Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by she'sgotgoldeneyes »

i dont see why people keep saying that they hated the first half of the book. that was my favorite part. i loved the wedding, and i loved that we finally got to get a peek into jacobs head. the chapter titles in jake's book were so either so sad they made me cry, or so funny they made me laugh out loud. renesmee was the icing on the cake for the first half of BD. i had always fet that the ice between bella and rosalie had to be melted somehow, and this was the perfect way, even if rose was only in it for the baby. i also had a feeling that the best way for jacob to forget about loving bella was to imprint, so that wroked out well, too. i agree with the person above who said that the last few pages were amoung the best. bella made a comment in her 2cd book that said writing 'the end' made it final, just like saying goodbye, and then at the end of the book it says "the end". perfect, just perfect.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by AmyPyjamas »

Before i started reading Breaking Dawn, i had heard alot of bad things about it. I was all geared up to absolutly hate the book, so all the way through i kept saying to myself "it must get worse in the next chapter" but it never did for me. I loved it, i didnt want anyone major to die and i wanted a nice resolve to the storylines and i think i got that.

I had heard previously that there was a few chapters completly about Jacob, and not being the biggest fan of Jacob i was skeptical, but i found that they were some of my favourite chapters. It made me really like jacob a little bit more.

It did feel like a different book compared to the last three. I dont see how people can complain that the pregnancy and other elements of Breaking Dawn were unrealistic. This is a story about Vampires and Warewolves whch means anything can happen.

The only criticism i have is i would have liked to get to know Jasper and Emmett a bit more, they are always in the background and i would of liked to see their personalities show more.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Kate24 »

I really loved it.

It was a perfect ending to their story. I'm happy that they'll be together forever. :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by samajama »

bella fiori wrote:I have never, ever understood Jacob, and I had been in the "Jacob's a jerk" camp since first reading New Moon. Now I get him, and I love the guy. I am so glad to have the insight into how his mind works. And now I can't wait to reread New Moon and Eclipse to see how this new perspective changes my experience of those books. I don't think he'll be 'that pesky little twerp' anymore.
Haha, I thought this too. My feelings were the same about Jacob. He was okay in Twilight (still sort of bugged me), but after New Moon he really bugged me. After reading Breaking Dawn, I feel i can understand him better and I like him now. I just finished rereading New Moon and Eclipse for the same reason. Although I can understnad him better and see his reasoning more clearly, he still annoys me! :| I wish I knew why, but I have no reason for it. I've tried to like Jacob Black, but until some point of Breaking Dawn, I am unable to. :(
sorry Team Jacob.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by kpeery1 »

I loved this book! I believe it is by far the best of all her books! I do have a special place for Twighlight though. It is were it all began.
I believe that Stephanie has become a really good author. If you read Twilight and then reread Breaking Dawn, you can tell how much she has evoloved as a writer.
I do think it is funny how some people think the book didn't sound like the other books. I totally disagree with that, although it was closest to Twilight.
I also loved Bella in this book. By Eclipes she was starting to get on my nerves!!
I am so glad that she ended the story the way she did. I really think most people would agree with me. We deserve some happy endings, theres enought reality out there!!!
To anyone who didn't like it the first time ~ reread it! I think it takes two to three reads to really understand just what a great job Stephanie did. I have told my friends who have loved the book to read it again. You miss so much the first time because you arn't totally prepared for the story. It just keeps getting better and better each time your read it. That says alot because I thought it was the best from the first read!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

yeah i liked it!
in a way a tiny wee bit disappointed with ,as a girl i know called it, "the battle that wasnt"
but now that i think it over SM had already given us her battle in eclipse
and this was her happy ending
and its quite fitting
so yay!
il always like twilight best though
there is absolutly nothing that could top it for me
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by jenjan24 »

When I first read Breaking Dawn I have to admit I was a little worried. Because, at first it did seem different then the other three books. But then I couldn't put the book down :D Everything just fell into place..the relationship between Edward and Bella became so much stronger (as if it needed to be huh?), the relationship between the werewolves and the vampires, and of coures Reneseme and Jacob (I certainly didn't see that one coming). And I was so glad that there was a Happy Ending. :) I was so afraid that it was gong to end sadly.

Now that I'm finished with it though..I want more!! It feels really weird not to be reading :lol:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Mrs.Mylifenow,Cullen »

I loved the book it was wonderfully shocking. I loved the begining of the book the way that SM lat Bella experience mortal life for one last time before everything changed. Edward got to "be" with Bella when she was still human, so in a way he didn't miss out on that human experience even though it wa scary in the beguining. I was a bit shocked at the way he reacted when they found out she was pregnant. I imedeatly knew that Bella was goingg to do everything in her power to keep the baby (I mean I would).
I liked that we got to see how Edwards weak side the fact that he would do anything to keep Bella safe and give her whatever she want's eventhough sometimes it's not the best thing.

I liked Jakes book it was nice to see the Cullens and Bella from the side that most humans would look at them. In the beguining of the the Saga I didn't like Jake I thought that he was too childish and imature, but as I read the book I grew to love him. So when Breaking Dawn came I was desperately hoping that he would imprint on someone so that he wouldn't have to sufer for unrequited love and the fact that he imprinted on Nessy not only was it :shock: shocking it was also wonderful he would be part of Bella's life for ever.

When Bella became a vampire it was great to see how she reacted to this new view of the world how the all emotions where allot stronger and the sences of course. She was more confident and desicive, She was able to loose that undecicivenes that didn't entirely let her be happy because she thought she loved Jacob. She was able to love Edward intensely in everysence physcicaly, emotionaly, and mentaly. they where finaly equals as she said, she got everything she didn't know she wanted and then some.

I loved that the fight was more intelectual than physcical, that no body died, that the Cullens are more bound to the warewolfs because of Nessy. The way Bella let Edward in her mind to show him how much she trully loved him, that he finaly saw that it was mutual, not just him who loved that way. And that we got a happy ending, we need more of those the world is scary enogh it nice to have stories that gives us happy endings all the way around we don't find many of those.

So to say this again I LOVED it!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by AliceMarieHale »

I loved breaking dawn granted there were part I did not understand but I loved it none the less. Feathers and Broken Headboards......that was funny..... :lol: Bella's blowing up at Jake for Imprintting on Renesme. Thats was to Halarious....I had to stop reading just to breath....also with Jake throwing the do bowl at Roselia's head ah! :D I loved the book. Dracula one and Dracula two are creeptacular!!! YAY!! I thnk I've read the book 3 times. I loved it!! I was exspecting something different but I liked the way the book turned out. Now I know some of my friends werent happy but I don care I loved it and thats all that counts!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Jules »

I only liked it when I was finished. Throughout Part 1 and 2, I was convinced that the whole thing was a dream. But then I adjusted and fell in love. It's funny how each book, while it flows really well into the next, has its own distinctive feel.