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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by debussygirl »

"Isn't She Lovely?" by Stevie Wonder seems obvious to me, since it's about a baby girl and her parent's joy. I was hoping that was going to be on the playlist as soon as I read Bella say, " beautiful." But it's on my playlist.
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Re: Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by Sarah-Lynn »

"My Never," page 355= the most well-placed song ever!!!!

As soon as I saw "Wouldn't it be Nice" as the first song, I was like "what in the world??"
I picture Edward and Bella dancing during "Can't Take my Eyes off You..." *sigh*
Um, "No More Keeping my Feet on the Ground" fits with their passionate times... :)
LOL- I can soooo hear "I'm Too Sexy" when Bella looks at her reflection for the first time after her transformation!!
Surely "You're Love is Lifting Me Higher" isn't for their first time together as both vampires??? That's just not right! Sorry...
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Re: Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by vegasn8ive »

I saw "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher" for when she finally gets to hold Renesmee and realizes that she's real and she loves her.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by twilighter4eva »

"Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavinge

This seems like the perfect song when they're getting ready to fight the Volturi. Especially when Bella and Edward are always together before the Volturi come. PM me if you like it...
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by BeautifulVeins »

The new Foo Fighters song "Let It Die" fits well when Jacob is walking down the stairs when he thinks Bella is dead. The lyrics fit so well its crazy.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by shape-shifter »

Little Girl's Eyes- Lenny Kravitz.........This is for Nessie's effect on everyone, especially Jacob

Dies Irae(Requiem)-Karl Jenkins and Adiemus.............The fear of what Nessie will turn out to be like. Bella's pregnancy, ehr dieing. And this also fits the Volturi coming

Wake Me Up Inside(Bring Me to Life) - Evanescence.........Bella while she was in the "in between human and vampire state" experiencing the fire

Perfect Day- Miriam Stockley........Bella's new senses when she first wakes up as a vampire

Tell Me (Instrumental)- Bobby Valentino..........Edward and Bella's perfect honeymoon, plus their perfect cottage.......and their "baking"

I urge you too check out these sonsg because I feel they fit perfectly! hehe unless you disagree lol
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by paddymay »

100 Years-Five for Fighting: funnily enough, this was playing as I read the part where Bella was worrying about Renesmee being an old woman by fifteen years old.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Greenday: Totally reminds me of Jacob's Book.

Cancer-My Chemical Romance: It reminds me of Edward and Jacob having to watch Bella die. It's a tearjerker.

Chasing Pavements-Adele: It's about if you should move on with your life or pursuing the same seemingly fruitless dream; it reminds me of Jacob and his inability to let Bella go.

Chemicals React-Aly & AJ: Jacob imprinting on dear little Nessie.

Extraordinary-Mandy Moore: Bella's transformation

Stop and Stare-One Republic: Reminds me of Jacob for some unbeknownst reason

What Hurts the Most-Rascal Flatts: Another Jacob-pining-for-Bella song

These aren't the only songs but they're the ones that really stick out to me. I tried to pick songs and artsits I hadn't seen very much in this thread.
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by shape-shifter »

Walking on Air - Kerli........Bella's new life
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by vamp na hEireann »

This is my current playlist but it is subject to change every so often.

Book I
Better Together-Jack Johnson
First Girl to Leave Town-The Blizzards
Forever and Always-Bullet For My Valentine
Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness-Smashing Pumpkins
Our Time Now-Plain White T’s
West of Her Spine-Bell X1
Knocked Up-Kings of Leon

Book II
Cemetary Drive-My Chemical Romance
Crestfallen-Smashing Pumpkins
The One I Love-The Rasmus
Deliver Us From Evil-Bullet For My Valentine
My Immortal-Evanescence
Master of Puppets-Metallica
Not Like The Other Girls- The Rasmus

Book III
Don’t Jump-Tokio Hotel
Hard To Concentrate-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
My Last Breath-Evanescence
First Day of My Life-The Rasmus
Say Goodnight-Bullet For My Valentine
The Sharpest Lives-My Chemical Romance
No Cars Go-Arcade Fire
Midnight Sun Virgin!
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Re: My Breaking Dawn Playlist

Post by edward's#1fangrrl »

I don't have a whole playlist yet, but I think that Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford kinda goes with when Edward is changing Bella after Renesmee is born. I also think that Venus by Bananarama goes with how beautiful either Nessie and/or Bella are (in Bella's case, during the chapter titled "shiny" in particular. In Nessie's case, when Jake imprints on her.) I think that's it at the moment (other people have posted my other ones already. Great minds think alike!!! :D )
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