Awwww I also really love Congraulations by Blue October for Jakey! :cry: IT'S JUST SO SAD! GAH! ... I feel really weird being one of the first people to post... I suck at posting hahaha oh well.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by NessieCullen »

I don't know if this relates better to Twilight or BD, but whenever I hear "Lay All Your Love On Me" (link below) I always think of Bella and Edward. (And I'm talking the Amanda Seyfried/Dominic Cooper version) ... re=related
Because they were meant to be. (And vampires are SO much hotter!)
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by Alexandra2009 »

Just so you know - Jesse Mccartney.

I can't help but think of twilight whenver i hear it !!
especially when he says
"I shouldn't love you, but I want to. I just can't turn away"

it's weird. Some of it reminds me of Edward/Bella, yet the chorus sound like it's Jacob
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by mlola619 »

"Rocky Loves Emily" By Four Letter lie....

Seriously i get chills listening to this song...just so perfect! It's funny though cause this didn't even fit in til i read breaking dawn- yet it always reminded me of Bella & Edward...*sigh* here's the link:

and the lyrics: ... 59513.html
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by secsec1 »

Breaking Dawns PL has a lot of touching songs that i think really fit the sceen they are in reference to. My favorite has to be Blue October's My Never. (if you haven't heard this, go to youtube and check out one of the many videos of it from the Concert Series). It's so moving and as soon as i heard it i knew where it went to and then getting the page # (355) totally confirmed my thoughts and the song capped off my improving thoughts of Jacob. I also enjoyed the Beach Boys song, i thought it really spoke to the anticipation and the desires that are going through Bella's head in the first chapter. i also liked I cant take my eyes off of you. i wouldnt go for the Muse version, i would go for a bit older version of it or even the Heath Ledger version (10 Things I Hate About You), but I think it's a fitting song.

But there is one song i'm totally confused about. Arcade Fire — No Cars Go was NOT what i thought SM would use for the last song. I didnt have any ideas, but i thought i'd be something a little more upbeat considering how the book ends, but the song seems very forboding to me. But i dont get the song. is the URL for the lyrics of the song (its at the bottom of the page). Maybe if someone who's an Arcade Fire fan or something could help me understand the song that'd be great.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by wickedlovely »

I tried to put these in order the best I could. I also included which part of the book I think the song goes with.

Book I

Wake : Linkin Park (Preface)
Chapel of Love : Dixie Cups (morning of the wedding)
Canon in D : Pachelbel (The song Rosalie is playing before Bella comes downstairs)
Hallelujah : Paramore (When Bella sees Edward and almost runs down the aisle)
Dancing : Elisa (Edward and Bella's first dance)
Iris : Goo Goo Dolls (Another song Edward and Bella dance to)
To The End : My Chemical Romance (Jacob losing his temper)
It's Gonna Be Love : Mandy Moore (Wedding Night)
The Second You Sleep : Saybia (Edward's POV after the wedding night)
Island in the Sun : Weezer (Edward finding ways to distract Bella on the island)
Here (In Your Arms) : Hellogoodbye (^ read above)
Stripped : Shiny Toy Guns (The aftermath of Bella's dream/crying)
Your Body Is a Wonderland : John Mayer ("Well, there's an awful lot of headboard left")
La La : Ashlee Simpson (^ read above)
Interlude : Muse (Bella calling Rosalie - end of Book I)

Book II

Is It Any Wonder? : Keane (Jacob's POV - beginning of Book II)
Lazarus : Placebo (Jacob's reaction to seeing Bella)
Helena : My Chemical Romace (Jacob's reaction to Bella sacrificing herself for her baby)
Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche : Escape the Fate (Edward's POV as he watches Bella slowly dying)
Fighting : Yellowcard (When Jacob goes to force himself to imprint)
This Woman's Work : Kate Bush (Edward and Jacob's POV when Bella almost dies)

Book III

Dangerous and Moving Intro : t.A.T.u. (Preface)
Time of Dying : Three Days Grace (Bella's POV during the birth scene)
Rebirthing : Skillet (Bella's POV during the transformation)
Unbreakable : Fireflight (Bella's POV after the transformation)
Bliss: Muse (The Hunt/Bella trying out her new abilities)
Bedshaped : Keane (Edward/Bella the night Bella comes home from seeing J. Jenks)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas : Coldplay (Christmas. I like this song because it's a bit sad and it seemed to fit)
Sacrifice : t.A.T.u. (Edward/Bella)
Twenty Years : Placebo (When everyone is worried about how quickly Renesmee is growing...the lyrics don't quite fit except for the "twenty years" part, but this song still reminds me of that scene)
Say Goodnight : Beth Nielsen Chapman (When Bella is packing up everything for Renesmee)
Last Night on Earth : Delta Goodrem (Edward/Bella the night before the Volturi arrive)
All I Need: Mat Kearney (Edward's POV before the Volturi arrive)
Let the Flames Begin : Paramore (Preparing for the Volturi to arrive)
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist : Muse (Edward's POV before the Volturi arrive)
Map of the Problematique : Muse (Arrival of the Volturi)
Stand My Ground : Within Temptation (Bella's POV when she's using her shield)
Get Out Alive : Three Days Grace ("court room" scene)
Afterglow : INXS (Happily Ever After <3)
Something Beautiful : Newsboys (Happily ever after - option 2)
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